The Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War was primarily a war between Great Britain and the 13 Colonies.

And these 13 Colonies were supposed to be colonies loyal to Great Britain.


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The colonists who were opposing British rule were calling themselves...


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What Was the Purpose of the Olive Branch Petition?


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The colonists who were opposing British rule were calling themselves “Patriots”. These patriots were very angry about Britain’s Intolerable Acts and all through the colonies, we saw militias preparing for war against the British.

In Massachusetts, the British chief officer was General Thomas Gage. When he learned that Patriot militias stored gun powder and canons Concord, he immediately sent over soldiers to seize and destroy the patriot supplies. But patriots William Dawes and Paul Revere learned about the plan and rode throughout the night and warned the Minutemen that British soldiers were on their way.

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The First Battles

In 1775, on April 19th, the British soldiers and patriot Minutemen started shooting in Lexington and many were wounded or killed. Then, in Concord, hundreds of Minutemen were gathering. They subsequently forced the British soldiers all the way back to Boston and in the battle, they wounded or killed over two hundred and fifty British soldiers.

When the colonists learned about the battles, their militias trapped the British soldiers right there in Boston. Patriots had plans for building a fort on Bunker

Hill but instead, they did so on Breed’s Hill. British soldiers went marching up the hill and they kept on fighting until the Patriots had run out of gunpowder. Then, the  British took the fort which is remembered as the Battle of Bunker Hill. But even though the Patriots had lost that battle, they had shown that they were able to plan well and fight a battle.

Colonial Army

Then in 1775, the Second Continental Congress was held. The colonies created an army for waging war against England. George Washington was appointed as commander of the new Continental Army. Many delegates from the colonies didn’t want to go to war so they sent the so-called “Olive Branch Petition” to Britain’s King George III which asked the king to help end this conflict in a peaceful way

The king, however, just sent more troops. Then, the Continental Army took on another battle to capture Fort Ticonderoga and the canons they found then, were used for forcing the British out of Boston.

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