GED Classes Richmond, California

This page includes a full listing of GED® prep facilities and testing centers in the Richmond area.

California offers people looking to earn the high school equivalency (HSE) degree several options.

First, test takers can sit for the fully computerized GED exam. There are four GED subtests in Math, Literacy, Social Studies, and Science.

California also welcomed the TASC and HiSET exams. These alternatives can be taken both on paper and on a computer.

These exams come with individual reading and writing subtests, so five overall.

All three HSE testing options come with subtests that you can take independently.

The HSE test offers people who never graduated high school another option to secure an equivalent degree.

HSE testing happens at a level that is similar to what HS seniors must know upon graduation.

Richmond HSE prep facilities

  California GED Practice Test

Richmond Library (Literacy for Every Adult Program – LEAP)
325 Civic Center Place, Richmond, California 94804, Phone: (510) 307-8084

Alvarado Adult Education
5625 Sutter Street, Richmond, California 94804, Phone: (510) 559-2660 (ext. 236)

West Contra Costa Adult Education 
6028 Ralston Avenue, Richmond, California 94805, Phone: (510) 215-4666

The Multicultural Institute
3600 MacDonald Avenue, Richmond, California 94805, Phone: (510) 848-4075 (ext. 1)

West County Detention Facility
5555 Giant Highway, Richmond, California 94806, Phone: (510) 262-4340
Not open to the public

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  California Free GED Online Classes

Prep sites around Richmond (cities by alphabet)

Berkeley Adult Basic Education
1701 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, California 94702, Phone: (510) 644-6130

Oakland Adult Education
2607 Myrtle Street, Oakland, California 94607, Phone: (510) 879-3036
See more Oakland sites here

New Horizons Career Center
199 Parker Avenue, Rodeo, California 94572, Phone: (510) 799-2916

San Rafael Public Library (Marin Literacy Program)
1100 E Street, San Rafael, California 94901, Phone: (415) 485-3400

Can I join the army with a GED?

Richmond area HSE testing sites

W Contra Costa Adult School
6028 Ralston Avenue, Richmond, California 94805, Phone: (510) 215-4666

Berkeley Adult School
1701 S. Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, California 94702, Phone: (510) 644-6130

Acalanes Adult Education
1963 Tice Valley Boulevard, Walnut Creek, California 94595, Phone: (925) 280-3980

California GED Testing Requirements

GED – what’s new

Some years ago, the GED test has significantly changed. The GED exam is computer-based and consists of a series of 4 independent tests. The old pencil and darkening-the-circles format has been completely done away with. The GED (General Education Development) test is for people who, for whatever reason, never made it till the end in high school, and who wish to grab this second chance to get hold of a comparable diploma.

The certification that you are given when you have finished the California GED exam is acknowledged as equivalent to a regular high school diploma by state and federal institutions, recruiters and academic institutions all over the United States. There is no longer a need to take all four tests in one session. You now have the option to take one of the four tests when you feel sufficiently prepared, and also the five HiSET and TASC tests are offered independently.

The tests are for adults, 18 and over, who left high school prematurely, and successful applicants will receive the California High School Equivalency Certificate. Practically all employers and colleges and universities accept GED graduates in the same way they accept high school graduates.

Is the GED, HiSET, or TASC offered online?

No, despite all contemporary revolutionary technical developments you still need to come to a state-approved testing site, the GED, TASC, or HiSET exam is just not available online. Internet sites that claim something else are fraudulent, and their ‘diplomas’ are not worth the paper they are printed on, so be warned. On taking the exam at a designated test site, you must bring a valid photo-ID such as DMV driver’s license or DMV ID card, Tribal ID card, Military ID card, or Passport. Research indicates that GED test takers have a better chance to pass the exam if they have become well-prepared.

GED preparation

Some students prepare by attending classes, by studying from GED prep books or online materials. Other applicants feel they only need to brush up on some subject fields. Either way, get well prepared. Online preparation courses are a great help for students living in remote areas and also for those applicants who don’t have the time to attend classroom setting to prepare for the GED exam.

Education is a Treasure

Education, as the old age said, is the only treasure no one can get from you. Yes, it is certainly true, because education will help you settle for a good job ahead. Though it would not practically give you all the things you want in life, at least it would not let you down to the fullest. It is your bludgeon towards success. Becoming rich and famous is a better chance when you have diplomas within your reach.

As we all know, people who became Presidents of their own country have earned a lot of learning and education during their previous days. Businessmen also became rich and famous because they applied their learning from school in their real life. Though some did not reach the peak of their strategy, at least most of the educated people are bound to having a good job with them.

What else can education give you? Well, there are many older degree holders who are more mature and when talking about politics or some other debate, they are professional to butt in, they know how to control their temper when they are angry and they know better what is correct and not in every circumstance they may be facing.

The attitude they have is a good factor for businesses looking for professionals. When you are involved in a big business firm and well educated, you are also well respected with the people around you. No one will dare to brag you since you have things you can also boast off. You see earning education gives big benefit for you.

We might admittedly find out that involving in education is quite boring and sometimes a boredom from us because of its hard projects aside from the expensive tuition fees. These things currently will be the hindrances why some feel lazy in continuing school. They hate the daily discussions and the assignments plus they think of the long-long years to finish it.

Due to these factors, they tend to quit school and preferred to work in some fast food chains or to whatever vacant positions that suit their capability. Since they find that they can grab salaries out in their needs. Without thinking that they can have a better job ahead after schooling, it would be a great feeling and worth the while thinking of wearing your graduation gowns and holding your diploma upon graduation, education is a better stepping stone to success.

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