GED Classes Brattleboro, Vermont

Last Updated on April 11, 2024.

This page is an overview of all GED test centers and prep class locations in and around Brattleboro. Vermont uses the entirely computer-based GED exam for high school equivalency testing.


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In most states that use the GED exam, testing can be done online (the online proctored GED test) or at an official GED test facility.

The GED® exam is for persons who did not graduate high school and offers them the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree. The exam measures skills and knowledge at a similar level as that may be expected of high school grads.

The GED exam contains four individual modules or subtests that may be completed one (or more) at a time.

The subject areas cover subject matter in these academic fields:

  • Social Studies
  • Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts)
  • Science
  • Math (Mathematical Reasoning)

So, until recently, online testing was not possible. You were required to come to a state-designated testing center to take the four subtests in person.

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This has now changed, however, with the launch of an online proctored GED testing option. Read more below at the bottom of this page.

For detailed information about qualification criteria in Vermont, GED passing scores, or costs, check out The Vermont GED Exam.

Brattleboro GED Prep Sites

Vermont Adult Learning – Windham Learning Center GED Instruction
999 Putney Rd – Brattleboro – Vermont 05301 – Phone 802-257-9449

Windham County Youth Services
32 Walnut St – Brattleboro – Vermont 05302 – Phone 802.257.0361
This is NOT a GED program, but Windham County Youth Services provided assistance and many resources for the development of young adults.

Locations around Brattleboro (Cities by Alphabet)

Parks Place Community Resource Center
44 School St – Bellows Falls – Vermont 05101 – Phone 802-463-9927

Bennington Tutorial Center
208 Pleasant St – Bennington – Vermont 05201 – Phone 802.447.0111

The Greenfield Literacy Project-Greenfield Comm. College
15 Bank Row St – Greenfield – Massachusetts 01301 – Phone 413.774.3934/3935
GCC offers HiSET instruction through the Literacy Project in

  • Greenfield
  • Amherst
  • Orange
  • Ware
  • Northampton

Greenfield Community College New England HEP (High School Equivalency Program)
15 Bank Row St – Greenfield – Massachusetts 01301 – Phone 339.222.5612
The New England HEP is for migrant and seasonal farm workers and their direct dependents. It helps them earn a high school equivalency (HSE) diploma to gain employment or further their education in an institution of postsecondary education or training.

MassHire Franklin-Hampshire Career Center
Arch Pl – Greenfield – Massachusetts 01301 – Phone 413.774.4361
NOT a GED program, but the Franklin-Hampshire Career Center offers support to eligible job seekers through a number of educational and training programs that are helpful for securing a rewarding career. Qualifying candidates can enroll in certificate programs offered by Greenfield Community College. The program is a one-year, full-time training program with candidates attending GCC’s Lab one day per week. Graduates of this program earn 29 college credits. To be eligible, you have to be currently unemployed or working on a part-time basis.

Keene Community Adult Ed. (HiSET)
227 Maple Avenue – Keene – New Hampshire 03431 – Phone 603.357.0088
The Keene Community Education site is also an official HSE test center. Passing the GED or HiSET exam is a great way to advance your career. Passing the challenging exam indicates that you command knowledge and skills at a level equivalent to that of high school graduates. Please contact the office to register for the HSE exam, as only in-person registration is available. Please call the Adult Education Coordinator at 603-357-0088 ext. 105.

NH Works Keene Career Center
149 Emerald Street – Keene – New Hampshire 03431 – Phone 603.352.1904
Only for referrals and advice

Manchester Tutorial Center
3511 Richville Rd – Manchester – Vermont 05255 – Phone 802.362.0222

Vermont Reading Partners GED Instruction
5167 Main St – Ste 2 – Manchester – Vermont 05255 – Phone 802.362.2323

The Literacy Project-North Quabbin (@the Orange Innovation Center)
131 W Main St – Orange – Massachusetts 01364 – Phone 978.544.8917

Springfield Learning Ctr GED Classes
100 River Street, Springfield, VT 05156, Phone 802.546.0880/0879
Springfield Learning Center is located in the former Fellows Gear Shaper Company building (Springfield Health Center)

Launching the Online GED Exam

Until recently, taking the GED via the Internet was no option, but in most states, you can take the exam at an official GED testing facility or online. Online GED testing is not available in New York and South Carolina.

So in most states, that has changed with the launch of an online option to take the four GED subtests in an online format. A proctor monitors online if you do everything in accordance with some pretty strict regulations. To read more about this development, go to ‘The online GED test.’

Brattleboro Area GED Testing Sites

Vermont Adult Learning -Brattleboro
90 Birge Street – Brattleboro – Vermont 05301 – Phone 802-257-4080

The Tutorial Center GED Testing
208 Pleasant Street – Bennington – Vermont 05201 – Phone 802-447-0111

Greenfield Comm. College GED and HiSET testing
One College Drive – Greenfield – Massachusetts 01301 – Phone 413-775-1821/1147

Holyoke Comm. College (GED)
303 Homestead Avenue – Holyoke – Massachusetts 01040 – Phone 413-552-2112

PAFEC (HiSET Testing)
206 Maple Street – 4th Floor – Holyoke – Massachusetts 01040 – Phone 413-552-2292/2112

Keene Community Adult Education (HiSET)
227 Maple Avenue – Keene – New Hampshire 03431 – Phone 603.357.0088

Preparing for the GED

People planning on taking the GED tests need to have the following things in mind: they need to learn top-of-the-line strategies to be used to get to that big day or days they are waiting for. A lot of people do not like to take the GED test just out of fear of failure – they also complain about not having enough money or time to dedicate to this process.

However, they must also understand one simple fact: the more they spend time without the diploma, the more financially challenged they will be. They need to make time to take these classes in order for them to get a career or to move forward – they need to grasp this fact once and for all. Accomplishing the GED (General Education Development) diploma is something important to show to your children in the future.

There’s no need to finish the 4 GED modules in one take. The exam is modular, meaning you can take the four subtests one at a time. Please note that online obtained documents (fake diplomas) are totally worthless and will surely not be accepted by schools and employers. Online testing has become a reality, but don’t get involved in fraudulent activities, and don’t waste your money.

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