GED Classes Burlington, Iowa

This is an overview of GED® (HiSET in Iowa) prep class locations and test centers in the Burlington region.

Iowa uses the HiSET® exam for the state’s HSE (high school equivalency) testing program.

The HSE program offers adults who quit high school too early the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The HiSET is available in a paper-based and a computerized format, while the GED must be done entirely on a computer.

The HiSET measures knowledge at a level similar to what students have learned in four years of high school.

The HiSET exam includes five subject tests in the academic fields of math, science, language writing, language reading, and social studies.

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GED Requirements in Iowa

Burlington GED (HiSET) prep class sites

Burlington Workforce Development Center
1000 N Roosevelt Ave | Burlington | IA 52601 | Ph: (319) 753.1671

Christ Episcopal Church
623 N Fifth St | Burlington | IA 52601 | Ph: (319) 752.2731 ext. 5155

Great Prairie Area Education Agency 
3601 West Ave | Burlington | IA 52601 | Ph: (319) 753.6561

Job Corps
1000 N Roosevelt Ave | Burlington | IA 52601 | Ph: (319) 753.6499

Prep sites around Burlington (cities by alphabet)

Carl Sandberg College 
305 Sandburg Dr | Carthage | IL 62321 | Ph: (217) 357.3129 (ext. 7246)

Eastern Iowa Community Coll.
1208 Colton Street | Columbus Junction | Iowa 52738 | Ph: (563) 288-6001

Iowa Workforce Development Center
933 Ave H | Fort Madison | IA 52627 | Ph: (319) 372.4412

Iowa Free GED Practice test

Southeastern Community College
1602 Ave F | Room 101 | Fort Madison |IA 52627 | Ph: (319) 376.2246

Iowa City Career Center
1700 S First Avenue | Iowa City | Iowa 52240 | Ph: (319) 351-1035
For all Iowa City area prep sites click here

Keokuk Career Center HiSET Instruction
106 Washington St | Keokuk | Iowa 52632 | Ph (319) 524-3221
See more Keokuk options here

Spoon River Coll. HSE Classes
208 South Johnson St | Macomb | Illinois 61455 | Ph (309) 833-6017
See more Macomb area prep sites here

Southeastern Community College HiSET Instruction 
200 N Main St | Mount Pleasant | IA 52641 | Ph: (319) 752.2731

Ottumwa Community Ed.Ctr.
15260 Truman Street (Ste 2) | Ottumwa | IA 52501 | Ph: (641) 683-5189
See all Ottumwa prep locations here

Southeastern Community College HSE Program
1500 W Agency Rd | West Burlington | IA 52655 | Ph: (319) 208.5312

Iowa Free Online GED Classes

Burlington area testing centers

Southeastern Community College
1500 West Agency Road | West Burlington | Iowa 52655 | Ph: (319) 208-5312

Carl Sandburg College
2400 T.L. Wilson Boulevard | Galesburg | Illinois 61401 | Ph (309) 341-5323

Southeastern Comm. Coll.
200 North Main Street | Mount Pleasant | Iowa 52641 | Ph (319) 752-2731

Indian Hills Community College
603 Indian Hills Drive | Ottumwa | Iowa 52501 | Phone: (641) 683-5111

GED/HiSET Essay Topics and Sample

Who can take the HiSET exam?

The High School Equivalency Testing Program is for people who did not finish high school and want to obtain a similar diploma. The certificate that you will be awarded when you complete the Iowa HiSET exam is nationally recognized and accepted as equivalent to a normal high school diploma by state and federal authorities, employers, and academic institutions. So why don’t you try to reach your ideals by taking on the new HiSET exam? Check out GED (HiSET) testing in IOWA for qualification requirements.

If you come across a website that tells you that the HiSET or GED exam can be done online, you can be sure this is fraudulent. Online-obtained documents have no worth whatsoever and will for sure not be accepted by schools or employers. Please don’t waste your money. Check also the totally free practice tests and video for your GED/HiSET test that are available on this website. Like the GED test, the HiSET is NOT offered over the Internet. You must appear in person at one of Iowa’s official testing centers to take the HiSET exam. The five HiSET tests can be taken individually.

The importance of the diploma

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to have a shining career or want to go to college, acquiring the HSE (high school equivalency) diploma is crucial. The GED exam is very expensive and offered only on a computer. So Iowa offers an affordable alternative instead of the GED exam, a program that offers more choices, the HiSET exam developed by ETS. The HiSET program provides you with more options to be successful at the HSE exam.

Preparation is crucial

Prepare well so you can succeed on your test day. The HiSET system is very flexible. The exam can be taken in various formats and languages. The HiSET is offered both in a computer format and in paper-based version. The HiSET exam is less expensive than the GED exam, and when you purchase all five tests you will have two retests at no charge. If you pass the HiSET examination, you will be the owner of the state-issued HSE credential that allows you to boost your career or continue your academic education in college or university.

