Language Arts Test Set 2

Learn how to pass the GED® test by answering these Language Arts practice questions.

Answer all of the questions.

Do not leave any questions unanswered.

1. Choose the correct abbreviation.

I have had great teachers before, but ....... Dudley is the best

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2. How is the tense of a verb shown?

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3. Use the context clues to determine when this story takes place.

Today, Facebook announced new features and tools for Facebook Fundraisers that are aimed at helping fundraiser creators and donors make an even greater impact.
Every day, people start Facebook Fundraisers to support the causes that matter to them.


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4. Some states have very similar abbreviations. Choose the correct abbreviation of this state:


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5. Choose the conjunction that best completes this sentence.

I will not finish my peas ____________ you finish your carrots.

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6. Read this paragraph and answer the inference question that follows.

Nicole came out of the elevator in her apartment building. She ran to the curb and held up her arm to hail a taxi. When she hopped in, she said, “Please take me to 345 45th Street.”

You can infer that...


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7. Correct the sentence below by adding only one comma.

We got encouragement from everyone but our parents helped us most of all.

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8. Choose the correct word to fill this blank space.

Emma said she didn't need ..... of those ingredients to make cupcakes.

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9. Use the context clues to determine where Anne lives.

Anne used to live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before she became an ex-pat. Here is her story.

My husband first came here for work in November 2016. His company bought a Danish company and needed assistance with the integration. It was supposed to be a 2-week trip that became three and gave me a chance to come over and visit Copenhagen myself.
By the time he came from the extended trip, we were offered an ex-pat assignment for 6-9 months with the understanding that it could turn into 2-3 years - we said YES and jumped right in.

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10. Choose the correct idiom to complete each sentence.

Kristen was coughing and sneezing. She was feeling...

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GED Test Prep Tips

Taking practice tests is very important because they indicate what your knowledge gaps are. Research has shown that students who take frequent practice tests get higher scores on the actual test.

There’s no problem if you take these practice tests time and again until you understand the matter perfectly well.

Recent graduates have some good advice for you: don’t try to learn for all of the subtests at once.

You can take these subject tests one at a time. So prepare for one subject area, take that test, and move on to the next subject field.

When preparing for the test, the most common slipup is forgetting to block some time for learning.

Postponement and pretexts are your biggest enemies. Please adopt a learning schedule and stick to it.

The second common mistake that leads to failing the actual test is the fact that students spend too much time on one question and end up not making it through the whole test.


Last Updated on April 18, 2021.

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