Is GED Testing Service Legit?

Last Updated on May 14, 2024.

Yes, GED Testing Service is legit. It is the official organization behind the fully computer-based exam, and it administers the GED test in the US, Canada, and across the globe.

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GED Testing Service ( is a cooperation between the American Council on Education (ACE) and publisher PearsonVUE. If you need to get your GED, check out this website’s online free classes for the GED test to get going on your GED prep journey.

If this online learning method appeals to you, continue with Onsego GED Online Prep, an accredited, full-scope course that will help you prepare quickly and efficiently.

So, GED Testing Service is not a scam. It is the official GED test organization! To get your GED diploma, also known as High School Equivalency diploma, you need to register on to schedule your tests.

Before registering for the exam, however, you should get optimally prepared, and the probably most efficient way to do so is by taking online GED classes.

When you have reached at least 145 points in all four subject tests, GED Testing Service notifies your state about your results, and the state authorities issue your diploma.

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You can take the four separate, independent GED sub-exams at one of your state’s authorized GED testing sites or online if you reach sufficient results on four official GED Ready practice tests.

The GED Ready test is also designed by GED Testing Service and is a shorter version of the real exam. It is the only practice test that predicts if you are likely to pass the GED test or if you need more practice.

The GED Test is a State Exam is the official website of GED Testing Service. This organization is responsible for the official GED exam. They administer the test, and upon passing the four subtests, your state or jurisdiction will award you a GED high school equivalency (HSE) diploma.

There are two nationwide HSE (high school equivalency) tests available in the US: the GED (General Education Development) exam and the HiSET exam. The GED is used in most states, and several states offer both options.

So all states work with GED Testing Service (or with the HiSET organization) to give individuals who couldn’t complete their regular high school curriculum a chance to earn an educational credential that has the same status as a common high school degree.

In Canada, the GED exam includes five sub-exams, as reading and writing are separate subtests. The Canadian GED exam is scored differently as well, and there are a few more minor differences. This website informs you further about the Canadian GED test and the cost.

In May 2024, the Canadian GED test will be replaced with the CAEC (Canadian Adult Education Credential), but its content will be similar to that of the GED exam.

Online GED Testing

Online GED testing is also available in most states and jurisdictions. Only in New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Hawaii, Wyoming, and West Virginia, you must take the exam at state-approved test centers. In all other states using the GED test, you can either sit for the exam at a test center or online.

To be eligible for online testing, however, you first need to attain passing scores on the GED Ready practice test developed by GED Testing Service. There are four GED Ready tests, one for each of the four GED sub-exams.

Online GED testing is not available in Canada, and the Canadian GED exam includes mostly multiple-choice questions. Only the GED essay (the “extended response”) is not in that format. The new Canadian CAEC high school equivalency test will, most likely, be available online as well.

The GED exam assesses your knowledge and skills at a level similar to that of graduating high school students. So, becoming well-prepared is crucial. You can attend a physical prep facility in your area or sign up for a well-structured, accredited online GED prep course, such as the one designed by Onsego.

As one of only 20 courses, Onsego’s online classes are qualified by GED Testing Service as fully in accordance with the current, computerized GED exam.

Four GED Sub-Exams

The GED diploma allows you to go to college, and it will lead to far better job opportunities or job advancement. High school or GED graduates will make, on average, at least $9.800 more than persons without a secondary education degree.

The four independent, modular GED sub-exams measure your academic proficiency in the content areas of mathematics, social studies, science, and English language arts.

GED Passing Score

You only receive your GED diploma if you attain passing scores on all four GED subtests. Averaging is not an option!

Your testing results are measured on a scale from 100 to 200. The minimum required result on each sub-exam is 145, meaning your total GED exam score cannot be under 580 points!

The GED exam has four scoring ranges:

  • Below 145 is the below-passing score
  • The 145-164 range indicates high school equivalent results
  • There are two college-ready ranges. A 165-174 score indicates college readiness
  • 175-200 scores will additionally result in a maximum of 10 college credits, depending on the college or university and the subject field

GED Cost

In most states, the full GED exam will cost around $144, but you can register and pay for the four subtests one at a time if you prefer. There are more and more states, however, that subsidize the exam partly or fully, especially for first-time testers.

In a few states, the GED or HiSET exam is even fully subsidized for state residents. Check out our page to discover all about the cost of GED testing in your state.

Online GED testing is (in most states) more expensive than on-site testing. Each subtest will be around $6 more expensive when taken online than at a test center, and you should also add the cost of taking four GED Ready tests ($6.99 each) to qualify for taking the tests online ($28 in total).

The Official Website

So GED Testing Service is totally legit, and is the official web website of the GED organization, and your state can only issue real GED Certificates. If you still are in doubt, check out the website of any local Community College to see if the college offers GED prep or testing services.

If they do, they will refer to GED Testing Service as the official organization behind the GED exam. Please keep in mind, however, that many schools still have outdated information on their websites.

Many schools still state that online GED testing is not possible, but the recent pandemic accelerated the realization of online testing, and taking the GED exam online now is a reality for qualifying students!