GED Classes Berkeley, California

This article includes a full listing of GED® prep class locations and testing centers in the Berkeley, California, area.

At these sites, there is help available to get you properly prepared to deal with the GED® test effectively. If you wish to learn if you qualify for the HSE (high school equivalency) program, check out this page: GED program in California.

Four GED tests

The latest edition of the GED exam is fully computerized and has four independent subject tests (or modules) in the academic content areas of Science, Social Studies, Math, and Literacy. If you want to read all about the changes to the GED passing score that was brought down five points to 145 in March 2016) go to this GED News post.

Three HSE test options

California residents can also take two alternative HSE exams, the HiSET and TASC, but you need to check with a testing facility near you to see which of the three tests (or all) they administer. Check as well this website’s free practice tests towards the HSE exam.

GED Requirements in California

Berkeley GED prep sites

Berkeley Adult School
1701 San Pablo Ave – Berkeley – CA 94702 – Ph: (510) 644.6130

The Salvation Army
1535 University Ave – Berkeley – CA 94703 – Ph: (510) 549.3098

Inter-City Employment Services GED Classes
3269 Adeline St – Berkeley – CA 94703 – Ph: (510) 655.3552

Berkeley Adult School
1222 University Ave – Berkeley – CA 94702 – Ph: (510) 644.6130

Multicultural Institute
1920 Seventh St – Berkeley – CA 94710 – Ph: (510) 818.4075

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GED Requirements in California

Locations around Berkeley (cities in alphabetic order)

Albany Adult School 
601 San Gabriel Ave – Albany – CA 94706 – Ph: (510) 559.6580

Next Step Education Center GED Classes
2222 Curtis St – Oakland – CA 94607 – Ph: (510) 251.1731
All Oakland options can be found here

W. Contra Costa Adult Basic Education
6028 Ralston Ave – Richmond – CA 94805 – Ph: (510) 215.4666
Check out all Richmond locations here

City College of S. Francisco HSE Instruction 
1125 Valencia St – San Francisco – CA 94110 – Ph: (415) 920.6000
Mission Campus – Spanish GED Classes. See more San Francisco prep sites here.

GED Requirements in California

Berkeley area testing sites

Berkeley HSE testing
1701 S. Pablo Ave – Berkeley – CA 94702 – Ph: (510) 644.6130

Dewey High HSE testing
1111 2nd Ave – Oakland – CA 94606 – Ph: (510) 879.8131

W. Contra Costa Adult School HSE testing
6028 Ralston Ave – Richmond – CA 94805 – Ph: (510) 215.4666

No online HSE testing

All three HSE tests are NOT offered online. You must come to a state-designated testing center if you want to obtain your high school equivalency diploma and take the test in person. Websites that radiate a different story are fraudulent and run by con artists who just try to steal your hard-earned money. There is simply NO GED testing via the internet.

GED alternatives HiSET and TASC

In January 2014, the state of California not only was excited to present the totally new GED program (entirely computer-formatted and including the four test subjects of Science, Social Studies, Math, and Literacy), the state also presented two alternative assessment systems to its residents to acquire the High School Equivalency Diploma: the HiSET and the TASC.

These alternative exams still have two literacy sections (reading and writing) and are offered in both computer- and paper versions. Furthermore, these two methods are cheaper than the new GED exam. Testing centers can decide by themselves which one (or more) of the three methods they are applying, so please check with a testing site near you!

The GED exam – what’s new

GED Testing Service, the owner of the GED program, came with a new GED exam in January 2014. The former version of the GED exam had expired in 2013. Students who had not completed the former version by December 2013 were required to start all over again, as former (partly) results could not be transferred to the new exam.

This was a big problem as more than a million adults had started but not fully completed the old GED exam version. Herein lies the reason that some states have passed legislation to change this policy. The nation cannot afford to have millions of adults miss out on the opportunity to pass the GED tests, which allows for a college education, academic training, and good employment. The new GED exam contains four separate tests that all need to be passed to earn a high school equivalent credential.

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