Tuition-free colleges

By the time you’ve earned the Iowa HSE credential by passing the HiSET, you may think about going to college. Now, this may come at a hefty price, but there some colleges that make it financially easier on you. These colleges may not be right around your corner, but maybe you have some relatives that live around one of the listed schools, or you may find some other solution to deal with distances.

So, as you know, college is expensive, but you can actually go for free if you want to, believe or not. Going to college for free does require a lot of planning and effort on your part, yet it will be rewarding knowing that you have zero debt. You should make sure you have some kind of source of income, for example, get involved in educational activities.

But even having some income everyone welcomes the opportunity to go to college for free, so here are tips on how to get tuition-free colleges. There are a number of colleges all over the country that are officially tuition-free.  This means that all of their students will receive scholarships or grants to cover the cost of attending the institution, but they may still have to pay for their living expenses.

Berea College – This is a small liberal arts college located in Kentucky and they automatically offer all admitted students full scholarships that cover their tuition and fees for four years. The institution also helps some students pay for room and board by providing work-study programs.

Webb Institute – Webb Institute is a small undergraduate institution in Glen Cove, New York that offers students a solid education in engineering and naval architecture.  They offer all students full scholarships to cover their tuition for all four years, but students will be responsible for room and board.

Curtis Institute of Music – This is one of the best music conservatories in the country (Philadelphia) and they provide full scholarships to all of their students, whether they are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs.

Cooper Union College – One of the most prominent institutions in the city of New York, it gives all students full scholarships and the choice to major in fine arts, architecture, or engineering.

Would you like to work in Retail?

Everybody knows just how much of a difference the retail staff can have on your shopping experience. If you are assisted by someone attentive and helpful, your image of the shop as a whole will invariably rise. If you have a bad experience, however, you are highly likely never to return again. It’s little surprise, then, that with so much at stake, shop bosses will want to ensure that they have filled their retail jobs with the best possible staff around.

So what, then, makes a good retail worker and are you cut out for the job?

  • Be friendly!

First and foremost, the staff in a shop have to be friendly. If you stand around looking surly and unhelpful, people will be reluctant to approach you. This could mean they put their potential purchases down and head to another shop on the high street. Being friendly, affable and approachable means that people will feel more at ease coming to speak to you; therefore more likely to part with their cash too.

  • Look after your appearance

When working in a shop, you are the physical embodiment of what it stands for and how it wants to appear to the general public. If you are wearing creased, dirty or smelly clothes, you are giving over that image not just of yourself but also of the store, making it appear to be a shoddy place in which to spend money.

  • Be a people-person

Interaction is what makes those in retail really love their jobs, as it allows them to talk with members of the general public all day. Embrace this and have a chat with those you come across. Whilst you will have a job to do, conversing with your customers while you do it is a great way of building up a client-customer relationship and they will often come back, sometimes even just to see you again. So while jobs in retail may seem commonplace, people who do it well are not and managers will do all they can to find those who do it well; making them permanent members of the team.

Working in Telesales

Being a part of a telesales team is a rewarding and challenging experience. You and your colleagues are the front line of service for a company and will learn many valuable skills whilst working in telesales. These skills are transferable and will carry from one position to the next. To many, telesales jobs are a rite of passage on the career ladder. On day one it can be pretty scary. Whether it’s a small or large company, you are the front line of the business operations and the pressure may feel great first.

A corporate induction into the business is a great way for you to settle in and understand your role and value within the company. It’s also the first stepping stone in being able to contribute to the workplace, by learning the goals of your employer.

Through day-to-day training material and industry publications and emails, you will understand and strive to learn about the latest business developments – something which is respected by any employer. As well as a job description of your day-to-day tasks, your technical training will include software training. It is likely that you will never have used the custom software presented to you, but this grants an ideal opportunity to learn new computing systems that may be used in your next occupation.

Customer Relationship Management software is effectively a database of clients and their relationships to one another that includes their service or product history and contact details. This kind of software is popular within all industries.

Your writing and keyboard skills should also improve daily. Being able to make notes or take down information quickly but accurately is an extremely important part of the job. You will gain confidence by talking to a range of people from all positions and backgrounds.

You will be familiar with laws governing the telesales workplace like the Data Protection Act 1998, which respects the rights of privacy of the customers. All businesses are governed by this law, alongside others such as health and safety and personnel laws. Having an understanding of the law in the workplace always remains relevant.

The telephone skills that you acquire will be second to none. The ability to extract or explain information to a customer in a courteous, controlled and measured manner should stay with you for life. And multitasking is an invaluable skill; talking and typing simultaneously is quickly gained through practice and routine.

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