GED Classes Texarkana, Arkansas

This post lists all GED® prep classes and testing centers in the Texarkana, Arkansas area. Arkansas is using the GED test for HSE (high school equivalency) testing purposes.

GED test-takers can sit for the four separate GED subtests online or at one of Arkansas’ state-approved GED test centers.

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To be eligible for taking the GED exam online, candidates must have attained “green scores” on the official GED Ready® practice test.

The HSE test offers adults that quit high school prematurely one more chance to earn an equivalent degree.

GED testing occurs via four independent modules (subtests) in math, science, literacy, and social studies.

You can take one of the four computer-formatted GED modules at a time.

Texarkana AR GED prep locations

Texarkana School District Adult Education Center
710 East Street | Texarkana | AR 71854 | Phone: 870-774-4414/772-2006
GED preparation is offered on Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and on Tuesdays through Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Evening classes are also available at various satellite locations in Genoa, Ashdown, Bradley, Fouke, Foreman Prescott, Stamps, and Nevada. Please call the Adult Education Center for details. You can call the school’s office to schedule an interview on Tuesdays and Thursdays (9:00 a.m. to Noon, and 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.)

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Literacy Council of Bowie & Miller Counties
600 Walnut Street | Texarkana | AR 71854 | Phone: 903-838-8521/870-774-0188

Goodwill Industries 
1916 State Line Avenue | Texarkana | AR 71854 | Phone: 870-772-5543
Goodwill has been providing career services and education programs for a long time. Services are offered at no cost to the community via their Career Centers and Adult Education Centers.

Arkansas GED Practice Tests

Goodwill provides programs in skills building, education ( GED classes), job preparation, and placement programs. Getting people to work is not only good for the individual, but communities will profit as well, as these persons will become taxpayers rather than recipients, they will become active community members instead of a burden to social services and the welfare system.

The Healing Place of Texarkana GED Classes
1002 Ferguson Street | Texarkana | AR 71854 | Phone: 870-779-9232

Lantz Lurry Juvenile Detention Center GED Program
2200 Banks Road |Texarkana | AR 71854 | Phone: 870-773-3776
Not open to the public

Texarkana Regional Correction Center GED Program
305 E 5th Street | Texarkana | AR 71854 | Phone: ​870-779-3939
Not open to the public

Locations around Texarkana AR (cities by alphabet)

Workforce Education Center CCCUA (Little River County Campus)
1411 North Constitution Avenue | Ashdown | AR 71822 | Phone: 870-898-4733 x 5266

Delight Adult Education | Hendrix Building (Rich Mountain Community College)
621 E Cherry Street | Delight | AR 71940 | Phone: 870-379-2579

Arkansas GED testing requirements

UA Cossatot Adult Education
183 College Drive | De Queen | AR 71832 | Phone: 870-584-1114
UA Cossatot Adult Education offers GED instruction in the four-county service area including Howard, Sevier, Pike, and Little River counties.

CCCUA | Dierks Community Center
200 W 3rd Street | Dierks | AR 71833 | Phone: 870-584-1114

South Arkansas Comm. College | GED Program
300 South West Ave | El Dorado | AR 71730 | Phone: 870.862.8131 ext. 182
All options are listed on our El Dorado page

Hope Adult Education Center
117 E 2nd Street | Hope | AR 71801 | Phone: 870-722-2744

South AR Migrant Education Co-op
205 Smith Road | Suite B | Hope | AR 71801 | Phone: 870-777-3743

UACCH Adult Education Program
2500 S Main St | Hope | AR 71801 | Phone: 870-722-2744/8501

Magnolia Adult Education Center
811 Calhoun Road | Magnolia | AR 71754 | Phone: 870-234-6064
For all Magnolia prep sites go to this page

CCCUA Howard County Campus | Adult Education
1558 Highway 371 W | Nashville | AR 71852 | Phone: 845 – 2454 x 2318

Free online Arkansas GED classes

Northwest LA Technical Coll. GED Classes
2010 North Market St | Shreveport | LA 71107 | Phone: 318.676.7811
Check out all Shreveport area locations at Shreveport GED (HiSET) Courses

Texarkana Coll. GED Classes
2500 North Robison Road | Texarkana | Texas 75501 | Phone: 903.794.2858
For all Texarkana TX locations visit: Texarkana TX GED Courses

Rich Mountain Community College | Wickes City Hall
108 Main Street | Wickes | AR 71973 | Phone: 870-385-2680

Should we add a prep site, or do we have to update or adjust any details? Please inform us here on our contact page.

5 tips to help you get all set for the GED fast

Introducing an online GED testing option

Taking the four GED subtests via the internet is now an option as well. In the past, GED test-takers were required to report to a state-approved Arkansas GED test center if they wanted to get hold of a GED diploma.

Now, with the introduction of a proctored online GED testing option, this has changed. An online proctor will monitor if all goes in line with the pretty strict regulations. More information can be found here: introducing the proctored online GED exam.

Texarkana AR area GED test centers

Texarkana Adult Education Center
710 East Street | Texarkana | AR 71854 | Phone: 870-774-4414

Arkadelphia Adult Education
301 N 23rd Street | Arkadelphia | AR 71923 | Phone: 870-246-1104

University of Arkansas-Cossatot
183 College Drive | De Queen | AR 71832 | Phone: 870.584.4471

South Arkansas Community College
3696 E Main Street | El Dorado | AR 71731 | Phone: 870-862-8131

University of Arkansas Community College
2500 S Main Street | Hope | AR 71802 | Phone: 870-722-8247

Magnolia School District
811 Calhoun Road | Magnolia | AR 71754 | Phone: 870-234-6064

Cossatot Community College (UofA)
1558 Highway 371 | Nashville | AR 71852 | Phone: 870.845.2454

Texarkana Community College GED Testing
1024 Tucker Street (inside Palmer Memorial Library) | Texarkana | TX 75501 | 903.823.3278


Last Updated on July 19, 2021.