GED Classes Vancouver, Washington

Here is an overview of all GED® prep class sites and testing facilities in the Vancouver area.

Washington is using the GED exam for the purpose of HSE (high school equivalency) testing.

HSE testing gives persons who never graduated high school the opportunity to obtain an equivalent degree.

GED testing is done at a level that compares to that of high school students upon graduation.

The GED exam contains four independent subtests in these subject areas: math, science, literacy, and social studies.

You can sit for one of the computer-based GED subtests, or modules, at a time within a 2-year window.

Please note that online GED testing is NOT possible. Testing must be done at an official Washington testing site.

Vancouver GED prep classes

GED Requirements in Washington State

Clark College Adult Education
1933 Fort Vancouver Way – Vancouver – WA 98663 – Phone: (360) 992-2741
GED prep classes are held in the T Building and also at other locations in Vancouver (please call for details). Students will be trained in the four testing fields of the GED exam as well as in basic computer skills. Applicants must be at least sixteen years to attend GED classes. The enrollment process starts at the school’s Admissions Office (Gaiser Hall, Room 128). GED students pay a $25.00 quarterly tuition fee.

Open Doors Re-engagement Program (Vancouver Public Schools Lieser Campus)
301 S Lieser Road – Vancouver – WA 98664 – Phone: (360) 313-1187
This dropout reengagement system offers education to youth ages 16-21 who dropped out of school or will probably not graduate from high school by the age of 21

Charter College Vancouver
17200 SE Mill Plain Boulevard – Suite 100 – Vancouver – WA 98683 – Phone: (360) 448-2000

SWWDC YouthBuild
805 Broadway Street – Vancouver – WA 98660 – Phone: (360) 696-8417

Job Corps Vancouver
5411 E Mill Plain Boulevard – Suite 8 – Vancouver – WA 98661 – Phone: (360) 906-1613

Open Doors Program (Educational Service District 112)
2500 NE 65th Avenue – Vancouver – WA 98661 – Phone: (360) 952-3456
To qualify, applicants need to be in the 16-21 age group, residents of Vancouver or Battle Ground Public Schools, not be signed up for high school, and be pretty much behind in academic credits.

Open House Ministries
900 W 12th Street – Vancouver – WA 98660 – Phone: (360) 737-0300

Partners in Careers (YouthBuild)
3210 NE 52nd Street – Vancouver – WA 98663 – Phone: (360) 696-8417 ext. 110

Clark County Juvenile Justice Center (ESD 112)
500 West 11th Street – Vancouver – WA 98660 – Phone: (360) 952-3456
Not publicly available

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Locations around Vancouver (cities by alphabet)

Clatskanie High (Clatsop Community College)
471 Bel Air Dr | Clatskanie | OR 97016 | Phone: 503.338.2347

710 14th Avenue – Longview – Washington 98632 – Phone: (360) 501.8340
All Longview area GED prep sites are listed here

Portland Metro Literacy Volunteers
12000 SW 49th Avenue – Portland – Oregon 97280 – Phone: (503) 977.4903
To see all Portland-area locations go to Portland GED Classes

Portland Comm. Coll.-St. Helens Center
1510 St. Helens Street – Suite C – St. Helens – OR 97051 – Phone: (503) 397-0028

Pacific NW Works-St. Helens
500 N Columbia River Hwy – Suite 300 – St. Helens – OR 97051 – Phone: (503) 397.6495

NW Regional Education Ctr
800 Port Ave – St. Helens – OR 97051 – Phone: (503) 397.0028

Stevenson Community Library GED Instruction 
120 NW Vancouver Ave – Stevenson – WA 98648 – Ph: (509) 427.5471

Stevenson Career Ctr
266 SW 2nd St – Stevenson – WA 98648 – Ph: (509) 427.0727

Pacific NW Works-Tillamook
2101 5th Street – Tillamook – Oregon 97141 – Phone: (503 842.3244

Larch Corrections Center (Clark College GED Program)
15314 NE Dole Valley Road – Yacolt – WA 98675 – Phone: (360) 260-6300
Not available to the public

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GED test centers in and around Vancouver

Clark College
1933  Ft. Vancouver Way – Vancouver – Washington 98663  Ph: (360) 992.2588

Klickitat Co. Learning Center GED testing
228 W Main Street – Goldendale – WA 98620 – Phone: (509) 773-5817

Grant H.S. GED testing
2245 NE 36th Avenue – Portland – Oregon 97212 – Phone: (503) 916.6486

Portland Comm. Coll. St. Helens Center
1510 St. Helens Street – Suite C – St. Helens – Oregon 97051 | Phone: (503) 397.0028

Clark College | Larch
15314 NE Dole Valley Road – Yacolt – WA 98675 – Phone: (360) 260-6300

GED Essay Topic with Sample

Who can take the GED?

The GED (General Education Development) program assists men and women who never finished high school in their attempts to obtain a comparable diploma. The certificate that you are given upon completing the Washington GED exam is generally accepted as equivalent to a high school diploma by official organizations, employers and institutions of higher educations throughout the country. For qualification criteria go to GED testing criteria in Washington State.

Online GED testing?

Please note that there is NO online GED testing option. Websites that say so are fraudulent! You are required to come to a state-designated testing site and take the tests personally (if you want one-by-one whenever you’re ready to take one within a 2-year time frame). Take also a look at this page that links to all GED test sites and prep facilities in America.

The passing score for each GED module was brought down to 145 points merely two years after the most recent GED edition was launched across the nation. All details can be found in this GED news post.

The GED and your future

What next after the GED diploma? GED graduates are faced with the task of making a choice with regard to their career. So many people acquire their GED diploma but have no idea as to how they can benefit from this achievement. This does not have to be the case with you. If you have been working someplace somewhere but deep within have been yearning for something better elsewhere, then the GED diploma is your key to new opportunities.

Note that there are many things that you need to consider when choosing a new career path. Since you’ll obviously want a job where you’ll realize your full potential and are happy, it’s only natural that you do some research about it prior to full commitment.

Grants for Women in Small Business

After earning your GED as an ambitious woman, you may want to start your own business. For women and minorities who want to start their own small business, the biggest roadblocks to success are insufficient finances. In order to pay rent for storefronts, production of homemade materials, marketing, and payroll, many women will put a second mortgage on their house or go into deep credit card debt. However, risking the future of family finances often does not pay off for women, as many small businesses fail within their first year.

Taking such a risk isn’t always necessary, however, and women who want to turn their hobby or vocation into a small business need to look to business grants. While many television commercials and books promise business grants for women who own a small business, it can be tough to find the right grant.

The first, and perhaps most important, fact that woman entrepreneurs should understand about federal government grants is that they almost entirely go to high-tech companies that are aiming for a government contract. There are plenty of state government and private industry grants available for women in small business.

Finding the Right Grant

Government and private grants given to small businesses run by women are often specific to a certain industry. For those starting healthcare businesses, applying for a grant through Bristol Meyers Foundation increases the chance of receiving a business grant.
Women who are starting small businesses involved in accounting can go through the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting for a business grant, with a great chance at success.

Finding the right grant is primarily about applying to organizations that are interested in funding further development of ideas and practices within a certain industry. After all, while business grants don’t necessarily have strings attached, granting organizations do need to see some sort of professional benefit from the small business they are providing money to.

Women and minority small business owners, interested in getting their business off the ground, should go to Funds Net Services or other websites available to women in small business looking for development or startup grant money. Check also out: Digital Women.

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