GED Classes Natchez, Mississippi

Listed here are all GED prep class sites and testing locations in the Natchez region. Mississippi is using two options for its high school equivalency testing program: the GED and HiSET.

HiSET and GED testing can be done online and at state-recognized Mississippi test centers.

Online GED Classes – Fast and Easy

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The exams provide an opportunity for adults without a high school diploma to earn an equivalent degree.

The computer-based GED® comes with four individual modules (subtests) that may be dealt with separately.

The GED testing fields are math, language arts, social studies, and science.

The HiSET® alternative includes separate reading and writing tests, so five in total, that can also be taken separately.

The HiSET exam is offered in both a paper-based and a computer-based version.

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Online HiSET or GED testing was, until recently, not possible, but recent changes have made that these exams are now also offered in an online format. Learn more below.

Natchez GED Prep Classes

Copiah-Lincoln Community College-Natchez Campus (Tom Reed Academic Bldg)
11 Co-Lin Circle – Natchez – MS 39120 – Ph: (601) 446-1151

Natchez Housing Authority YouthBuild Program
160 St Catherine St., Natchez, MS 39120 – Ph: (601) 442-1978

WIN Job Center Natchez
107 Col. J. Pitchford Parkway – Natchez – MS 39121 – Ph: (601) 442-0243
Not a GED program, but the Natchez WIN Center provides, among other services, on-the-job training, internships, and apprenticeships for out-of-school youth and dislocated workers and adults.

GED Requirements in Mississippi

Prep Sites Around Natchez (Cities By Alphabet)

Central Louisiana Tech-Alexandria
516 Murray Street – Alexandria – Louisiana 71301 – Ph (318) 487-5443 x 1125
For all Alexandria area GED prep sites, <- check here

CLTCC Ferriday Campus
2100 E Wallace Boulevard – Ferriday – LA 71334 – Ph: (318) 757-6501 ext. 4403
CLTCC offers WorkReady U (HiSET) classes in 10 parishes:

  • Catahoula
  • Allen
  • Concordia
  • LaSalle
  • Grant
  • Natchitoches
  • Sabine
  • Rapides
  • Winn
  • Vernon

Harrisonburg High School (Catahoula Parish Adult Education)
800 Bushley Street – Harrisonburg – LA 71340 – Ph: (318) 744-5727 x 121

Catahoula Corrections Center (Catahoula Parish School Board)
499 Old Columbia Road – Harrisonburg – LA 71340 – Ph: (318) 744-5727 (ext. 121)
Not open to the general public

Central LA Technical Community College-Jena
521 E Bradford Street – Jena – Louisiana 71483 – Ph: (318) 992-2910 x 7007

Mississippi GED Practice Test

Catahoula Parish HiSET Education
200 Bushley Street – Jonesville – Louisiana 71343 – Ph (318) 744-5727

The Business Mill (SMCC)
529 South Broadway Street – McComb – MS 39648 – Ph (601) 276-2433
More McComb area GED prep facilities <- are found here

Tensas Parish Co. Jail GED Instruction
500 Routh Street – Newellton – LA 71357 – Ph (318) 467-3355
Not open to the public

Hinds Community Coll.-Vicksburg
Highway 27 S – Vicksburg – MS 39180 – Ph (601) 629-6873
More Vicksburg GED prep options <- can be found here

Wilkinson County Correctional Center HiSET Program
2999 US-61 – Woodville – MS 39669 – Ph: (601) 888-3199
Unavailable to the public

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Mississippi Online Free GED Classes

Natchez Area GED Testing Centers

From Natchez, Cities by Alphabet

Copiah-Lincoln Comm. Coll. GED testing
11 Copiah-Lincoln Circle | Natchez | MS 39120 | Ph (601) 446.1239

Rapides Parish Adult Education HiSET testing
505 6th Street | Alexandria | LA 71309 | Ph (318) 449.3140

CLTCC-Ferriday Campus (Room 149, HiSET)
2100 EE Wallace Boulevard, Ferriday, LA 71334, Phone: (318) 487-5443

Catahoula Parish School Board (HiSET)
200 Bushley Street | Harrisonburg | LA 71340 | Ph: (318) 744.5727

Avoyelles Parish School Board (CLTCC, HiSET)
136 S Fair Street | Marksville | LA 71351 | Ph: (318) 876.2401

Hinds Community College (HiSET and GED)
689 Highway 27 South, Vicksburg, MS 39180, Phone: (601) 857-3823/629-6859

Online GED And HiSET Testing

Until recently, there was no option to sit for the GED or HiSET exam online. You were required to appear personally at a state-designated Mississippi HSE testing site. Now, however, the HiSET and GED exams have become available over the Internet as well.

To learn more about these interesting developments, go for HiSET information to ‘The online HiSET test,’ and for more information on online GED testing, visit this page: ‘The online GED exam.’

Your Future

The world around us is changing, and computer-based testing has become part of our way of life. Nowadays, even for the lowest paying of all jobs, you need some sort of basic computer knowledge, and for 85% of all vacant jobs, you are required to have finished secondary education. You must have at least a high school or GED diploma).


GED And HiSET Scoring

Adults who never completed their high school education can take the GED or HiSET exam in Mississippi to create a better future for themselves and their families. The HSE credential allows for continued education and will bring about better job opportunities. It is, in fact, a fantastic pathway toward a better life.

So, besides the GED exam, Mississippi introduced the HiSET exam for its high school equivalency testing program. Mississippi test centers can make their own decision on which (or both) exam(s) they will use, so you need to check with a test center close to you to learn their testing policy.

The HiSET exam includes five tests (the literacy section is divided into writing and reading parts), is slightly cheaper than the GED exam, and is available in paper and computer versions, while the GED exam is only offered on computer. The passing score on each GED subtest is 145 (measured on a 100-200 scale), so you must attain at least 580 points overall.

The HiSET has a scoring scale of 20 points on each test, and the minimum required score is 8; your essay score must be at least 2 (out of 6), and your overall score needs to be at least 45.

The Mississippi HSE (High School Equivalency) diploma carries the same weight as a standard high school diploma and is honored across North America for employment requirements and college entrance. So, if you don’t hold a high school diploma, the GED (General Educational Development) or the HiSET might be your perfect track.