GED Classes Guymon, Oklahoma

Listed here are all GED® prep facilities and testing sites in the Guymon area.

Oklahoma offers multiple High School Equivalency (HSE) tests, the GED, the HiSET, and the TASC exams.

The HSE program offers adults who could not complete their HS curriculum the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

All three alternatives cover fundamental knowledge at a level that students have learned in four years of high school.

The GED is only available on a computer whereas the TASC and HiSET are offered in paper-based and a computer-based version.

The GED includes four separate subtests in the fields of literacy, math, science, and social studies.

The GED subtests (modules) can be taken individually, but the entire battery must be completed within two years.

The HiSET and TASC have five tests (reading and writing are individual tests) that can be taken independently as well.

Guymon GED prep sites

GED Requirements in Oklahoma

Guymon Adult Learning Center
801 North Beaver St – Guymon – Oklahoma 73942 – Ph: (580) 338.4360

Guymon Adult Education – Academy North Bldg. 
712 North Academy St – Guymon – Oklahoma 73942 – Ph: (580) 338.4340

Guymon Central Junior High 
712 North James St – Guymon – Oklahoma 73942 – Ph: (580) 338.4360

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Oklahoma GED Practice Test

Locations around Guymon (cities by alphabet)

Amarillo College Adult Education
2201 South Washington St – Amarillo – Texas 79109 – Ph: (806) 371.5958
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Frank Phillips College-Borger
1301 West Roosevelt St – Borger – Texas 79008 – Ph: (806) 457.4200

Frank Phillips College-Dalhart 
320 Denver Ave – Dalhart – Texas 79022 – Ph: (806) 244.7669

Amarillo College (Moore Co. Adult Education)
1220 E First St – Dumas – Texas 79029 – Ph: (806) 371.5958

Heart for the Harvest HSE Classes
401 Binkley Ave – Dumas – Texas 79029 – Ph: (805) 935.7200

Colvin Adult Education Center
930 North Kansas Ave – Liberal – Kansas 67901 – Ph: (620) 417.1310
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Pampa Adult Education
321 West Albert St – Pampa – Texas 79065 – Ph: (806) 669.4700 (ext. 13)

Clarendon College-Pampa
1601 West Kentucky Ave – Pampa – Texas 79065 – Ph: (806) 665.8801

Frank Phillips College-Allen Campus
2314 South Jefferson St – Perryton – Texas 79070 – Ph: (806) 648.1450

Free Oklahoma Online GED Classes

Guymon area testing centers 

Guymon Learning Center
801 North Beaver St – Guymon – Oklahoma 73942 – Ph: (580) 338.4360

Colvin Learning Center HSE testing
930 North Kansas Ave – Liberal – Kansas 67901 – Ph: (620) 417.1310

Amarillo North Heights HSE testing
607 North Hughes St – Amarillo – Texas 79107 – Ph: (806) 326.2850

Frank Phillips College-Borger
1301 West Roosevelt St – Borger – Texas 79008 – Ph: (806) 457.4200

Amarillo College-Dumas
1220 East First St – Dumas – Texas 79029 – Ph: (806) 371.5445

GED Essay Topics w/Example

Testing in person

It is not possible to sit for your HSE exam over the internet. There are simply no online options to do this. To get hold of your HSE (high school equivalency) diploma, you need to show up at one of Oklahoma’s official testing sites in person. Earning the HSE diploma opens doors of colleges and universities and will certainly lead to improved employment possibilities. For qualification regulations, check out the page GED testing in Oklahoma, and you may also want to see this page that links to all GED programs in America.

GED cost

The total fee for the all four GED tests is in Oklahoma $136.00 ($34 per test). The latest edition of the GED exam includes four separate tests in the subject fields of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Literacy.  If you miss your test date and did not cancel the appointment timely (24 hours or more in advance), the testing fee will be charged again when you re-schedule.

Every time you show up at a test facility, you must bring a government-issued, photo ID, and the Oklahoma GED exam is for adult 18 years and older. In case you are 16 or 17, you are required to submit an additional form (the release form for 16/17 year old’s) signed by an official from your school district and by a parent or guardian. The complete HiSET battery (5 tests) is $97.50. The fee includes 2 additional re-takes (per individual) sub-test for just $2.00 per re-take.

GED passing score

The GED exam includes a new scale (100 to 200 points) and you needed to reach the passing score of 150 points on each of the four test modules, but this was adjusted to 145 points because the standard appeared to have been set too high. Read all about it in this interesting GED scoring article. So now you must come to an overall score of no less than 580 points. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age and not signed up for a public school. 16 and 17-year-olds are required to have notarized parental consent and written permission from their school if they wish to attend class.

Want to be a Chef?

Getting into the field of gastronomy is a popular professional direction for many GED graduates. To become a Culinary Chef, you must have professional culinary training.

Being a chef can be physically demanding and sometimes dangerous. Chefs work with heat and sharp tools, and they spend most of their time on their feet working in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment. They also typically work long hours in the evening and on weekends and holidays.

Culinary Chef Salary

  • Average Annual Salary: $49,480
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,011,500

Chef – Education

The best way to put your self on track to become a professional chef is to be educated in the culinary arts. By attending a culinary school you will be able to learn different kitchen techniques, hygiene and sanitation need in the kitchen, as well as kitchen management.

Culinary school will expose you to different types of cuisines and preparation techniques that will allow you to become a successful chef. Don’t be just a cook, be the one who has mastered culinary art forms and provide creative input into the menu and presentations, become a top chef!

Culinary Schools Majors

Besides Chefs training culinary schools also provide majors in backing and pastry arts, professional cooking, kitchen management, and beverage management. Culinary schools will be able to help you find something that suits your interests.

Career Paths for a Culinary School Graduate

If the culinary arts are your passion and you just received your degree from culinary school there are many different career choices for you.

  • Executive Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Pastry Chef
  • Personal Chef
  • Research Chefs
  • Hotel and Resort Management
  • Restaurant and Food Service Management

Top Culinary Schools

  • French Culinary Institute of New York City
  • Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute
  • Kendall College
  • California Culinary Academy
  • Culinary Institute of America
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Texas Culinary Academy
  • New England Culinary Institute
  • Pennsylvania Culinary Institute
  • Culinary Institute at Hyde Park NY

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