GED Classes Chula Vista, California

Listed here are GED® classes and testing centers in the Chula Vista area.

California welcomed the computer-based GED exam for the purpose of high school equivalency (HSE) testing.

The state additionally embraced two alternative exams, the HiSET and the TASC, which are offered both on-paper and on-computer.

The HSE program is for adults who did not complete high school and offers them the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED exam comes with four individual tests in Science, Social Studies, Math, and Literacy that can be completed in a 2-year period.

TASC and HiSET testing is done via five subtests as the Literacy section has separate writing and reading tests. These tests may, if you wish, be taken individually as well.

Go to HSE Testing in California for eligibility requirements, and check also these free practice tests for your GED, TASC, or TASC exam.

To learn all about the adjusted GED passing score (lowered from 150 to 145 a few years ago), check out this GED News post.

Chula Vista HSE prep classes

CA Free GED Practice Tests

Chula Vista Adult School (Del Rey Center) *)
1034 Fourth Avenue – Chula Vista – CA 91911 – Phone 619-691-5760

Southwestern College (South Bay Adult Education Consortium)
900 Otay Lakes Road – Chula Vista – CA 91910 – Phone 619-934-6386 (Mon/Tue/Wed) or 619-482-6479 (Thu/Fri)

Sweetwater Union HS District Adult Education
458 Moss Street – Chula Vista – CA 91911 – Phone 619-691-5624

Juan Diego Adult Education
1615 Mater Dei Drive – Chula Vista – CA 91913 – Phone 619-621-5711

Turning the Hearts Center
345 5th Avenue – Chula Vista – CA 91910 – Phone 619-691-9643

National University Academy (South Bay Campus)
660 Bay Boulevard – Chula Vista – CA 91910 – Phone 760-630-4080

South Bay Detention Facility HSE Program
500 3rd Avenue – Chula Vista – CA 91910 – Phone 619-213-1433
Unavailable to the general public

Adult Correctional Education Chula Vista Parole
766 3rd Avenue – suite 200 – Chula Vista – CA 91910 – Phone 619-476-3700
Not open to the public

CA GED Requirements

Locations around Chula Vista (cities by alphabet)

Mountain Empire Adult Education HSE Program
31360 Hwy 94 – Campo – California 91905 – Phone 619.478.2735

Foothills Adult Learning Center HSE Classes
1550 Melody Ln, El Cajon, California 92019, Ph 619-401-4122
View all El Cajon region locations at El Cajon GED Preparation classes

Imperial Beach Adult Education Learning Center
170 Palm Avenue – Imperial Beach – CA 91932 – Phone 619-628-3017

San Diego Job Corps Center
1325 Iris Avenue – Imperial Beach – California 91932 – Phone 619.429.8500

Helix Adult Learning Lab
7323 University Avenue – La Mesa – CA 91941 – Phone 619-337-6190

National University Academy (La Mesa Campus)
4207 Spring Gardens Road – La Mesa – CA 91941 – Phone: 760-630-4080

National City Adult Education
517 24th Street – National City – CA 91950 – Phone 619-336-9400

National City Adult School
517 Mile of Cars Way – National City – CA 91950 – Phone 619-336-9400

California College San Diego (National City Campus)
22 West 35th Street – National City – CA 91950 – Phone 619-680-4421

California Conservation Corps (CCC)
401 West 35th Street – Ste A – National City – CA 91950 – Phone 619-409-4382

Montgomery Adult Education School
3240 Palm Avenue – San Diego – CA 92154 – Phone 619-600-3800

San Diego Continuing & Adult Education School
4343 Ocean View Boulevard – San Diego – CA 92113 – Phone 619-388-4941 x 685

READ Program of San Diego
5148 Market Street – San Diego – CA 92114 – Phone 619-527-5475

San Diego Comm. College (Adult & Continuing Education)
3792 Fairmount Avenue – San Diego – CA 92105 – Phone 619-388-4500
For all San Diego area locations visit San Diego GED Prep Sites

San Ysidro Adult Education School 
4220 Otay Mesa Road – San Ysidro – CA 92173 – Phone 619-428-7200

California free online GED course

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Chula Vista area HSE testing sites

Chula Vista Adult School
1034 4th Avenue – Chula Vista – CA 91911 – Phone 619-691-5622

San Diego Continuing Education West City Campus
3249 Fordham Street – San Diego, CA – 92110, Phone 619-221-6977

San Diego County Office of Education
6401 Linda Vista Road – San Diego – CA 92111 – Phone 858-571-7224

GED Essay Examples

No online testing

Online GED-HiSET-TASC testing is NOT possible. Internet sites with a different message are false! You need to visit a state-approved testing site to take the GED (or TASC or HiSET) in person. Please check with a testing site near you because they have the option to use one or more of the available options.

GED passing score

The state of California issues High School Equivalency Certificates to adults 18 years and older who successfully take the four tests of the GED examination. The four tests cover the subject fields of Math, Science, Literacy, and Social Studies. The passing score on the new GED tests was 150 on each one of the four tests. This was reduced to 145, so the requirement to pass is no less than 580 points in total. The tests are scored on a scale 100-200. In California, students are also offered the new TASC and HiSET exams that include five tests and have different passing scores. Please check with your testing center which test(s) they are using!

GED cost

In California, the cost of the battery of four subtests is $140.00 ($35 per subject). The GED exam, like the HiSET and TASC exams, offers adults who did not finish high school the opportunity to earn the HSE diploma which is all over the nation accepted as equivalent to a standard high school degree. The HSE credential is recognized by colleges and universities, businesses, and military services. TASC and HiSET exams are cheaper than the GED.

Eligibility criteria

Californian test takers must not have completed secondary education, and not be engaged in another school program. You qualify for the GED exam if you are a resident of California and if you are 18 or older. For 17 year old’s there are specific requirements, so please see a test center. Students 16 years old are not allowed to sit for the high school equivalency exam in California. Don’t try to take the GED (or TASC or HiSET) exam when you are not perfectly prepared. California test centers may decide which of the three (or all) assessment systems they use, so please contact a site near you. Be aware that online GED testing is NOT possible.

The four GED tests

The new GED exam has 4 individual tests (modules): Literacy: (2hrs. 30min.); Math: (1hr. 55min.); Science: (1hr. 30min.); and Social Studies: (1hr. 10min.). You don’t need to take all four GED tests in one row, you now can take them individually at the time you feel all set to do so. Test scores are valid for two years from the moment of your initial registration! The HSE diploma is widely accepted as equivalent to the diploma awarded after finishing high school. Therefore, you will always feel at par with other high school graduates. It generates better employment options and allows for a college education.

How to prepare for the GED

There are many preparation classes for GED spread all over the country. They assist students in getting a better grasp on the GED subjects. Also, they give a student a feel of what the final exam will be like. In order to become proficient and learn better, you can also take a look at these free online courses.

preparation tips

Understanding the idea is key to passing the examination. This entails analyzing a problem, finding the likely sources, and coming up with a feasible solution. Don’t Memorize. Cramming or trying to memorize only offers short-term solutions that can disappear easily. Consistent practice is the best way to fully understand a concept and improve memory. Use our free video lessons and practice tests to become effectively prepared for the GED test.


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