GED Classes Havre, Montana

Last Updated on April 23, 2024.

This page lists all GED and HiSET test facilities and prep class locations in the Havre region. Montana uses both the GED and HiSET exams for its High School Equivalency testing program.

The GED and HiSET exams are available online at state-certified test centers.

The exam offers individuals who have never completed high school the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The HiSET is available both on paper and on a computer and has five subjects in

  • Language Arts Reading
  • Language Arts Writing
  • Science
  • Math
  • Social Studies

On the GED test, Language Reading and Writing were combined into one Language Arts subtest, so there are four GED subtests.

The GED test is only available in a computer-based format, while the HiSET can be written on paper or on a computer. Both exams measure a candidate’s skills and knowledge at a level that compares to that of HS seniors upon graduation.

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The five HiSET or four GED sub-exams can be taken separately and in any preferred order.

Until recently, there was no way you could take the GED or HiSET exam online. Recently, though, we have seen the launch of the online ‘HiSET-At-Home’ and the OP (Online Proctored GED Test.’ More information is found at the bottom of this page.

Go to “The Montana GED Test” if you want to learn more about qualification requirements, passing scores, or testing fees.

Havre GED Prep Facilities

District 4 Human Resources Development Council
2229 5th Avenue – Havre – MT 59501 – Phone: (406) 265-6743 or (406) 665-6447

MSU Northern Educational Opportunity Center
300 W 11th Street – Havre – MT 59501 – Phone: (406) 265-4141
MSU Northern’s Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) offers free support for students wishing to further their education at the high school or college level.

Prep Sites around Havre (Cities by Alphabet)

Rocky Boy Reservation Educational Opportunity Center (Stone Child College)
8294 Upper Box Elder Road – Box Elder – MT 59521 – Ph: (406) 395-4875
Stone Child College is located on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, home to the Chippewa Cree Tribe. SCC is serving the Rocky Boy community and surrounding communities through HSE and post-secondary educational programs, workforce training, and public events.

Glasgow Job Service HSE Instruction
74 4th Street – Glasgow – Montana 59201 – Ph: (406) 228.9369

Great Falls Ad. Education Ctr (MSU)
2100 16th Ave South – Great Falls – Montana 59405 – Ph: (406) 771-5108
See all Great fall HiSET prep locations <- here

Aaniiih Nakoda College-Harlem HSE Classes (Nakoda Hall)
Harlem – Montana 59526 – Ph: (406) 353-2607
ANC offers support for students looking to earn their high school equivalency diplomas. Students can sign up with the Success Center HSE instructor for tutoring and learn how to set up an HSE (High School Equivalency) account. ANC’s Success Center is available for students to study. Free practice tests and other study materials are readily available.

John Capture Center (Aaniiih Nakoda Coll.)
N Mayor Drive – Hays – Montana 59527 – Ph: (406) 353-2607

Fort Peck Comm. College HSE Instruction
301 Benton Street – Wolf Point – Montana 59201 – Ph: (406) 653-3900

Online GED and HiSET Testing

In earlier days, you could never sit for the GED or HiSET exam over the Internet. Your personal appearance was required at an official test center. But now, things have changed with the introduction of a new online test-taking option named the ‘Online Proctored (OP) GED Test’ and the ‘HiSET-At-Home Exam.’

When you decide to take the GED or HiSET exam at home, a good Internet connection is required. An online proctor will help you during the online test-taking process, and he will also see you do it all in line with the regulations. Visit this post, ‘Launching the online HiSET test,’ to read all about the online HiSET exam, and for details on the Online Proctored GED Test, <- check here.

Havre Area GED Testing Sites

Human Resources Development Council (District IV, HiSET)
2229 Fifth Avenue, Havre, Montana 59501, Phone (406) 265-6743

Great Falls College HiSET Test Center
2100 16th Avenue South, Great Falls, Montana 59405, Phone (406) 268-6660

Who is the HSE Exam for?

The high school equivalency (HSE) testing program was developed to give adults who have never finished high school another opportunity to get a credential equivalent to a high school degree. There still are millions of people in America who never got their high school diplomas.

Passing the HiSET or GED test will give them better employment possibilities and open doors to colleges and universities. Every year, more than half a million adults successfully complete the GED test, and you could very well be among them.

To learn if you qualify, go to GED Testing in Montana.

Upon successful completion of the HiSET or GED exam, you will be awarded the Montana High School Equivalency Diploma, a document that’s all across America accepted by businesses, governmental organizations, universities, and colleges.

HiSET Passing Score

To pass the HiSET exam, you need to come to at least an 8-point score (out of 20) for each of the five subject tests. Your essay score must be at least 2, and your total score must be no less than 45, not including your essay score.

GED Passing Score

Your scores on the GED test are calibrated on a scale from 100 to 200, and the passing score on each of the four GED sub-exams is 145. Averaging is no option. There are four GED scoring ranges:

  • 100-144 scores: GED Below-Passing Range
  • 145-164 scores: GED HSE (High School Equivalency) Passing Range
  • 165-174 scores: GED College-Ready Range
  • 175-200 scores: GED College-Ready + Credit Range

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