GED Classes Roswell, New Mexico

This page lists all GED®-HiSET class locations and testing facilities in the greater Roswell region.

New Mexico is using the computerized GED exam for high school equivalency (HSE) testing.

Additionally, New Mexico welcomed the HiSET exam for this purpose. The HiSET is available both on-paper and on-computer.

Both HSE exams measure knowledge at the same level that may be expected of graduating HS seniors.

The GED exam comes with four separate subtests that must be completed within a 2-year period of time.

HiSET testing needs to be done through five subtests that may also be taken individually. The section Literacy includes separate writing and reading tests.

Roswell GED-HiSET prep locations

New Mexico Free GED Practice Test

Literacy Council of Roswell
609 West 10th Street | Roswell | New Mexico 88201 | Phone: 505.625.1369

ENMU (Literacy Council of Roswell)
52 University Blvd | Roswell | New Mexico 88202 | Phone: 575.624.7442

ENMU HSE Program *)
52 University Blvd | Roswell | NM 88202 | Phone: 575-624-7183

Roswell Job Corps Center
57 G Street | Roswell | NM 88202 | Phone: 575-347-5414

Home Education Livelihood Program (HELP-Roswell) **)
2110 S Main Street | Roswell | NM 88203 | Phone: 575-627-5815

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New Mexico GED Requirements

Locations around Roswell (cities by alphabet)

Alamogordo HSE Program (New Mexico State University)
2400 N Scenic Drive | Alamogordo | NM 88310 | Phone: 575-439-3720

Alamogordo Public Library
920 Oregon Avenue | Alamogordo | New Mexico 88310 | Ph: 575.439.4140

Literacy Council of Artesia
2002 West Grand Avenue | Artesia | New Mexico 88210 | Ph: 575.748.9740

The Ann Wood Literacy Center-Carlsbad
511 North 12th St | Carlsbad | NM 88220 | Ph: 575.885.1752

New Mexico State University-Carlsbad HSE Program
1500 University Drive | Carlsbad | NM 88220 | Ph: 575.234.9250

Carrizozo Schools HSE Classes
800 D Avenue | Carrizozo | NM 88301 | Phone: 575-648-2347

Clovis Community College
417 Schepps Boulevard | Clovis | NM 88101 | Phone: 575-769-4095

New Mexico Coalition for Literacy
417 Schepps Boulevard | Clovis | NM 88101 | Phone: 575-769-4094

Lincoln-Jackson Family Center Family Literacy Program
206 Alphon Street | Clovis | NM 88101 | Phone: 575-796-4460

Roswell Correctional Facility HSE Program
578 W Chickasaw Road | Hagerman | NM 88232 | Phone: 575-625-3168

New Mexico Jr. College HSE Classes
One Thunderbird Circle | Hobbs | New Mexico 88240 | Ph: 575.492.2631
See more Hobbs area locations at Hobbs GED Prep Classes

Dorothy Lomax Center (Region 17 Ad. Education)
1601 24th St | Lubbock | Texas 79411 | Phone: 806.281.5750
More Lubbock area are here: Lubbock GED Courses

Ramah Navajo Continuing Education Program
P.O. Box 160 | Pine Hill | New Mexico 87357 | Ph: 505.775.3254

Roosevelt County Literacy Council HSE Classes
218 S Avenue B | Portales | NM 88130 | Phone: 575-356-8500

South Central Mountain Adult Basic Education
201 White Mountain Drive | Ruidoso | NM 88345 | Phone: 575-258-4781

Lincoln County Works Center HSE Instruction
707 Mechem Drive | Ruidoso | New Mexico 88345 | Ph: 575.630.8181

Lincoln County Adult Literacy (at the Ruidoso Public Library)
107 Kansas City Road | Ruidoso | New Mexico 88345 | Ph: 575.630.8181

Lincoln County Literacy Council (Spanish)
201 White Mountain Drive | Ruidoso | New Mexico 88345 | Ph: 575.630.8181

Eastern New Mexico University (Ruidoso Branch Community College)
709 Mechem Drive | Ruidoso | New Mexico 88345 | Ph: 575.258.1730
HSE (High School Equivalency) applicants first need to take the GAIN placement test which can be done on Wednesdays at 8:00 a.m. at the school’s White Mountain Annex (201 White Mountain Dr). Just call or visit the Annex to register for the test.

