GED Social Studies Lessons

Last Updated on April 9, 2024.

GED Social Studies Lessons are provided by Onsego.

Onsego offers a complete GED Prep Course that GED Testing Service recognizes as 100% aligned with the GED test.

During the GED test, your problem-solving skills will be measured. The GED Social Studies test must be completed in about 70 minutes.

The topics covered in our free resources will help you understand GED® Social Studies questions better, but they include only portions of the GED test.

You don’t need to register to participate in these free lessons. Just click a link with the name of a lesson and follow the instructions on the screen.

Our free online GED classes are a great support to get you familiar with the format of the GED test and let you discover if online studying with video lessons is right for you. If so, just switch to Onsego and get all set for the real thing efficiently.

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If you follow these lessons and take a few practice tests, you’ll get used to the question types found on the GED test.

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The U.S. History

Important Historical Documents

Government And CivicsGED Social Studies Lessons


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These lessons are a part of our GED Social Studies Guide module.

The section of the Social Studies Test includes a wide range of subject matter, but, as said before, our free video lessons and practice tests do not address all topics that are on the GED Social Studies test. For full GED test coverage, you need to register with Onsego’s extensive GED prep course

The GED test is a pretty challenging high school equivalency exam. In fact, the passing standards are so high that some 40 percent of all high school grads would not pass on the first try. So get well prepared.

Many examples and concepts are based on evidence from the world around us and displayed on charts and other visuals.

These lessons are aligned with Common Core Standards and the GED Social Studies test. The GED credential is nationally recognized as equivalent to a standard high school diploma.