GED Classes Amarillo, Texas

This post contains an overview of GED® class locations and testing sites in the Amarillo region.

Texas uses three options for high school equivalency (HSE) testing, the GED, TASC, and HiSET exams.

HSE testing gives people who did not graduate high school the opportunity to obtain an equivalent degree.

The GED test contains four independent modules (subtests) in Social Studies, Math, Science, and Literacy that must be completed within two years.

TASC and HiSET have separate tests in Literacy writing and Literacy reading, so five in total, that can be taken individually as well.

TASC and HiSET offer both on-paper and on-computer testing while the GED is offered exclusively in a computer-based format.

Online HSE testing is not possible. You need to show up at an official Texas HSE test center and sit for the test in person.

Amarillo GED prep classes (by ZIP)

Texas Free GED Practice Test

Job Corp
1206 W 7th Street, Amarillo, TX 79101, Ph: 806-372-5521 x 1665

First Baptist Church
1208 S Tyler, Amarillo, TX 97101, Ph: 806-351-1554

Region 16 (Amarillo GED Academy)
1601 S Cleveland, Amarillo, TX 79102, Ph: 806-677-5284

San Jacinto Elementary (No Limits-No Excuses HSE program)
3400 West 4th Avenue, Amarillo, TX 79106, Ph: 806-326-5217

Faith City Mission
1111 N Buchanan Street, Amarillo, TX 97107, Ph: 806-677-5280

Amarillo College (Community Link Outreach Program)
2412 N Grand Street, Amarillo, TX 79107, Ph: 806-371-5425

TDJC J William P. Clements Unit
9601 Spur 591, Amarillo, TX 79107, Ph: 806-381-7080
Not open to the public

Amarillo College HEP (High School Equivalency Program)
2201 S Washington Street, Amarillo, TX 79109, Ph: 806-371-5425/5958

Region 16 (Education Service Center)
5800 Bell Street, Amarillo, TX 79109, Phone: 806-677-5000

Clarendon College-Amarillo
3211 SW 26th Avenue, Amarillo, TX 79109, Phone: 806-322-7871

Amarillo College-East Campus (HEP Program) *)
2000 E Avenue, Amarillo, TX 79111, Ph: 806-335-4355

Potter County Detention Center
13100 NE 29th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79111, Ph: 806-335-4100
This program is not available to the public

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Texas Free GED Online Classes

Locations around Amarillo (cities by alphabet)

Frank Phillips College (Adult Education Program)
1301 W Roosevelt Street, Borger, TX 79008, Ph: 806-457-4200 x 751

Midway Alternative High school
3301 N 23rd Street, Canyon, TX 79015, Ph: 806-677-2600

Panhandle Community Services
1309 8th Avenue, Canyon, TX 79015, Ph: 806-342-6191

Clarendon College (Childress)
1902 Avenue G NW, Suite 1, Childress, TX 79201, Ph: 940-937-2001

Clarendon College
1122 College Drive, Clarendon, TX 79226, Ph: 806-874-3571

Clayton Library (Mesalands Community College)
17 Chestnut St, Clayton, New Mexico 88415, Ph: 575 . 461 . 4413

Clovis Community College
417 Schepps Boulevard, Clovis, NM 88101, Ph: 575-769-4095

New Mexico Literacy Coalition
417 Schepps Boulevard, Clovis, NM 88101, Ph: 575-769-4094

Lincoln/Jackson Family Ctr (Family Literacy Program)
206 Alphon Street, Clovis, NM 88101, Ph: 575-796-4460

South Plains Community Action
224 S Berkshire Avenue, Crosbyton, TX 79322, Ph: 806-281-5753

Frank Phillips College-Dalhart
320 Denver Avenue, Dalhart, TX 79022, Ph: 806-244-7669

Amarillo College-Moore County
1220 E 1st Street, Dumas, TX 79029, Ph: 806-371-5425/5958

Heart for the Harvest
401 Binkley Avenue, Dumas, TX 79029, Ph: 805-935-7200

Redeemer Literacy Center
1304 Virginia Avenue, Friona, TX 79035, Ph: 806-250-3288

