GED Classes Kissimmee, Florida

This is a complete overview of GED® prep class sites and testing facilities in the Kissimmee area.

Florida uses the computer-based GED exam for its HSE (high school equivalency) testing program.

The GED test assesses knowledge at a level that’s similar to what may be expected of high school seniors upon graduation.

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Sometimes just a few points decide if you pass or fail the GED test.

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There are four independent GED subtests (modules) in Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

You have the option to take these subtests separately, but you need to complete the entire battery within two years.

Testing must be done at an oficial Florida GED test center. Online GED testing is not possible.

Kissimmee GED prep sites

GED Testing Requirements in Florida

ALCO (Adult Learning Center Osceola) Main Campus
2320 New Beginnings Road | Kissimmee | Florida 34744 | Phone: (407) 518-8140

ALCO GED Classes
1020 Cypress Parkway | Kissimmee | Florida 34759 | Phone: (407) 518-8140

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Hart Memorial Central Library (Osceola Library System)
211 E Dakin Avenue | Kissimmee | Florida 34741 | Phone: (407) 742-8888

Paxen Learning Center
102 Park Place Boulevard B-1 | Kissimmee | Florida 34741 | Phone: (407) 933-1488

Lodge of Kissimmee
320 Dickson Street | Kissimmee | Florida 34744 | Phone: (407) 933-1171

Eckerd Connects Paxen
102 Park Place Boulevard | Kissimmee | FL 34741 | Phone: (407) 933-1488

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Florida Free GED Practice Test

Locations around Kissimmee (cities by alphabet)

Davenport Community Campus (East Area Adult School)
8 Palmetto Street W | Davenport | FL 33837 | Phone: (863) 965-5475

Bethune Neighborhood Center
915 Avenue E | Haines City | Florida 33844 | Phone: (863) 965-5475

Polk State College GED Instruction
3425 Winter Lake Road | Lakeland | Florida 33803 | Phone: (863) 499-2835
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Eastern Florida State 
3865 Nh Wickham Road | Melbourne | Florida 32935 | Phone: (321) 433-7631
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Valencia College Adult Education
1800 South Kirkman Road | Orlando | Florida 32811 | Phone: (407) 582-6688
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ALCO Poinciana Campus
1020 Cypress Parkway | Poinciana | FL 34759 | Phone: (407) 343-7341

ALCO St. Cloud Campus
2901 17th Street | St. Cloud | Florida 34769 | Phone: (407) 343-7342

A Place for Grace Ministries GED Program
1209 Florida Avenue | St. Cloud | Florida 34769 | Phone: (407) 593-2969

Free Online GED Classes in Florida

Kissimmee area GED testing centers

Adult Learning Ctr Osceola GED testing
2320 New Beginnings Road | Kissimmee | Florida 34744 | Phone: (407) 518-8140

Mid-Florida Tech GED testing
2900 West Oak Ridge Road | Orlando | Florida 32809 | Phone: (407) 251-6047

Orange Co. School Board GED testing
445 W Amelia Street | 6th Floor | Orlando | Florida 32801 | Phone: (407) 317-3200

Can I Join The Army With A GED?

The GED – who is it for

The GED  (General Education Development) program was initially developed during the 1940s basically to assist military employees to obtain additional educational background and improve their employment opportunities. The GED program offers persons without a high school diploma the chance to obtain a certificate that equals a high school degree. The total GED exam will require 7.5 hours to complete, though you can take one test at a time, there is no need to take everything in one take. Test results will be valid for two years from the moment you first register.

Across North America, the GED diploma is accepted by recruiting agencies, employers, and higher learning institutions like a standard high school credential. When the latest GED test was rolled out across the nation, the passing score for each subtest was set at the 150 level (out of 200). In 2016, though, this was lowered to 145.

GED – what’s new

The GED (General Education Development) was revamped and the latest edition came out a few years ago. Revising the test was needed to get it back in line with university requirements and to bring it up to par again with modern-day industry practices. The GED test is now entirely computer-formatted and is better geared toward what is required by employers, and students will now be better prepared for the employment market.

The GED exam has fewer multiple-choice questions, answers are more essay-based, and prepares applicants better to follow courses at university or college. Online registration has become much easier, although applicants should be aware that they still must come to one of Florida’s official GED testing sites. to sit for the tests in person. There is no online GED testing possibility! To see if you qualify to sign up for the GED test, check out the page GED Testing Requirements in Florida.

Your income

“You never finished high school?” is a question that many of those who never did get a high school diploma have to face every day. Unfortunately, those that did not graduate with a high school diploma fall into the lowest income bracket, earning almost 50% less than a high school graduate usually having to take minimum wage jobs that offer little in the way of advancement opportunities. All is not lost though, as earning a high school equivalency diploma is easier and more affordable than ever.

How Do You Get a High School Equivalency Diploma?

A high school equivalency diploma – or GED as it is also still called though there are alternative options – is an opportunity that is available to anyone who wants to take the test.

GED preparation can be done either online or in a physical class setting, but the Internet option is fast becoming the most popular way to get all set for the high school equivalency test quickly and easily.

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