GED Classes Great Falls, Montana

Last Updated on April 23, 2024.

This page lists all GED and HiSET prep classes and testing locations in the Great Falls region. Montana is using two options for high school equivalency testing purposes: the HiSET exam and the GED test.

Both the GED and the HiSET exams may be taken online or at one of Montana’s state-designated test centers.

The assessments give adults who did not graduate high school the opportunity to earn an equivalent diploma.

The HiSET comes with five independent subtests that measure academic proficiency in these subjects:

  • English Language Reading
  • English Language Writing
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies

On the GED test, the Writing and Reading sections have been merged into one ‘Reasoning through Language Arts’ sub-exam, so the GED has four subtests.

HiSET and GED testing takes place at the same academic proficiency level as may be expected of graduating HS students.

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The five HiSET subtests can be taken both on a computer and on paper, while the GED is entirely computer-based. You can take one (or more) of the GED and HiSET subtests at a time and in your desired order.

In the past, you could not take the GED or HiSET online. If you wanted to earn your High School Equivalency diploma, you had to come to a state-designated testing site.

Recent developments have changed that, however, as we witnessed the launch of the ‘Online Proctored GED test’ and the online ‘HiSET-At-Home’ testing option. You can learn more at the bottom of this page.

Go to our page “The GED Test in Montana” to read all about GED and HiSET qualification requirements, testing fees, or passing scores.

Great Falls GED Prep Facilities

Great Falls Career & College Readiness Center (GFCMSU)
2100 16th. Avenue S., Great Falls, MT 59405, Phone: (406) 771-5108
MSU’s Great Falls Career & College Readiness Center helps students obtain their HSE (high school equivalency) diplomas, build skills for college, upskill for career opportunities, obtain a certification, and achieve many other life-changing goals.
For MSU Northern EOC (Educational Opportunity Center), call (406) 771-4326.

Opportunities Inc. Youth Employment Program
905 1st. Avenue North, Great Falls, MT 59403, Phone: (406) 761-8462
The Youth Employment Program helps participants to get ahead in many areas of life, from financial literacy and housing needs to educational achievements such as completing the HSE exam.

Paris Gibson Education Center
2400 Central Avenue, Great Falls, MT 59401, Phone: (406) 268-6605
NOT a HiSET or GED program, but Great Falls’ Paris Gibson Education Center offers a high school curriculum for students looking to reach their goals in a somewhat different way than through traditional high school education.

Cascade County Juvenile Detention Center HSE Program
1600 26th. Street S, Great Falls, MT 59405, Phone: (406) 454-6930
Not open to the public

Cascade County Detention Center HSE Program
3800 I-15 Frontage Road, Great Falls, MT 59404, Phone: (406) 454-6823
Not open to the public

Locations around Great Falls (Cities by Alphabet)

Central Montana Education Center-Adult Education
773 Airport Road, Lewistown, MT 59457, Phone: (406) 535-9022/5577
For all Lewiston area GED prep class locations, <- check here

Havre Adult Education
2229 5th Avenue, Havre, MT 59501, Phone: (406) 665-6447
More Havre area GED prep sites <- can be found in this post

Helena Adult Education (@Helena College)
1115 N. Roberts St, Rm 117, Helena, Montana 95601, Phone (406) 447.6387
You can find all Helena area locations here: Helena Area GED Programs

Shelby Prison (Crossroads Correctional Center) HSE program
50 Crossroads Drive, Shelby, MT 59474, Phone: (406) 434.7055
Not open to the public

Launching the Online HiSET and GED Tests

In the past, there was never the option to take the GED or HiSET exam via the Internet. Recently, however, we have witnessed an interesting development as new online proctored HiSET and GED testing options were launched.

When taking the ‘HiSET-Exam-At-Home’ or the ‘Online Proctored GED Test,’ a proctor guides you through the entire process and sees if all is occurring correctly. If you want to learn more about this interesting development, visit The launch of the HiSET-At-Home test, and for the GED, check The Online Proctored GED Test.

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Great Falls Area GED Testing Centers

Great Falls College
2100 16th Avenue South | Great Falls | MT 59405 | Phone: 406-268-6660

Blackfeet Comm College HiSET Test Center
504 SE Boundary Street | Browning | MT 59417 | Phone: 406-338-5441

Helena Adult Ed. Center (Room 117)
1115 N Roberts Street | Helena | MT 59601 | Phone 406-447-6389

The HiSET and GED Subtests

The HiSET exam has five individual tests that cover the same academic subject areas as the four GED modules.

The Reading test is measuring your skills to comprehend, interpret, and analyze a wide selection of literary and informational fragments. This part involves various literary genres and subject matter in different styles. The articles may come in the form of essays, poetry, biographical sketches, or editorials.

The various test texts generally have a length of 400 – 600 words. If you want to learn your HiSET test scores, you will have to wait a few days, and they will not be sent by mail but available through your HiSET account.

HiSET test results are posted online within 3 to 5 days after a multiple-choice test and 6 to 10 days after an essay test. If you need some help accessing your test scores, please contact your testing center, or go to ‘Getting Your Scores’ on your HiSET account.

The HiSET test in Writing (at least if you take the exam in English) measures your competency to recognize and produce standard American-English written sentences and essays, and the test is in two parts. The first part measures how well you can edit and revise written texts, and the second part measures your ability to produce and organize ideas in writing. Spanish-speaking applicants can write their essays in Spanish.

The Mathematics test measures your knowledge and skills in math. You must solve quantitative issues by applying basic concepts and skills. The questions include practical issues that require numerical and measurement operations, data interpretation, and logical reasoning.

The questions are often related to realistic situations and test your understanding of abstract concepts like algebraic patterns, precision in measurement, and probability.

The Science test measures how well you can use science content and knowledge, your ability to apply principles of scientific inquiry, and how well you can interpret and evaluate scientific information.

The questions will use a range of materials from a wide variety of areas, for example, chemistry, physics, zoology, botany, health, and astronomy.

The test in Social Studies measures your capacity to analyze and evaluate specific information on a wide range of social studies. This test includes questions about a broad range of content areas, such as history, economics, political science, geography, psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

On the GED test, the Language Writing and Language Reading modules were combined into one ‘Reasoning through Language Arts’ subtest.

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