Guymon Adult Education Program-Academy North Building
712 N Academy Street, Guymon, OK 73942, Ph: 580-338-4340
You can find all Guymon area options here

Mission Hale Center
312 W Cleveland Avenue, Hale Center, TX 79041, Ph: 806-839-1288

Amarillo College Hereford
1115 W 15th Street, Hereford, TX 79045, Ph: 806-371-5425

Deaf Smith Library (Amarillo College)
211 E 4th Street, Hereford, TX 79045, Ph: 806-364-2766

Seward County Comm. Coll. (Colvin Adult Learning Center)
930 N Kansas Avenue, Liberal, KS 67901, Ph: 620.417.1310
Check out this page with more Liberal area options

Literacy Lubbock HSE Program (Mahon Library)
1306 9th St, Lubbock, Texas 79401, Phone: 806.775.3636
Find all Lubbock area GED prep locations here: Lubbock GED Prep sites

Lovett Memorial Library (Region 16 Adult Education)
302 N Main Street, McLean, TX 79057, Ph: 806-677-5281

Pampa ISD
321 W Albert Street, Pampa, TX 79065, Ph: 806-669-4700 x 13

Clarendon College-Pampa
1601 W Kentucky Avenue, Pampa, TX 79065, Ph: 806-665-8801

Plainview Adult Learning Ctr (Amarillo College HEP Program)
1407 W 5th Street, Plainview, TX 79072, Ph: 806-296-5459
For all Plainview options, click here

Roosevelt County Literacy Council
218 S Avenue B, Portales, NM 88130, Ph: 575-356-8500

Mesalands Community College
911 S Tenth Street, Tucumcari, NM 88401, Ph: 575-461-4413 (ext. 124)
GED classes are held on Mondays – Thursdays from 10 a.m. to Noon

Tulia Correctional Transfer Facility HSE Program
4000 Highway 86 West, Tulia, TX 79088, Ph: 806-995-4109
Not available to the public

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Can I join the army with a GED?

Amarillo area GED testing centers

Amarillo College
2201 S Washington Street – Amarillo, TX 97109, Ph: 806-371-5445

Amarillo North Heights
607 N Hughes Street – Amarillo, TX 79107, Ph: 806326-2850

Frank Phillips College
1301 W Roosevelt Street, Borger, TX 79008, Ph: 806-457-4200

Clarendon College
1122 College Drive – Clarendon, TX 79226, Ph: 806-874-3571

Amarillo College Moore County
1220 E 1st Street – Dumas, TX 79029, Ph: 806-371-5445

Hereford ISD
601 N 25 Mile Avenue – Hereford, TX 79045, Ph: 806-363-7600

Clarendon College Pampa
1601 W Kentucky Avenue, Pampa, TX 79065, Ph: 806-665-8801

Mesalands Community College
911 S 10th Street, Tucumcari, NM 88401, Ph: 575-461-4413

GED Requirements in Texas

Who is the HSE for?

The HSE )high school equivalency) program is intended for people who never finished high school, and the diploma or certificate that you will obtain after completing the Texas HSE exam is generally accepted as equivalent to a high school diploma and is nationwide recognized by employers and universities. The Texas HSE credential is accepted just like a regular HS diploma by practically all U.S. employers and institutions of higher learning.

The GED (General Education Development), TASC, and HiSET tests contain basic subject areas that high school students are expected to command upon graduation, and Texas HSE classes review writing, reading, social studies, math, and science. The GED exam allows you to take one of the four tests when you are sufficiently prepared. Pass that section, and move on to the next subject field. From the moment you take your first test, you’ll have a 2-year time frame to complete the rest from the time of your initial registration. The HiSET and TASC subtests may, if wished, also be done separately.

GED online prep courses

There are many online schools and campus-based colleges that now offer HSE courses online. When you are choosing the ideal one, check and find out whether they offer the course on a fixed or have a flexible schedule. Some classes require you to be online at set times of the day or evening while others are more flexible. You may also be fascinated by the free practice tests that are offered on this website.

The HSE exam

The HSE program is meant to help men and women who don’t have a high school diploma obtain a comparable degree. The certificate that is handed out when someone passes the Texas HSE diploma is recognized as an equivalency of a high school diploma and accepted by nearly all government agencies, employers, and universities in the United States.

