GED Classes Sandy Springs, Georgia

In this article, you can discover all GED® prep facilities and test centers in the Sandy Springs area.

Georgia uses the computerized GED exam for the state’s high school equivalency (HSE) testing program.

The HSE program gives adults who never finished high school the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

The entirely computer-based GED exam has four independent subject tests in Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

You have 2 years to pass all 4 subject tests. GED testing can be done in English and Spanish.

Sandy Springs GED Prep Locations

Georgia GED Practice Tests

Sandy Springs Career Center
7741 Roswell Road | Rm 205 | Sandy Springs | GA 30350| Phone: (470) 367-8629

North Springs High School (Gwinnett Tech)
7447 Roswell Road | Sandy Springs | GA 30328 | Phone: (678) 334-1486

Sandy Springs United Methodist Church
86 Mt. Vernon Hwy NW | Sandy Springs | GA 30328 | Phone: (678) 334.1486

Mary Hall Freedom House (DISCONTINUED)
8995 Roswell Road | Sandy Springs | GA 30350 | Phone: (770) 642-5500

North Springs United Methodist Church (Gwinnett Technical College)
7770 Roswell Rd | Sandy Springs | GA 30350 | Phone: (678) 334-1486

Dunwoody Springs Elementary (Lanier Tech)
8100 Roberts Dr | Sandy Springs | GA 30350 | Phone: (678) 566-2202

Community Action Center (Lanier Tech)
1130 Hightower Rd | Sandy Springs | GA 30350 | Phone: (678) 566-2202

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GED Requirements in Georgia

Prep sites around Sandy Springs (cities by alphabet)

The Milton Center (Gwinnett Tech)
86 School Dr | Alpharetta | GA 30009 | Phone: (678) 491-4948
Click here for all Alpharetta area options

Atlanta Tech GED Instruction
1560 Metropolitan Pkwy SW | Atlanta | GA 30310 | Phone: (404) 225-4433
You can find all Atlanta prep sites here

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Atlanta
3669 New Peachtree Rd | Ste 100 | Chamblee | GA 30341 | Phone: (770) 790-3104

Interactive College of Technology
5303 New Peachtree Rd | Chamblee | GA 30341 | Phone: (707) 216-2960

Georgia Piedmont Tech
5745 Buford Hwy NE | Ste 200 | Doraville | GA 30340 | Phone: (404) 297-9522 (ext. 4000)

Huntington Learning Center Dunwoody
5488 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd | Ste 7 | Dunwoody | GA 30338 | Phone: (770) 394-2626

Meadowcreek High (Gwinnett Tech)
4455 Steve Reynolds Blvd | Norcross | GA 30093 | Phone: (678) 226-6352/6662

Asian Youth Empowerment Program
6107 Oakbrook Pkwy | Norcross | GA 30093 | Phone: (770) 458.6700

Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church
182 Hunter St NW | Norcross | GA 30071 | Phone: (770) 448.5475

Jonah Project
5875 Peachtree Industrial Blvd | Ste 200 | Norcross | GA 30092 | Phone: (770) 448-9778

Georgia Free Online GED Classes

Sandy Springs area test centers

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library GED testing
1 Margaret Mitchell Sq NW | Atlanta | GA 30303 | Phone: (404) 730-1837
More Atlanta test centers are listed here

Cobb Co. Adult Education
240 Barber Rd | Marietta | GA 30060 | Phone: (678) 594-8011 (ext. 247)

Gwinnett Tech
2875 Old Milton Pkwy | Alpharetta | GA 30004 | Ph: (678) 226-6399

Gwinnett Tech
5150 Sugar Loaf Pkwy | Lawrenceville | GA 30046 | Phone: (678) 226-6323

GED Essay Writing Tips

GED cost

To attend classes it doesn’t matter where you’re actually starting from. Adult Education classes will help you boost your skills so you can accomplish your goals. The Georgia set of 4 GED tests costs $160 and you can take each test separately at $40.

All across North America, the GED diploma is accepted as the equivalency of a common high school diploma by government agencies, employers, and institutions of higher learning. Passing the new GED exam has become just a little less challenging. The GED passing score on each subtest is 145 out of 200 points.

GED registration and information

Go to for all possible information. Here you can create an account with My GED and learn all about registration, taking tests and how to prepare best, the job market, college education, university details and so on. To sit for each test, students must have a valid photo ID and candidates under 18 must have parental permission. The Georgia GED credential is generally approved as a secondary education credential (high school diploma) by employers and universities across the nation.

The four GED tests

The GED exam for high school equivalency testing consists of 4 separate tests that you are allowed to take one at a time, whenever you feel ready for that part, and you can only register for and pay for that part  $40 per test – $160 for the entire battery). The four GED tests are on the subject areas of:
Literacy – 150 minutes (including a short break)
Math – 115 minutes
Science – 90 minutes
Social Studies – 70 minutes

GED acceptance

When you successfully pass all four tests you will be awarded the GED diploma which is accepted all across America just like a regular high school diploma by local and federal government institutions, colleges and universities, and employers.

