GED Classes Lewistown, Montana

This article shows you all GED® (in Montana: HiSET) prep sites and test locations in the Lewistown region.

In Montana, you must pass the 5 subtests of the HiSET exam if you wish to earn your High School Equivalency (HSE) degree.

The HSE program is designed for people who left high school prematurely and this way they have the chance to get hold of an equivalent degree.

The HiSET, like the GED, assesses knowledge at a level that compares to that of high school graduates.

There are five HiSET subtests in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

HiSET testing can be done on-computer or on-paper and you don’t need to take the entire batter in one session.

GED Requirements in Montana

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Lewistown GED (HiSET) prep facilities

Central Montana Education Center (MSU Northern)
773 Airport Rd – Lewistown – MT  59457 – Ph: (406) 535.7849/535.5577

Fergus High HiSET Instruction
701 Main St – Lewistown – MT 59457 – Ph: (406) 535.9022

Nexus Treatment Center HiSET Program (Lewiston Adult Learning Center)
110 Skyline Dr – Lewistown – MT 59457 – Ph: (406) 535.6660

Prep sites around Lewistown (cities by alphabet)

Billings Adult Education-Lincoln Center
415 N 30th St – Rm 107 – Billings – MT  59101 – Ph: (406) 281.5010
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MSU Extension Musselshell County
204 8th Ave – East Roundup – MT 59072 – Ph: (406) 323.2704

Great Falls Adult Learning Center
2100 16th Ave S –  Great Falls – MT 59405 – Ph: (406) 771.5108
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Montana Free GED-HiSET Online Classes

Lewistown area testing sites

Central Montana Ed. Center
773 Airport Rd – Lewistown – MT 59457 – Ph: (406) 535.9022

Adult Education Ctr Billings
415 N 30th St – Billings – MT 59101 – Ph: (406) 281.5007

Great Falls HiSET testing Center
2100 16th St – Great Falls – MT 59405 – Ph: (406) 268.6609


HiSET acceptance

After successfully completing the HiSET exam, you will receive the Montana High School Equivalency Diploma, a certification that is recognized and accepted by corporations, state and federal government organizations, and colleges and universities all over the nation. You could also be interested in this post that has links to all U.S. GED test centers and prep programs.

The HiSET, like the GED exam, is not offered online. Testing must be done at an official Montana testing center. Internet sites with different information are false! To see if you qualify, check out this post: Montana GED (HiSET) test requirements.

GED (HiSET) and the economy

In the U.S. there are millions of people who don’t have a high school diploma, and completing the HiSET or GED exam will give them a lot more employment possibilities and open doors of colleges and universities. Annually, over a half million people pass the GED or HiSET test, and you could be one too. You may also use this website’s free GED (HiSET) video program and practice tests to get all set fast.

Montana Free GED-HiSET Practice Test

GED vs. HiSETGED Study Guide

The HiSET will lead to the same state-issued high school equivalency diploma as the GED exam and has more advantages. It is available at a much friendlier price than the GED exam, you can also take two free retakes within a 12-month period, and the program offers many free practice tests to let you get accustomed to the testing method and to find out where you stand as to prepare for the exam.

The HiSET is very accessible, and there are many state-run test centers in Montana. The exam is offered in English and Spanish and is a great instrument for you in your efforts to achieve your long-term goals in education and employment.

Every test center offers accommodations for candidates with disabilities or health-related requirements.

When you pass the HiSET you have demonstrated that you have the academic knowledge and skills at a level comparable to graduating high school students. The HiSET exam is aligned to Common Core Standards and offers you free and low-cost chances to get familiarized with both the exam questions and computer-based testing.

Advice for a good job interview

So after earning your Montana HSE diploma, you qualify for better jobs. An important part of the application process is the job interview. One thing you should absolutely do is research the company so that you know what to talk about and where you may fit in. Make yourself knowledgeable about how they started, their target markets, their competitors, their performance, and where they are going. It would also be a good idea to know of any changes that are affecting them or may affect them in the future. Practice going over your resume and fitting your skills and experience with the position that you are interviewing for. Envision yourself in the job, understand the job, and prepare yourself to show them that you can do the job, making the company more profitable.

There are many resources available in libraries, career centers, and bookstores to assist in preparing for the questions that will be asked in an interview. Today, popular questions are related to the candidate’s behavior in past roles. There are books out specifically on behavioral interviewing and difficult questions. Be ready to discuss topics such as the typical workday or challenges that were overcome. Don’t ask selfish questions such as those related to salary, benefits or any other form of compensation in the first interview.

During the introductions be sure to shake hands firmly regardless of gender. Say your first and last name if the interviewer has not already. In addition, repeat the interviewer’s name to help remember it. Thank them for taking the time to interview you. Pay attention to your non-verbal cues. Walk and sit upright without slouching. Look at the interviewer asking the questions and keep smiling as appropriate. Make sure you do not chew gum in the interview and that your appearance is neat before you enter the interview.

When asked difficult questions, don’t stress. If they ask you why you left your last position, don’t say or do anything negative. Be as positive as possible, turning negatives into positive. If they ask you if you have applied to other companies, be honest. This may even get you an offer faster as well as increase the offer if they really like you. Illegal questions are those that seek information regarding marriage, family, age, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Do not get defensive; the interviewer may not intend to ask a discriminatory question. Ask for clarification and word it tactfully.

Please dress in line with what is expected at the company, so that should also be part of your research. In doubt, it is better to over-dress than to under-dress.

After the interview:
Always send a thank you note within 24 hours of the interview regardless of your view towards the position or company. It is not a bad idea to contact the employer in approximately seven days to reaffirm your interest in the position. However, if they state in the interview that they will be contacting people within two weeks, then wait until the end of the two weeks. Emphasize your interest to them in the thank you note immediately following the interview.

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