GED Classes Visalia, California

This article lists HSE (High School Equivalency) prep facilities in Visalia and surroundings.

California decided to use all three available options for its high school equivalency (HSE) testing program.

The HSE program offers adults who quit high school prematurely the chance to earn an equivalent credential.

The three options are the computer-based GED and the TASC and HiSET that are offered both on-paper and on-computer.

The GED has four separate subtests (modules) that may be completed separately. The four tests are in Math, Social Studies, Science, and Literacy.

The HiSET and TASC are also modular and have five tests as the literacy part is split up into a writing and a reading test.

Online HSE testing is not an option. Testing is done at an official HSE testing site.

Visalia GED (HSE) prep sites

GED Requirements in California

Visalia Adult School
3110 E Houston Ave | Visalia | CA 93292 | Phone (559) 730-7646

Read To Succeed Adult Literacy program
417 N Locust St | Visalia | CA 93291 | Phone (559) 713-2745

College of the Sequoias
915 S Mooney Blvd | Visalia | CA 93277 | Phone (559) 737-4884

Proteus Inc.
224 NW 3rd Ave | Visalia | CA 93291 | Phone (559) 627-0100
Proteus is an experienced private non-profit agency that helps low-income residents and farm workers in Fresno, Tulare, Kern, Kings, and Los Angeles counties. The organization’s services include HSE education, job training, and employment-related programs.

Tulare County Library (LearningExpress Online Program) *)
200 W Oak Ave | Visalia | CA 93291 | Phone (559) 713-2700

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GED California GED Practice Tests

Locations around Visalia (cities by alphabet)

Reef-Sunset Adult Education
205 North Park Ave | Avenal | CA 93204 | Phone (559) 386-9083

Avenal State Correctional Facility HSE Program
1 Kings Way | Avenal | CA 93204 | Phone (559) 386-0587
Not available to the general public

Literacy Council of Kern County
331 18th St | Bakersfield | CA 93301 | Phone (661) 324-3213
For a full listing of Bakersfield area HSE programs go to Bakersfield GED Prep Sites

CDCR (Tulare Lake Adult Education)
900 Quebec Ave | Corcoran | CA 93212 | Phone (559) 992-7100

Corcoran Adult School (Kings Lake Education Center)
1128 Dairy Ave | Corcoran | CA 93212 | Phone (559) 992-8885
Corcoran Adult School offers a High School Diploma Program (not a GED program) for individuals 18 years old or older who did not complete high school.

Delano Adult Education
1811 Princeton St | Delano | CA 93215 | Phone (661) 725-4000

Dinuba Adult Education
1327 East El Monte Way | Dinuba | CA 93618 | Phone (559) 596-2066 / 595-7242

Exeter Adult Education
34 South E St | Exeter | CA 93221 | Phone (559) 592-9421

Exeter Union High School (Visalia Adult School)
505 Rocky Hill Dr | Exeter | CA 93221 | Phone (559) 730-7646

Farmersville Adult Education
281 South Farmersville Blvd | Farmersville | CA 93223 | Phone (559) 747-6205

Fresno Adult Education
2500 Stanislaus St | Fresno | CA 93721 | Phone (559) 457-6000 ext. 701
Check out all Fresno options right here

Hanford Adult School 
905 North Campus Dr | Hanford | CA 93230 | Phone (559) 583-5905

216 West 7th St | Hanford | CA 93230 | Phone (559) 582-9253

Kettleman City Family Resource Center
75 Fifth St | Kettleman City | CA 93239 | Phone (559) 386-1693

Kingsburg Alternative Education 
2311 Sierra St | Kingsburg | CA 93631 | Phone (559) 897-3880

West Hills College Adult Education 
555 College Ave | Lemoore | CA 93245 | Phone (559) 925-3392

Navy College (Lemoore Adult Education)
828 Hancock Circle | Naval Air Station | Lemoore | CA 93246 | Phone (559) 998-3857
(for active duty personnel and family members)

Lindsay Adult Education
519 E Honolulu St | Lindsay | CA 93247 | Phone (559) 562-5913

J.J. Cairns Adult High School
290 N Harvard Ave | Lindsay | CA 93247 | Phone (559) 562-5913

Cutler-Orosi Ad. School HSE Classes
12623 Ave 416 | Orosi | CA 93647 | Phone (559) 528-6949

Proteus Porterville
54 North Main St | Porterville | CA 93257 | Phone (559) 781-1852 ext. 102

Porterville Adult Education 
568 West Olive Ave | Porterville | CA 93257 | Phone (559) 782-7030

Tule River Study Center (Tule River Indian Reservation)
568 West Olive Ave | Porterville | CA 93257 | Phone: (559) 784-6135

Kings Canyon Adult Education
740 West North Ave | Reedley | CA 93654 | Phone (559) 637-1246

Tulare Adult School
575 West Maple Ave | Tulare | CA 93274 | Phone (559) 686-0225

