GED Classes Gallup, New Mexico

Listed in this article are all GED® classes and testing facilities in the Gallup region.

New Mexico uses the computer-based GED exam for its HSE (High School Equivalency) testing program.

The state also welcomed the HiSET which is offered on-paper and on-computer while the GED is fully computer-based.

The GED exam contains four separate tests that you can take independently within a two-year period of time.

The four testing subject areas are Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

HiSET testing is done through five tests as the section “Literacy” contains individual writing and reading tests. These tests are also offered separately if you wish.

Online HiSET or GED testing is NOT possible. You must come to an official New Mexico testing site and sit for the tests personally.

Gallup GED prep locations

NM GED Free Practice Tests

University of New Mexico-Gallup Campus
200 College Road, Gallup, NM 87301, Phone: 505-863-7595
UNM’s College of Adult Education operates four Adult Basic Education Centers in Gurley Hall, UNM-Northside Campus, UNM-G South-Zuni, and Navajo. At these ABE centers, students can get all set to take the HSE (high school equivalency) exam with success, and when they are sufficiently prepared, they can take the HSE exam at the College on a monthly basis. The exam is available in English and Spanish.

University of New Mexico-North Campus
425 N 7th Street, Gallup, NM 87301, Phone: 505-726-6311

Central New Mexico Community College-Gallup
506 W Highway 66, Gallup, NM 87301, Phone: 505-224-4829

Sagebrush Lifelong Learning 
28 Yatahey Loop, Gallup, NM 87301, Phone: 505-905-5200

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NM GED Requirements

Locations around Gallup (cities by alphabet)

Navajo Technical University-Chinle *)
E Navajo Rte 7, Chinle, AZ 86503, Phone: 505-786-4162

Navajo Technical University Adult Education *)
Lower Point Road, Crownpoint, NM 87313, Phone: 505-786-4162

Diné College Crownpoint
NM-371, Crownpoint, NM 87313, Phone: 505-786-7220

Crownpoint Workforce Development
P.O. Box 266, Crownpoint, NM 87313, Phone: 505-786-2151

Fort Defiance Workforce Center
P.O. Box 1489, Fort Defiance, AZ  86504, Phone: 928-729-4015

New Life Learning Center (Native American New Life Ministries)
309 South Chino Avenue – Gamerco – NM 87317 – 505 – 722 – 8973

Literacy Volunteers of Cibola County
1500 N 3rd Street, Grants, NM 87020, Phone: 505-287- 6643

New Mexico State University-Grants
900 Mt. Taylor Avenue, Grants, NM 87020, Phone: 505-287-6662

Hope School GED Education
100 East Code Talkers Drive – Holbrook – Arizona 86025 – Phone: 928.524.4312
For all Holbrook-region GED programs visit the post: Holbrook GED courses

Correction Corporation of America
2000 Cibola Loop, Milan, NM 87021, Phone: 505-285-6991
Not available to the general public

New Life Learning Center (Native American New Life Ministries)
PO Box 92, Navajo, NM 87382, Phone: 505-777-2164
New Life Learning Center offers a HiSET- GED prep program at various locations and also operates an official computer-based HSE testing center in Gamerco near Gallup city. The organization provides services to students who may drop out of school and operates three centers, in Gamerco and Twin Lakes.

New Life Learning Center also offered educational/mentoring programs in Saw Mill and Ganado in Arizona but a shortage in funding forced the organization to close these two centers (where they had more than 100 students). They work hard to get these centers reopened as soon as possible, but funding is hard to get secured. At the centers, students not only accomplish great educational goals, they also learn important life skills in several fields and engage in community service projects. We appreciate receiving informed when these centers open again.

Ramah Navajo Continuing Education Program
Bia Route 125, Pinehill, NM 87357, Phone: 505-775-3254

Valley High (NPC)
Interstate 40, Sanders, AZ 86512, Phone: 928-688-4200

Thoreau Community Center (NMSU)
19 Paradise Lane, Thoreau, NM 87323, Phone: 505-862-7590

Diné College-Tsaile
1 Circle Dr, Tsaile, AZ 86556, Phone: 928-724-6729

Diné College-Window Rock Center
Tribal Hill Drive, Window Rock, AZ 86515, Phone: 928-871-7604
The Window Rock Center is located in Window Rock’s Tribal Hill area, behind the Navajo Nation Council Office

Navajo Department of Workforce Development 
Tribal Hill Drive, Bldg FA-2754, Window Rock, AZ 86515, Phone: 928-871-7707

Sage Lifelong Learning Center (Tepeyac Consortium)
P.O. Box 3997, Yah-Ta-Hey, NM 87375, Phone: 505-905-5200

University of New Mexico (Zuni Campus)
67 Route 301 N, Zuni, NM 87327, Phone: 505-782-6010

Zuni Education and Career Development Center (ZECDC)
1 Twin Buttes Drive, Zuni, NM 87327, Phone: 505-782-7178

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NM Free Online GED Classes

Gallup area GED-HiSET test sites

University of New Mexico HSE testing
200 College Road – Gallup – NM 87301 – 505.726.6310

New Life Learning Center
309 S Chino Avenue – Gamerco – NM 87317 – 505.722.8973

New Mexico State University HSE testing
1500 N 3rd Street – Grants – NM 87020 – Phone: 505.287.6642

How about getting into the army with a GED?

