GED Classes Ottumwa, Iowa

In this article, you can discover all GED® (HiSET in Iowa) prep facilities and testing sites in the Ottumwa, Iowa, region.

In Iowa, you need to pass the five subtests of the HiSET exam if you want to earn your HSE (high school equivalency) diploma. The state stopped using the GED® test at the start of 2014. At these listed locations, you can find all the help you need to successfully take the HiSET exam. To find out if you are eligible for the program, check out this post: GED (HiSET) in Iowa.

Five tests

The HiSET, just like the GED, assesses basic knowledge at the level of graduating high school students and contains five subtests in these academic subject areas: English reading, English writing, math, science, and social studies. Holding the HSE diploma will certainly lead to a better future and the diploma also qualifies students for higher education.

No online testing

The HiSET (and also the GED) must be taken at a state-approved testing site. There is NO online testing option. Online-obtained documents are totally worthless and will for sure be unacceptable for schools and employers. Check also these practice tests for your HiSET or GED exam.

GED Requirements in Iowa

Ottumwa HiSET prep locations

Indian Hills Comm. College HiSET Classes 
603 Indian Hills Dr – Ottumwa – IA 52501 – Phone: (800) 726-2585 (ext. 5181)
Indian Hills Community College offers HiSET prep classes at several locations throughout its service area of 15 counties. If you want more information, you can visit the school’s HSE office in Trustee Hall, or contact the school at (800) 726-2585 ext. 5181.

Indian Hills Community College-Ottumwa (Community Education Center)
15260 Truman St – Suite 2 – Ottumwa – IA 52501 – Phone: (641) 683-5189

Ottumwa Workforce Development Center
IHCC N Campus – 15260 Truman St – Ottumwa – IA 52501 – Phone: (641) 684-5401 (ext. 40018)

Indian Hills Community College North Campus
Ottumwa Regional Airport – Ottumwa – IA 52501 – Phone: (800) 726-2585 (ext. 5181)

Ottumwa Job Corps Center *)
15229 Truman St – Ottumwa – IA 52501 – Phone: (641) 682-2000

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GED Requirements in Iowa

Prep sites around Ottumwa (cities by alphabet)

Monroe Co. Education Center (Indian Hills CC)
322 C Ave East – Albia – IA 52531 – Phone: (641) 932-5297

Davis Co. Education Center (Indian Hills CC)
501 E Locust St – Bloomfield – IA 52537 – Phone: (641) 664-2050

Burlington Workforce Development
1000 N Roosevelt Ave – Burlington – IA 52601 – Phone: (319) 753-1671
For more Burlington options click here

Indian Hills Comm. Coll. – Centerville
721 N 1st St – Centerville – IA 52544 – Phone: (800) 726-2585 (ext. 5181)

Wayne Co. Education Center (Indian Hills CC)
417 S East St – Suite 200 – Corydon – IA 50060 – Phone: (641) 872-3033

Des Moines Goodwill
4900 NE 22nd St – Des Moines – IA 50313 – Phone: (515) 265-5323
For all Des Moines area options go to this post

Jefferson Co. Education Center (Indian Hills CC)
112 S Court St – Fairfield – IA 52556 – Phone: (641) 472-6366

Iowa City Career Center HiSET Classes
1700 S 1st Ave – Iowa City – IA 52240 – Phone: (319) 351-1035
You can find all Iowa City options here

Van Buren Co. Education Ctr (Indian Hills Comm. Coll.)
201 Main St – Keosauqua – IA 52565 – Phone: (319) 293-7115

Kirksville Area Tech
1103 South Cottage Grove – Kirksville – MO 63501 – Ph: (660) 665-2865
For all Kirksville are prep sites click here

Indian Hills Comm. Coll. (William Penn Ctr)
1710 N Market St – Oskaloosa – IA 52577 – Phone: (641) 673-0824

Keokuk Co. Education Ctr (Indian Hills Comm. Coll.)
909 E Jackson St – Sigourney – IA 52591 – Phone: (641) 622-3385

GED Requirements in Iowa

Ottumwa area HiSET-GED testing sites 

Indian Hills Comm. Coll. HiSET testing
603 Indian Hills Dr – Ottumwa – IA 52501 – Phone: (641) 683-5111

Southeastern Community College
200 N Main St – Mount Pleasant – IA 52641 – Phone: (319) 752-2731

Southeastern Community College
1500 W Agency Rd – West Burlington – IA 52655 – Phone: (319) 208-5312

GED Requirements in Iowa

HiSET-GED preparation

Don’t come to a testing site to take the HSE exam unless you have become are totally prepared. Check out this listing of HiSET prep locations near you. The High School Equivalency (HSE) program was created for adults who never completed high school.

The certificate that you acquire upon completing the Iowa HiSET test is nationwide accepted as comparable to a high school diploma by official government institutions, employers, and colleges. Use also these video lessons and practice tests, a fantastic and efficient way to become well prepared.

GED-HiSET jobs

Great career options after getting your GED – Once you complete your GED or HiSET test, you have to make a very important decision about your career. This is important as many people who get their GED certificate, don’t know how to enjoy the benefits of this achievement and how to change their career and not just end up with a job. You want to be successful in whichever job option you choose. This is why it is important you join a business which not only makes you happy but also helps you realize your full potential. You really deserve this, especially after all the hard work you had put into your GED.

*) Iowa Job Corps

Iowa Job Corps has been offering educational services in Iowa for 50 years, and this great achievement was worth a celebration. At the moment there are some 250 students enrolled in the Ottumwa Job Corps program, and each one of them is learning a trade and they all are studying for their HiSET diploma.

In the course of the years, the Job Corps program has helped numerous adults in Iowa earn their high school equivalent credential. Though the nationwide Job Corps program has been around in Iowa for 50 years, Job Corps Ottumwa has gone into its fourth year, and the program has already been very successful, and many young adults who have attended the program got good jobs in the region.

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