Tulare Library
113 North F St | Tulare |CA 93274 | Phone (559) 685-8146

Central County One-Stop (Turning Point of Central California)
113 South M Street | Tulare | CA 93274 | Phone: (559) 687-8713

Woodlake Adult School
450 West Sequoia Ave | Woodlake | CA 93286 | Phone (559) 564-8716

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California Free Online GED Classes

Visalia area HSE testing centers

Visalia HSE testing
3110 East Houston Ave | Visalia | CA 93292 | Phone (559) 730-7655

Fresno HSE testing
2500 Stanislas St | Fresno | CA 93721 | Phone (559) 457-6000

CDCR – Tulare Lake Adult Education
900 Quebec Ave | Corcoran | CA 93212 | Phone (559) 992-7100

Delano HSE testing
1811 Princeton St | Delano | CA 93215 | Phone (661) 725-4000

Porterville HSE testing
568 West Olive Ave | Porterville | CA 93257 | Phone (559) 782-7030

Kings Canyon Adult School HSE testing
740 West North Ave | Reedley | CA 93654 | Phone (559) 637-1246

Tulare HSE testing
575 West Maple | Tulare | CA 93274 | Phone (559) 686-0225


HSE diploma Acceptance

The certificate that you’ll obtain when you have passed the California HSE exam, is recognized as the equivalency to a high school diploma all over the U.S. by governmental institutions, employers, and colleges. The GED exam measures fundamental subject areas that students learn in high school via four tests on the academic fields of math, science, literacy, and social studies. TASC and HiSET have five subtests and are scored differently. Testing centers decide which test(s) they are using, so get informed about your testing site!

The TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) and HiSET (short for High School Equivalency Test) are not only cheaper than the GED, but they are also offered both on paper and on a computer whereas the GED exam is only available in a computer-formatted version. The HSE diploma will certainly boost your employment options and is your ticket to higher education. Holders of a GED or high school diploma make, on average, some $9.000 more annually than people who don’t hold the degree.

*) The Tulare County Library offers online studying via the library’s LearningExpress program. This online resource provides test-preparation for a range of examinations, employment skills enhancement, career improvement study material. The program is created to help students be successful in academic and professional exams.

LearningExpress provides immediate test results, comes up with explanations, and also provides a personalized analysis of test results. One of the many programs LearningExpress offers is for high school students. The program offers tutorials and practice tests, and via eBooks, students can work on their command of literacy and math skills. The program allows them to prepare well for several admissions tests and they can study for advanced math subjects, such as algebra, geometry, quantitative comparison, and functions.

LearningExpress guides them through tutorials and practice tests in literacy subject such as writing, reading, and vocabulary. The subject areas of science, social studies, and analytical reasoning are addressed as well. LearningExpress also offers tutorials and practice tests for adults who never finished high school and who are working hard towards obtaining their HSE credential.

The program provides many practice sets including detailed explanations for the subject matter of the topics addressed in the GED exam: literacy, math, social studies, and science. HiSET and TASC have separate writing and reading subtests, so five in total.

The program offers all these great resources in both English and Spanish. To study, take practice tests, or download eBooks, you must log into LearningExpress with your email address and a password. Please remember your password, you need it to come back to Learning Express every time you want to study for your HSE diploma.

5 Things New Students Must Do Before Their First Day of College

The GED diploma gives you the chance to go to college. Some students go to their community college but there are students who sign up for a college far away. Now, what are some consequences? Making the move from being a former high school student living at home to becoming a college student living independently is a huge transition for incoming college freshman.

In addition to the usual tasks of applying, buying school supplies and packing, here are five tasks all new college students must do before they head off to college.

  1. Figure Out How They Will Pay For College

Too many college students simply assume that their parents will pay or that they can take out as many loans as they need until they eventually find a real job. This “deal with it later” mentality leaves students in a large amount of financial trouble after graduation. Students should develop a plan before the first day.

  1. Hang Out With High School Friends One Last Time

Despite everyone’s best intentions, high school friends usually grow apart after parting ways for separate colleges. One last party at the end of the summer gives everyone a chance to socialize one last time and say their goodbyes.

  1. Figure Out How You Will Get Around Town

Once their parents have dropped them off and returned home, college students will need a way to get around. They will either need a car and a map of the town, or they will need a bus schedule and map of bus stops. Either option is a good one.

  1. Start Studying Early

Unlike high school, failing college classes can be very costly. Smart students may want to brush up on their academics before they ever write their first college paper. Plus, students given the opportunity to test out of some classes will want to do their very best on these pre-college tests.

  1. Find a Place to Keep All Your Belongings

College dorm rooms are not known for being spacious. Students with large furniture or other belonging that take up a lot of space will need to find a place to keep their things. If their parents are not saving their rooms for them, they may want to look into using self-storage units  for their belongings

While students can simply show up on the first day of classes without preparing at all, the college experience will go much more smoothly for students who prepare. It is always worth the time it takes for students to take care of the small details ahead of time so they can make the most of their college experience.

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