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The GED credential

The GED (General Education Development) is intended to give adults who don’t have a high school diploma one more chance to obtain a comparable diploma. The document that you will receive upon successful completion of the GED (or the HiSET) exam is recognized and accepted by employers, schools, and government agencies all across the United States. To find out if you qualify, visit GED-HiSET testing criteria in New Mexico.

The High School Equivalency (HSE) exam measures fundamental knowledge at a level that high school students must command upon graduation. The four GED subtests (Math, Science, Literacy, and Social Studies) can be taken one at a time but you need to finish them within two years. Check out also this page that links to all GED, HiSET, and TASC preparatory programs in America.

GED passing score

A minimum score of 150 points on each of the four tests in the battery was initially required to pass the new GED exam, but that standard was reduced to 145 as it was found that the bar had been raised too high. Read the full article here. The GED tests are measured on a 100-200 scale.

100-144: below-passing score
145-164: passing score (high school equivalency)
165-174: college-ready score
175-200: college-ready + college credit score

In order to pass the HiSET, you need a score on each of the five tests of at least 8 point (out of 20), a 2-score on your essay (6 max), and at least 45 points across the board.

GED price

The GED exam costs $80 in New Mexico ($20 per testing subject). In this price included are two free retakes if needed. The price of the HiSET is slightly lower.

GED registration

All relevant information is obtainable at You need to make your account at My GED and via this portal, you will be guided through the entire process of registration and scheduling your tests. This is actually a great place to uncover academic program information, and employment market options and developments.

Online GED or HiSET testing?

Beware, there is NO online GED or HiSET testing. Don’t get robbed by fraudulent websites telling you something else. Their ‘diplomas’ or ‘certificates’ are not even worth the paper they’re printed on and are surely not going to be accepted by schools and employers.

Online preparation is fine, of course, and a great help for students in remote portions of the country. Check also out this website’s free video instruction and our many HSE practice tests. These resources are totally free and without any commitment.


The HiSET is offered both on a computer and on paper and has five testing fields as the literacy section has a test on writing and one on reading. Testing centers may choose what test they administer so contact a testing site near you for specifics. You may also want to see this page that has links to all available U.S. GED, HiSET, and TASC prep sites.

Qualification criteria

The GED or HiSET exam can only be taken by individuals who did not graduate from a high school or acquired a high school equivalency credential. They also cannot be engaged in another school program, and they must meet New Mexico’s age requirements.

Candidates must have reached the minimum age of 16, and persons who are 16 or 17 must submit a signed Underage Permission Form stating consent by a parent or guardian and approval from the school they last attended. Applicants who are in a New Mexico Juvenile Correctional or in a Juvenile Residential facility may qualify to take the tests at age 16 if they submit parental consent and a recommendation signed by a correctional official as well.

In New Mexico, there is no residency requirement to sit for the exam, and every applicant must bring two forms of identification, one of which is a government-issued picture ID, and a signature-bearing ID.

*) Navajo Technical University

Navajo Technical University received the good news that over eight years, $7 million will be provided to NTU with its main campus in Crownpoint, NM, and instructional sites in Chinle and Teec Nos Pos, Arizona. The funds will be applied for maintenance, renewal, and capital expenses, and will be very important to realize a fully operational campus in Chinle, NTU’s fastest growing educational site.

It is the mission of NTU to offer all Navajo students the opportunity to get a quality higher education close to their homes, and by obtaining additional funds via the Arizona Funding Compact, the school will have a better opportunity to offer top academic instruction to students in Chinle.

In 2006, the NTU Chinle location was established, and the site has experienced rapid growth during the past years and currently has more than 600 enrollees. The school has seen that a growing need for higher education in the region, and a local university not only benefits in an educational way, it is also good for the regional economy.

More NTU grants

Recently, the Navajo Nation Workforce Development Department awarded Navajo Technical University a two-year grant of $984,000 to support the school’s efforts to provide adult learning programs and GED instructional classes at NTU’s campus in Crownpoint, NM, and at the school’s sites in Chinle and Teec Nos Pos, Arizona.

The Navajo Nation and nearby communities really need adult education, and this grant will allow NTU to offer more adult education programs at the school’s locations. The grant will also support adult learners to continue their higher academic education.

The funds will be used for several purposes, for example hiring additional instructors at all three of the school’s locations, acquiring educational resources and textbooks, helping students pay for travel/food cost, providing students with help to pay for testing fees, and setting up a computer-based program for preparing applicants for the HSE exam.

The school’s ABE/HSE program is dedicated to supporting adult learners in their efforts to access institutions of higher learning, obtain better job opportunities, and to become more self-supporting. Applicants can attend the program at no cost, and classes run for the period of eight weeks, to allow enrollees to rapidly go through all educational materials.

After they pass the HSE exam, students may enroll in a program at NTU, and the school will provide assistance with applying for financial support, registration, and course selection. NTU expanded offering educational programs to the community of Teec Nos Pos to support the Four Corners region. The school’s Adult Education Department offers here HSE preparation classes as well.

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