Check out this to see if you qualify: HSE testing in Texas and take also a look at his page that has links to all US HSE prep facilities. There is NO online HSE testing option. You are required to appear in person at an official Texas HSE testing site.

Two years after the introduction of the latest GED test edition, the passing score was lowered from 150 to 145. You can read all about this decision in this GED Passing Score News post. HiSET and TASC are scored in their own way and can be done on-paper and on-computer while the GED is fully computerized.

GED registration

Go to to find all sorts of useful information and registering and scheduling can all be done here online. Create your account at MyGED for registration and scheduling your test appointments. With the GED program, you have the liberty to schedule (and pay) one test whenever you think you are all set for that part. Your scores stand for two years. MyGED gives you, additionally, a ton of information about career possibilities, education options at colleges and universities, and so much more.

Is the HSE exam offered online?

No, the HSE exam is NOT available via the internet. You still will have to go to a state-accredited HSE testing site and take the tests in person. Websites offering the HSE exam or the diploma online are false.

*) Amarillo College’s HEP Program

The High School Equivalency Program (HEP) is intended for migrant and seasonal agricultural workers who want to improve their English and academic skills and knowledge. It is an education program developed for the specific needs of these migrant workers who are interested in earning their GED diploma.

It is the intent of Amarillo College’s HEP course to support these students in their preparation for the GED exam so they will acquire the GED diploma, the equivalency to a regular high school diploma. The GED credential is the ticket for higher education and a ‘must’ for better employment.

The school has qualified and dedicated teachers who will guide the students towards successful completion of the 4 tests on Science, Math, Social Studies, and Literacy. Amarillo College’s HEP program will be providing assistance for placement of its graduates in colleges, universities, vocational institutions, the military, and so on.

The High School Equivalency Program has been made possible through funds awarded by the US Education Department, and all classes and study materials are offered at no cost to qualifying students.

Want to be an Air Traffic Controler?

Your GED diploma is your ticket to a fine college education. For highly-skilled and motivated students, there are some challenging options. To become an Air Traffic Controller you need to be a super organized person.

To be employed by the FAA, air traffic controllers who do not have prior experience must begin their careers before they reach their 31st birthday. Private air traffic controllers must hold an appropriate medical certificate. Air traffic controllers may have to undergo background checks and drug screenings.

Air Traffic Controller Salary

  • Average Annual Salary: $122,930
  • Projected Lifetime Earnings: $5,115,450

Air Traffic Controller – Education

Students who want to become an air traffic controller must be U.S. citizens and hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or have sufficient relevant work experience, and of course, they are required to pass various medical and background checks. The work as an air traffic controller is highly stressful and demanding.

Applicants are required to complete the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative Program (AT-CTI). This two or four-year degree program is designed to get students ready to function well as air traffic controllers. The program includes courses that focus on subject areas that are essential in the world of aviation such as airspace, aviation weather, clearances, federal regulations, map-reading, and many more related topics.

Applicants will be tested through the ‘biographical assessment’ (a biodata test) to see if their response patterns make them the right ones for additional education to become air traffic controllers. Candidates who pass both the biographical assessment and the AT-SAT qualify to sign up for a highly intensive training program at the FAA Academy.

Candidates who hold only a high school or equivalent diploma may also become air traffic controllers, but the path will be long and hard. They require many years of related work experience in, for example, the function of a navigator, commercial pilot, or flight dispatcher, and work experience in the fields of other aviation topics, such as flight regulations or weather, may be helpful. Candidates with earlier air traffic control experience (for example in the military) are also eligible to apply for this position, and they are not required to take and pass the FAA pre-employment test.

Most air traffic controllers get educated and trained at the FAA’s Oklahoma City Academy, and the duration varies with the applicant’s earlier education and position. Candidates cannot be older than 31 years of age. After they graduate from the FAA Academy, students will be assigned to a certain air traffic control facility and work as ‘developmental controller’ until they will have completed the requirements to become a certified air traffic controller. Candidates with earlier air controller experience will probably need less time to get properly certified.

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