They need to attend a Student Success Workshop which is offered on Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the White Mountain Annex. Applicants wishing to attend HSE classes in Mescalero or Carrizozo can take these steps at the locations there. When these steps are completed, choose one of the available options to attend a HSE prep class. For schedules call the school at 575.258.1730

Mesalands Community College HSE Program
911 South 10th St | Tucumcari | New Mexico 88401 | Phone: 575.461.4413

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GED Essay -How to write it

Roswell area GED-HiSET testing centers

Eastern New Mexico University
52 University Boulevard | Roswell | NM 88203 | Phone: 575-624-7227

NM State University | HSE testing
2400 North Scenic Drive | Alamogordo | New Mexico 88310 | Ph: 575-479-4318

New Mexico St. University – HSE Testing
1500 University Dr | Carlsbad | New Mexico 88220 | Ph: 575-234-9322

Clovis Community College
417 Schepps Boulevard | Clovis | NM 88101 | Phone: 575-769-4125

Eastern New Mexico University
709 Mechem Drive | Ruidoso | NM 88345 | Phone: 505-257-3012

New Mexico Free Online GED Classes

The GED – who is it for?

The new computer-formatted GED (General Education Development) or the HiSET exam is for adults who, for whatever reason, never completed high school, and offers them one more chance to acquire a similar diploma. To see if you are eligible, visit GED-HiSET testing in New Mexico.

The credential that you will receive after successfully completing the New Mexico high school equivalency exam is nationwide accepted as equivalent to a high school diploma by government agencies, businesses, and institutions of higher education. Please note that online high school equivalency testing is not possible.

Online testing?

Testing must be done in person at an official GED /HiSET testing site. Websites with a different message are fraudulent and operated by con artists who only want to steal your money. Online prep courses, like the one offered for free on this website, may be a good thing but there is NO online GED testing.

GED registration and information

Go to to learn that the new GED program is much more than just a group of four tests. Sign up with MyGED, create your account, and discover an online portal where you can find a lot of information about the best preparation, how to schedule and re-schedule test appointments. Here you can check your scores, and learn about job market possibilities and continued education in university and college, as well as practice tests and payment information.

GED – what’s new

Your MyGED account is your start-to-finish manual and guidance tool for the entire GED program, it is flexible and convenient, and gives you the support you need during your preparation and even after you pass the set of four GED tests.

The GED program was completely re-built from the ground up and is now the best tool available for you to take your future into your own hands. The GED program was updated to ensure it measures your skills and knowledge at the level of graduating high school seniors, and to harmonize with expectations and requirements of colleges and employers.

The GED exam comprises of four independent tests on the following content areas: Science (90 minutes); Social Studies (70 minutes); Literacy (150 minutes, including a 10-min. break); and Mathematics (115 minutes), and is available in a computer-based version only, and in the languages English and Spanish.

You may take one of the four tests (modules) at the time you feel sufficiently prepared to do so, and your scores will stand for two years! So prepare for one tests, pass that section, and move ahead to the next part!

GED passing score

To pass the  GED examination you had to score no less than 150 points on all four tests, but this changed already two years after the latest GED test introduction. The required score per test is was lowered to 145 because it appeared the bar was raised too high. So now you need at least 580 points overall to pass. The HiSET comes with a different scoring method.

GED Cost

In New Mexico, the cost per GED subject test is $20.00 ($80.00 in total), and two free retests are included. The HiSET exam costs $75, and the minimum HiSET score on each subtest is 8 out of a possible 20 points. The essay part must result in at least two out of six points, and the total score must be in the 45-100 range.

*) ENMU-Roswell

ENMU-Roswell’s GED /HiSET Testing Program continuously receives high praise, and so again after a recent GED/HiSET visit and audit. HSE administrators determined that the ENMU GED/HiSET testing center is functioning in accordance with security regulations and procedures set by GED Testing Services and that the center can be seen as a model for testing centers.

The GED administrators concluded that the ENMU GED testing program provides a valuable service to its candidates and to the community as well. The school’s HSE staff continually is improving on all aspects of the procedures, and this has resulted in a great testing center.

The ENMU GED/HiSET test center uses a well-functioning and documented registration process that has proved to be highly effective. The school’s staff is also helping the community’s disabled individuals and is providing a room for them. ENMU-Roswell Testing Center’s employees take their tasks seriously and fulfill their duties in a way that makes the center function efficiently and successfully. To give you an example,

ENMU’s Adult Education’s Chief Examiner provides several off-site presentations to explain to the community about strict procedures and policies the school’s GED/HiSET Testing Program, and this has been a great help to let the community get a good idea of the process and the procedures.

The testing center is situated on the 2nd floor of the school’s Instructional Center and offers regularly scheduled GED /HiSET exams on Tuesdays, and the exam is offered in Spanish as well (on the last Tuesday of the month).

**) Home Education Livelihood Program

The Home Education Livelihood Program (HELP) provides (among other) on-the-job training for adult workers and youth, emergency support for migrant and seasonal agricultural workers, and a childcare food program. The organization provides also year-round classroom training, life skills classes, occupational training as well as GED preparation classes.

The program focuses on migrant and seasonal farmworkers and at-risk youth (WIA) aged 16 to 21. The HELP program serves the communities of Chavez, Lea, Eddy, Roosevelt, Curry, Quay, Guadalupe, and Harding counties, and La Union.

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