Recommended TASC Prep Books

TASC Books for the 2020 test. Get one of these books and learn (just purchasing it will not help:-) and you will get ready for the TASC exam.

For people who never finished high school, it can be very rewarding to go for the TASC diploma because it will give you the opportunity to obtain suitable work (or a better job).

The TASC diploma also allows you access to colleges and universities. Securing the TASC diploma will surely improve your life.

You are qualified to take the TASC exam if you never finished high school and if you are not enrolled in another school program.

The credential that’s awarded upon successfully completing the five TASC subtests is, just like the GED, accepted by practically all schools of higher education and employers across North America.

List of recommended books:

  • Kaplan TASC
  • McGraw-Hill Education Preparation for the TASC Test 2nd Edition
  • TASC Practice Tests: 350 Test Prep Questions for the Test Assessing Secondary Completion
    by TASC Exam Practice Test Question Team

A few years ago, many states introduced the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) to replace the completely overhauled and now computer-formatted GED test. The TASC (just like GED and HiSET), assesses students’ readiness for work floor and college as outlined in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), a series of standards describing to the point what students must know at the end of which grade level.

The TASC exam is scored in its own way, differently from the way the GED test scored. When you think the TASC path is something for you, keep these rules in mind to become successful in obtaining your own High School Equivalency diploma:

–   Find the TASC/GED testing site closest to you, and check examination dates. Find out as much as you can: deadline policy (there are states where you need to be registered at least two months prior to the test date. Communicate well with your local GED/TASC site and get informed about the examination. Be sure you prepare as well as you can. You can find a lot of preparation material at the local library or bookstores, but you can find also numerous facilities near you were (often free) TASC/GED prep classes are offered.

–   Get super prepared, sit for the examination, and secure your High School Equivalency diploma, and please be respectful to the people who as volunteers do their best for you in preparation classes.

Successful test takers of the TASC exam are awarded a diploma that is recognized and accepted as equivalent to a high school diploma by the vast majority of admissions officials of colleges and universities and businesses.

The TASC (just like the 2002 series of the GED exam) examines five subject areas: Language Arts (reading- 75 minutes, writing- 105 minutes, Math- 105 minutes, Science- 85 minutes, and Social Studies- 75 minutes.


Last Updated on August 19, 2020.

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