GED Classes Wheeling, West Virginia

Listed in this post are all GED® (TASC in West Virginia) prep sites and testing centers in the Wheeling area.

West Virginia uses the TASC exam for its high school equivalency (HSE) testing program.

HSE testing offers adults who never finished high school the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The TASC exam contains five subtests in these academic fields: English writing, English reading, science, math, and social studies.

The TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) exam can be done both on-paper and on-computer.

In West Virginia, TASC testing is free and only open to state residents.

Wheeling GED (TASC) prep facilities

West Virginia GED Requirements

WV Northern Community College (B & O Building)
1704 Market St – Room 220 – Wheeling – WV 26003 – Ph: (304) 214-8948

Youth Service Systems
15th & Jacob St – Room 223-224 – Wheeling – WV 26003 – Ph: (304) 280-4880

Regional Education Service Agency
30 G C and P Rd – Wheeling – WV 26003 – Ph: (304) 243-0440

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Prep Sites around Wheeling (cities by alphabet)

Free West Virginia Practice Test

Jefferson County Literacy Education
1509 County Rd 22-A – Bloomingdale – OH 43910 – Ph: (740) 264-5591 (ext. 309)

Belmont College (Harrison County Adult Ed.)
1 College Way – Cadiz – OH 43907 – Ph: (740) 454-7242

Willet-Pratt Learning Ctr
9900 Brick Church Road – Cambridge – OH 43725 – Ph: (740) 454-7242
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Brooke County Library
844 Main St – Follansbee – WV 26037 – Ph: (304) 527-0860

Grace Presbyterian Church
408 Hanover St – Martins Ferry – OH 43935 – Ph: (740) 454-7242

Marshall County Adult Education
901 8th St – Moundsville – WV 26041 – Ph: 304) 843-4473

New Martinsville SPOKES
3 Ada Dr – Suite 2 – New Martinsville – WV 26155 – Ph: (304) 398-4924

Wetzel County Center for Children and Families
RR 2 – New Martinsville – WV 26155 – Ph: (304) 455-4054

Wetzel-Tyler Volunteers for Better Reading
Parkway Ctr – New Martinsville – WV 26155 – Ph: (304) 455-1933

Lincoln Adult Education Center
3010 Murdoch Avenue – Parkersburg – WV 26101 – Ph: (304) 420-9508
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South Side Goodwill
2700 E Carson Street – Pittsburgh – PA 15203 – Ph: (412) 390-2214
For all Pittsburgh area prep locations click here

Belmont College
120 Fox-Shannon Pl – St. Clairsville – OH 43950 – Ph: (740) 454-7242

Jefferson County Adult Education
4000 Sunset Blvd – Steubenville – OH 43952 – Ph: (740) 264-5591

Washington County Adult Education
1500 West Chestnut St – Washington – PA 15301 – Ph: (412) 237-4699
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Mary Weir Public Library (Weirton Literacy Council)
3442 Main St – Weirton – WV 26062 – Ph: (304) 797-8513

Brooke County Public Library
945 Main St – Wellsburg – WV 26070 – Ph: (304) 737-3481 (ext. 35)

Woodsfield First United Methodist Church
136 Main St – Woodsfield – OH 43793 – Ph: (740) 454-7242

Free West Virginia Online GED Classes

Wheeling area testing centers

Wheeling Park HS TASC testing
1976 Park View Rd – Wheeling – WV 26003 – Ph: (304) 243-0420

Belmont College
120 Fox Shannon Pl – St. Clairsville – OH 43950 – Ph: (740) 695-9500

Penn Intermediate Unit 1
242 Oak Spring Rd – Washington – PA 15301 – Ph: (724) 938-3241

How long do you need to get your GED?

The TASC exam

West Virginia stopped using the GED® for its HSE program and switched to the TASC exam. The West Virginia Department of Education decided for CTB/McGraw Hill’s TASC exam as the GED became too expensive. Go to GED (TASC) testing in West Virginia for qualification requirements. You can also check out this page that contains links to all GED-TASC prep sites in the US.

CTB/McGraw-Hill is one of America’s leading educational assessment organization, and they have developed the TASC exam to measure applicant’s high school equivalency readiness. Several states have replaced the expensive and only computer-based available new version of the GED exam by the TASC exam.

West Virginia selected the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) examination as the state’s official high school equivalency testing alternative. In West Virginia, around 6,000 applicants are looking to obtain their high school equivalency credential every year. This is just one step in the ongoing movement by states all across America to find alternatives of high-quality that are cheaper and more accessible than the GED exam for the more than 40 million adults who don’t have a high school diploma or equivalency.

CTB/McGraw-Hill representatives are proud that several states, including West Virginia, have opted for the TASC program to serve tens of thousands high school equivalency applicants, of whom many will immensely benefit from this affordable alternative to the GED exam.

Post-secondary degrees are more and more a prerequisite for well-paying jobs, so the accessibility of programs like the TASC is crucial to get career opportunities, and the TASC exam allows for access to institutions of higher learning. The TASC program is built from the ground up and is brought in line with the learning standards as identified by the Common Core.

Nursing Schools in West Virginia and How to Finance Your Education

Although official government figures show that on average West Virginia has one of the lowest median household incomes in the USA the average salaries for nurses in West Virginia actually run at 8-10% above the national norm. An LPN graduate of nursing schools in West Virginia can expect to earn around $51,000 per year and an RN typically commands around $78,000 annually. There are also plenty of job opportunities for nurses in West Virginia as well as financial assistance programs to help lower-income students afford an education at nursing schools in West Virginia that goes beyond federal financial aid and grants.

West Virginia Center For Nursing Scholarship – Every year this scholarship makes awards to students enrolled at accredited nursing schools in West Virginia located all over the state. Applications for this aid have to be made directly through a school’s financial aid department so it is very important that new enrollees at nursing schools in West Virginia ask there about their possible eligibility for the program as well as any other private scholarships or grants that might be available.

Another possible source of extra funding for nursing students who need help paying for their studies at nursing schools in West Virginia are the healthcare employers themselves. Certain areas of West Virginia simply do not have enough qualified nurses to man healthcare facilities, a situation that can lead to adverse effects on entire communities.

To try to solve that problem some employers in these areas, often the more rural areas, offer tuition reimbursement to graduates of nursing schools in West Virginia who agree to work for them for a certain amount of time. Some of these employers will also help foot the bill for current nurse employees to advance their nursing education even further – an LPN to RN for example – so that their pool of highly trained nurses is larger.

Choosing a Nursing School in West Virginia – There are a number of choices when it comes to nursing programs in West Virginia that offer various different nursing programs, from the most basic LPN certification course to a Masters or even a Doctorate in Nursing for those who wish to pursue their nursing education to the highest possible level.

When choosing between the various nursing schools in West Virginia the Internet is certainly a great place to begin your search but once you have begun to narrow down your options you should take your search for the right nursing school in West Virginia offline. All the photographs and brochures in the world are no substitute for an in-person campus visit. By visiting the campuses of the schools you are considering attending you will be able to get a real feel for what life as a student there would really be like so that you can make a decision that you will be happy with, however long you intend to stay in school.

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