GED Classes Fremont, California

In this post, you can find all GED® prep classes and testing sites in the Fremont area.

The state of California has welcomed the GED test for its HSE (high school equivalency) testing program.

Additionally, California embraced two alternative tests, the HiSET and TASC exams for this purpose.

The HSE program is for individuals who never finished high school and provides one more chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED, TASC, and HiSET exams measure knowledge in basic subjects at a level that high school students must command upon graduation.

The GED is fully computer-based and comes with four subtests (modules) that need to be completed within two years. (Only the GED!!)

The GED subtests are in Math, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies.

The TASC and HiSET are offered in both paper-based and computer-formatted versions and have five subtests that are not modular.

The HiSET and TASC exams come with two separate Literacy tests, one in writing and one in reading.

Not all testing sites administer all three tests so get properly informed!

Fremont GED prep sites

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GED Requirements in California

Alameda County Library Adult Literacy
2450 Stevenson Blvd | Fremont | CA 94538 | Phone: (510) 745-1484

Fremont Adult and Continuing Education (FACE)
4700 Calaveras Ave | Fremont | CA 94538 | Phone: (510) 793-6469
Over the past decades, numerous adults from the Fremont area have benefited from the school’s Adult Education programs. The school offers courses to enhance basic English, classes get ready for the HSE exam and provides education for those who want a career change.

Huntington Learning Center Fremont
38487 Fremont Blvd | Suite 221 | Fremont | CA 94536 | Phone: (510) 745-0700

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Locations around Fremont

California GED Study Guide

S. Hayward Parish
27287 Patrick Ave | Hayward | CA 94544 | Phone: (510) 785-3663
For all Hayward area GED preparation classes visit Hayward area GED Classes

Sequoia District Adult School
3247  Middlefield Rd | Menlo Park | California 94025 | Phone:  (650) 306-8866

County of Santa Clara “Vision Literacy” *)
 540 – Valley Way | Milpitas | California 95035 | Ph: 408.262.1349

Milpitas Adult Education
1331 E Calaveras Blvd | Milpitas | California 95035 | Ph: 408.957.5487

Newark Adult Education
35753 Cedar Boulevard | Newark | CA 94560 | Ph: 510.818.3700

The Salvation Army
36700 Newark Boulevard | Newark | CA 94560 | Ph: 510.793.6319

Palo Alto Adult Education
50 Embarcadero Road | Palo Alto | CA 94301 | Ph: 650.329.3752

Amador Valley | Ad. & Comm. Education | GED Program
215 Abbie St | Pleasanton | CA 94556 | Ph: 925.426.4280

Campbell Adult Education Center
1224 Del Mar Ave | San Jose | California 95128 | Ph: 408.626.3402
See all San Jose area GED prep locations at San Jose GED Classes

New Haven Ad. School
600 G St | Union City | CA 94587 | Phone: 510.489.2185

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GED California Practice Test

Fremont area GED testing centers

Fremont Adult Education GED Testing
4700 Calaveras Ave | Fremont | California 94538 | Phone: 510.793.6465

Milpitas Adult Education GED Testing
1331 E Calaveras Blvd | Milpitas | California 95035 | Phone: 408.957.5487

Amador Valley Ad. School | GED testing center
215 Abbie St | Pleasanton | CA 94556 | Ph: 925.426.4280

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Can you join the army with a GED?

GED cost

In California, the GED program is open to adult learners 18 and older. When you are 16 or 17, you may qualify, but there are strict regulations. You must be officially withdrawn from school requirements, and you must have parental consent, so contact a GED center near you.

The GED exam price tag is $140 for the entire battery, but you can take (and pay for) 1 test at the time when you are ready ($35). HiSET and TASC are cheaper. You must be a California resident, you must not have a secondary degree, and not be registered for any other school program.

Adjusted GED scoring

The required minimum score per GED test was in early 2016 adjusted to 145 (down from 150 on a 100-200 scale). HiSET and TASC have different scoring systems. Please note that online testing is NOT possible. You must come to a state-designated testing site.

Online GED testing?

Although the totally revised GED program is now digital, there is NO internet option to sit for the four tests. You are, just like before, required to make your appearance at one of California’s many GED testing sites.

This also applies to the two alternative assessments (HiSET and TASC). You can find plenty of good online GED prep programs, and in some cases, online learning is a blessing (for those in rural or remote regions, or very busy individuals). Check out these GED video lessons and practice tests, a great help to get all set for the real thing.

*) Vision Literacy

Vision Literacy offers ESL (English as a Second Language) classes at various locations. Completing these classes will allow participants to sign up for GED preparation classes so they can get better employment with decent earnings, or continue their education at a university or college.

Vision Literacy, for example, has partnered with the City of Sunnyvale, and expanded its great ESL tutoring model to the Sunnyvale area and offers a new class held at Columbia Middle School. The Sunnyvale class is very popular, and new students sign up every week. Applicants are first assessed so they can join an appropriate level group. Here they work on improving their literacy competencies such as speaking, reading, and writing.

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