GED Classes Waterloo, Iowa

Listed here is an overview of GED® (in Iowa: HiSET) prep classes and test sites in the Waterloo region.

Iowa uses the HiSET exam for the purpose of high school equivalency (HSE) testing.

HSE testing gives adults who never graduated high school the opportunity to earn an equivalent credential.

The HiSET is measuring basic knowledge at a similar level that is expected of high school students upon graduation.

The HiSET comes with five subtests on the fields of writing, reading, social studies, math, and science.

The HiSET exam can be taken on a computer or in a paper-and-pencil format.

Waterloo GED (HiSET) prep classes

Iowa HiSET Practice Test

Hawkeye Community College
844 W 4th St, Waterloo, Iowa 50702, Ph: (319) 234.5745

Iowa Workforce Development
3420 University Ave, Waterloo, Iowa 50701, Ph: (319) 235.2123

University of Northern Iowa Center for Urban Education
800 Sycamore Street, Waterloo, IA 50703, Ph (319) 273-4772

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Prep facilities around Waterloo (cities by alphabet)

Iowa HiSET Requirements

Northeast Iowa Community College
1625 Hwy 150 South, Calmar, IA 52132, Phone: (563) 562.3263

Cedar Rapids Career Ctr.
4444 1st Avenue NE (Suite 436), Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, Ph: (319) 365-9474 (x 31104)
You can find all Cedar Rapids-area options here

Elkader Library
130 N Main St, Elkader, IA 52043, Phone: (563) 245-1446

Iowa Central Community College
One Triton Circle, Ft. Dodge, Iowa 50501, Ph: (515) 574.1959
All Fort Dodge options are listed on this page

Hawkeye Community College-Independence 
2349 Jamestown Avenue, Independence, Iowa 50644, Ph: (319) 334.3131

Ellsworth Community College HiSET Program
1100 College Ave, Iowa Falls, Iowa 50126, Ph: (641) 648.4611

Manchester Regional Education Ctr
1200½ West Main St, Manchester, IA 52057, Ph: (563) 822-1016

United Methodist Church
413 East Butler St, Manchester, Iowa 52057, Ph: (563) 927.9279

Career Center Marshalltown
3405 S Center Street, Marshalltown, IA 50158, Ph: (641) 754-1400
Check out all Marshalltown prep sites here

North Iowa Area Comm. Coll.
500 College Drive, Mason City, IA 50401, Ph: (641) 422.4176
All Mason City locations are found in this post

Murphy Library Monona
111 North Page St, Monona, IA 52159, Phone: (563) 539-2356

New Hampton High School
710 West Main St, New Hampton, Iowa 50659, Ph: (888) 642.2338 (ext. 105)
HiSET classes are available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

New Hampton Holy Family Church
202 North Broadway, New Hampton, Iowa 50659 (use North entrance), Ph (888) 642-2338 (ext. 105)
These Spanish HiSET classes are offered: Monday & Thursday, from 5:30 – 7:45 p.m.

Regional Math & Science Academy-Oelwein Center
1400 Technology Drive, Oelwein, IA 50662, Ph: (888) 642-2338 (x 105)
HiSET instruction is offered on Tuesdays, from 2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. and from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Benton County Education Center (Kirkwood Comm. Coll.)
111 W 3rd Street, Vinton, Iowa 52349, Ph: (319) 472.2318

Hawkeye Community College
215 20th Street, Waverly, IA 50677, Ph: (319) 296-4288

West Union Library
210 N Vine Street, West Union, IA 52175, Phone: (563) 422.3103
HiSET classes are held: Tuesday & Thursday, 4:15 – 6:30 p.m.

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Free online HiSET prep classes

Waterloo area GED (HiSET) testing centers

Hawkeye Comm. Coll.
844 West 4th Street, Waterloo, IA 50702, Ph (319) 234-5745

Northeast Iowa Comm. Coll.
1625 Highway 150 South, Calmar, IA 52132, Phone: (563) 562.3263

Kirkwood Comm. Coll.
912 18th St, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404, P: (319) 366-0142

Northeast Iowa Comm. Coll.
700 Main Street, Dubuque, Iowa 52001, Ph: (563) 557.8271 (ext. 105)

Iowa Central Community College
1 Triton Circle – Fort Dodge, IA 50501, Ph: (515) 574-1959

Marshalltown Comm. Coll.
3702 S Center Street, Marshalltown IA 50158, Ph (641) 844.5780

GED Essay Samples


Iowa is not using the GED exam anymore for its HSE (High School Equivalency) testing program but switched to the alternative HiSET exam at the start of 2014. The GED exam is only offered in a computer-based format whereas the HiSET is available in both paper-based and computer-based versions, and the GED had become too expensive as well. The HSE diploma opens the road towards a college education and will surely lead to better job options.

Who qualifies for the HSE exam?

The High School Equivalency (HSE) exam is targeted towards persons who have not completed their high school education. The diploma that you get upon successfully completing the HiSET exam is equivalent to a standard high school diploma. The HSE diploma is all over America recognized by academic institutions and employers.

No online testing

Like the GED, the HiSET must be taken at a state-designated testing site. There is NO online testing possibility! Online obtained documents have no value at all and will be rejected by schools and employers. Please don’t fall into the trap of online con artists and don’t waste your money. For detailed information about the HiSET (former GED) test in Iowa (cost, prep options, eligibility criteria, scoring method, and so on) go to GED in Iowa.

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