Prepare well

Preparation is the key to success for the GED diploma. Contact one of the facilities listed above if you want to attend classes that are mostly offered at no charge at all, including all study materials. Check out also online GED courses and study books are available at local bookstores and community libraries.

Maybe the world of IT Development is right for you

Your GED credential makes you eligible for a fine college education and if the technical direction is your thing and your GED scores were high, maybe you can even make it as an IT development manager.

The role of the IT development manager is crucial to the success of a development team in the long run. The development manager has an important role to play when it comes to his/her interaction with the project manager as it is integral to the improvement of the process. The role of the development management is to see to the fact that the project vision is on track right until the end. They are also responsible for closely working with the owners of the business during the planning stages and improvising constantly to make the end product a better one.

Apart from the long-term objectives, the role of the development manager revolves around setting the priorities during the course of the project. Multiple projects are intertwined to improve the efficiency of the team that works on the project.

In some companies, the development manager is in charge of leading from the front. The manager evangelizes the process, figures out solutions and offers business leadership. This aspect of the business has more to do with marketing rather than with development activities. However, it is integral to the establishment of the development team in the organizational setup.

The IT development manager occupies a position right at the top of the development team. Obviously, it a coveted position and therefore there is a stiff competition for making it to the helm of affairs. People who have a background of working in the capacity of solutions architect have definitely an edge over others. Apart from getting the basics of software development right, you also need to brush your communication skills as you would be responsible for interacting with business managers. Therefore, if you have been in net developer jobs so far, you can expect to be an IT development manager for a similar project in the future.

IT Projects Management Overview

Often specialized IT project management tools are adopted to improve the success rate of the IT project in the long run. But at times it becomes a tricky activity for the project managers to accomplish the goal of such projects. Those seeking IT project manager jobs should be aware of the common complications in the process.

IT Project Management Complications

The common errors related to IT project management have been identified because of the high rate of failure in the IT sector. The report published by The Standish Group shows that only 32% of the projects conducted by companies are considered to be successful. Nearly 44% of the IT projects are considered as “challenged” as they were not finished on time or could not be carried out within a limited budget. They also failed to meet the project objective. Considering a few important issues will help to understand why specialized IT project management knowledge and skills are necessary to successfully carry out the project objective.

The main reason for IT project failure is poor planning, unrealistic time-frame and creeping into unchecked scopes. Apart from these, the nature of the technology projects can also give rise to such situations. Other factors leading to IT project management failure are as follow –

  • Lack of IT professionals with specialized training or management experience
  • Complications arising due to malfunctioning of hardware or incompatible technology
  • Lack of understanding of challenging situations by those involved in the planning process

Therefore, it can be said that the lack of training of those involved in the project is the main reason for project failure. For those looking for IT project management jobs, it is better to go for formal training in order to understand how to address and tackle such problems.

They can enroll for project management training courses information technology. It will teach them the right application of proven strategies in order to get a positive outcome.  To do so they can create uniform metrics to measure project performance and to standardize the language used in the project. It is also important to research the market scope along with keeping track of the project cost and timeline. These will lead to improvement in the success rate of IT projects.

Securing an IT Networking System

Wireless networking technology is used by many organizations, as it is convenient, flexible and an easy to use networking system. This technology allows the user to share applications and data with the network systems without using any additional peripheral devices or printer cables. With the growth of wireless information technology, the scope of IT networking jobs has also increased. However, there is a certain amount of risk or threat involved in the process.

Through wireless networking system, intruders can gain access and bypass the firewall protection of the system. This will give them the liberty to steal identity, insert viruses or malicious code, violate the privacy of legitimate users and even disable operations. In order to avoid such problems, it is important for the organizations to use proper risk management tools and security systems. There are four main areas to consider while building a comprehensive security system – data security, personnel security, device security, and network security.

It is important to have a complete understanding of the framework of the wireless network. Also, label and keep inventories of wireless systems. Use strong passwords to protect networking devices like switches, access points, and routers. It is also important to check that the remote access to network devices are strictly based on IP address and is only granted to authorized IT personnel.

It is necessary to provide log-on banners to certain networking devices along with warning messages to any unauthorized person trying to access the device. Encryption keys should be changed regularly in a secure fashion. This will prevent data–manipulation and eavesdropping, which the intruder often uses to take control over the system.

It is vital to carry out security testing at regular intervals. Performing security audits to monitor, track wireless device, applying patches and security enhancement can be helpful. Check out the new products in the market to enhance the security features of the IT networking system. People in IT storage jobs play an important role in maintaining the data backup system. All this will help to maintain a safer networking environment in the organization.


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