GED Classes Gallup, New Mexico

Last Updated on April 11, 2024.

Listed in this article are all GED classes and testing facilities in the Gallup region. New Mexico uses the computer-based GED exam for its High School Equivalency testing program.

Online GED Classes

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The state also welcomed the HiSET, which is offered on paper and on computer, while the GED is fully computer-based.

Both the GED and HiSET can be taken online or at state-approved testing facilities.

The GED exam contains four separate tests (modules) that you can take one test at a time.

The four testing subject areas are

  • English Language Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies

HiSET testing is done through five tests, as the section “Literacy” contains individual writing and reading tests. These tests are also offered separately if you wish.

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In the past, online HiSET or GED testing was not possible. You had to come to an official New Mexico testing site and sit for the tests personally.

This has now changed. Online HiSET and GED testing is now a reality. Read more below at the bottom of this post.

No longer are New Mexico GED and HiSET applicants required to complete the exams within a 3-year time frame.

Visit our post, GED Testing in New Mexico, if you’d like to learn all about New Mexico testing fees, eligibility requirements, or passing scores.

Gallup GED Prep Classes

University of New Mexico-Gallup Campus
705 Gurley Avenue, Gallup, NM 87301, Phone: 505-863-7516
UNM’s College of Adult Education operates four Adult Basic Education (ABE) Centers in Gurley Hall, UNM-Northside Campus, UNM-G South-Zuni, and Navajo. At these ABE centers, students can get all set to take the exam with success, and when they are sufficiently prepared, they can take the New Mexico HSE (high school equivalency) exam at the College on a monthly basis or online. The exam is available in English and Spanish.

University of New Mexico-North Campus
425 N 7th Street, Gallup, NM 87301, Phone: 505-726-6310/6317

New Life Learning Center (Native American New Life Ministries)
309 S Chino Road, Gallup, NM 87301, Phone: 505-722-8973

Locations around Gallup (Cities by Alphabet)

Navajo Technical University-Chinle
E Navajo Rte 7, Chinle, AZ 86503, Phone: 505-786-4162/4365 or 928-674-5764

Navajo Technical University Adult Education
Lower Point Road, Crownpoint, NM 87313, Phone: 505-786-4365 or 505-387-7401

Diné College-Crownpoint
NM-371, Crownpoint, NM 87313, Phone: 505-786-7220 or 505-368-3563

New Mexico State University-Grants
1500 N Third Street, Grants, New Mexico 87020, Ph: 505-287-6643/6683
(Room 120, Martinez Hall, 2nd Floor)

Northland Pioneer Coll. Skills Center GED Classes
2251 East Navajo Boulevard, Holbrook, Arizona 86025, Ph: 928- 524-7311
For all Holbrook-region GED programs, <- check here

Correction Corporation of America
2000 Cibola Loop, Milan, NM 87021, Phone: 505-285-6991
Not available to the general public

Diné College-Tsaile
1 Circle Dr, Tsaile, AZ 86556, Phone: 928-724-6729

Diné College-Window Rock Center
Tribal Hill Drive, Window Rock, AZ 86515, Phone: 928-871-2230/2240
The Window Rock Center is located in Window Rock’s Tribal Hill area, behind the Navajo Nation Council Office.

Navajo Department of Workforce Development
Tribal Hill Drive, Bldg FA-2754, Window Rock, AZ 86515, Phone: 928-871-7707
For referral and advice

University of New Mexico (Zuni Campus NTU)
67 Route 301 N, Zuni, NM 87327, Phone: 505-782-6010 or 505-786-4162/4365 or 505-782-6010

Introducing Online GED and HiSET Exams

Until recently, taking the HiSET or GED exam via the Internet was not possible. The HSE (High School Equivalency) tests were simply not available online. But now, the introduction of online proctored HiSET and GED testing options has changed that.

If you want to read more about the new HiSET-At-Home online exam, go to this page: ‘Online HiSET test introduced,’ and to read more about the newly launched online GED exam, visit ‘Introducing the online GED test.’

You could also take a look at Albuquerque GED Programs

Gallup Area GED Test Sites

UNM-Gallup Main Campus (Calvin Hall – Room 200, HiSET)
705 Gurley Avenue | Gallup | NM 87301 | Phone: 505.863.7613/7500

From here, cities by alphabet

San Juan Coll. (Information Technology Ctr, Rm 712, HiSET, GED)
4601 College Boulevard | Farmington | NM 87402 | Phone: 505.566.3139

New Mexico State University GED or HiSET testing
1500 N 3rd Street | Grants | NM 87020 | Phone: 505.287.6691

Northland Pioneer College GED Test Center
2251 N Navajo Boulevard | Holbrook | AZ 86025 | Phone: 928.532.6142

Sage XL (HiSET)
641 North Highway 491 | Yahtahey | NM 87375 | Phone: 505.728.0844 or 505.368.3564

Adobe Center (HiSET)
1202 State Highway 53 | Zuni | NM 87327 | Phone: 505.782.5998 or 505.368.3564

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