GED Classes Spring Hill, Florida

In this article, we show you all GED® prep locations and test facilities in the Spring Hill area.

Florida is using the GED® exam for the state’s high school equivalency (HSE) testing program.

The HSE program offers adult who never finished high school the opportunity to acquire an equivalent degree.

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The GED includes four separate modules (subtests) in the academic fields of literacy, social studies, science, and math.

The four subtests can be taken one at a time but you must finish the entire GED battery in a two-year period of time.

Spring Hill GED prep locations

GED Requirements in Florida

Pasco-Hernando Community College-Spring Hill
450 Beverly Court – Spring Hill – FL 34606 – Phone: 352.340.4832

J. D. Floyd School of Environmental Science GED Classes
3139 Dumont Avenue – Spring Hill – Fl 34609 – Phone: 352.797.7055
Classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Free childcare is available for children ages 2-5

Nature Coast Technical High School GED Classes
4057 California Street – Spring Hill – Fl 34604 – Phone: 352.797.701
Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. Free child care is offered for children ages 4-10.

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Spring Hill Catapult Academy
8006 Spring Hill Drive – Spring Hill – FL 34606 – Phone: 352-835-3101

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Free Florida GED Practice Test

Prep sites around Spring Hill (cities by alphabet)

Citrus Country Libraries-Central Ridge Library (Pre-GED Classes)
425 W Roosevelt Blvd – Beverly Hills – FL 34465 – Phone: 352.765.4785

Pasco-Hernando Community College-North Campus 
11415 Ponce de Leon Blvd – Brooksville – FL 34601 – Phone: 352.797.5146

H.E.A.R.T. Literacy
801 N Broad Street – Brooksville – FL 34601 – Phone: 352.797.7018

Grace World Outreach Church GED Classes
20366 Cortez Blvd – Brooksville – FL 34601 – Phone: 352.796.3685

Brooksville Family Resource Center (Moton Elementary School)
7175 Emerson Rd – Brooksville – FL 34601 – Phone: 352-797-7065

Sumter County School District GED Instruction
2680 West County Rd 476 – Bushnell – FL 33513 – Phone: 352.793.2315

Crystal River High (Withlacoochee Tech)
1205 NE 8th Ave – Crystal River – FL 34428 – Ph: 352.726.2430 x 254

Coastal Region Library (Pre-GED)
8619 West Crystal St – Crystal River – Florida 34428 – Ph: 352.795.3716

Pasco-Hernando Community College-East Campus
36727 Blanton Road – Dade City – FL 33523 – Phone: 352.518.1223

Moore-Mickens Education Ctr
38301 MLK Boulevard – Dade City – FL 33525 – Phone: 352.524.9033

James Irving Education Center
35830 FL-52 – Dade City – FL 33525 – Ph: 352.524.5700

Floral City Library Pre-GED Instruction
8360 East Orange Ave – Floral City – FL 34436 – Ph: 352-726-3671

Homosassa Elementary School (Withlacoochee Technical College)
10935 W Yulee Drive – Homosassa – FL 34448 – Phone: 352.726.2430 ext. 254

Homosassa Public Library (Pre-GED)
4100 S Grandmarch Ave – Homosassa – FL 34446 – Phone: 352-628-5626

Withlacoochee Tech
1201 West Main St – Inverness – Florida 34450 – Ph: 352.726.2430 x. 4315

Lakes Region Public Library Pre-GED Instruction
1511 Druid Rd – Inverness – Florida 34452 – Ph: 352.726.2357

Pasco County School Board GED Instruction
7227 Land O’ Lakes Boulevard – Land O’Lakes – FL 34638 – Phone: 813.794.2204

Marchman Tech
7825 Campus Dr – New Port Richey – FL 34653 – Phone: 727.774.1700
More New Port Richey locations are listed in this post

Paxen Education Ctr
8730 State Rd 52 – Port Richey – FL 34667 – Phone: 727.641.8561

Free Florida GED Online Classes

Spring Hill area GED test centers

Hernando Co. School Board GED testing
4057 California Street – Brooksville – FL 34604 – Phone: 352.797.7291

Withlacoochee Tech
1201 W Main Street – Inverness – FL 34450 – Phone 352.726.2430

Hillsborough Co. School Board
2222 N Tampa Street – Tampa – FL 33602 – Phone: 813.276.5654

Learey Technical Center GED testing
5410 N 20th Street – Tampa – FL 33610 – Phone: 813.276.5654 x 250

How to sign up for the GED exam

Computer-based testing

The GED needed an overhaul to remain a credible alternative to a high school diploma and it won’t get any closer as the new testing system. Many multiple-choice questions have gone in favor of a greater concentration on critical thinking and essay-style answers. The most remarkable change, however, is that the GED exam is done entirely on a computer.

No longer do you need to prepare for everything at the same time. Your scores count for two years from the time of your initial registration. Online testing is NOT possible; you must come in person to a state-designated testing site.

Preparation is key

The GED tests are only available in a computer-based version, so basic keyboarding and computer skills are absolutely required. This is only natural because, in the contemporary workplace, these skills are also needed for virtually any position. The new exam is quite challenging so be sure to appear at a GED testing well prepared.

Is the GED exam offered online?

No, it is not. The GED exam cannot be done online. Stay away from fraudulent sites that say something else, you can take the GED exam only at GED testing facilities in person. Please be aware that there are a lot of fraudulent websites that offer the ” GED test” or “diploma” online, but the GED test is not offered online. These sites are false, only trying to steal your hard-earned money.

What’s changed?

The Florida GED (General Education Development) examination has been completely remodeled, and now is more in line with industry and education standards and demands, and is presented only in a computer-based model. Now, the GED corresponds better with the skills required by employers and prepares student more intensely for the job market and college education.

The exam is greener than before (saving hugely on paper) and has more benefits. Online registration is easier and test results are available right after the exam (instead of anxiously waiting for weeks). Mind you, applicants still will have to appear at a GED testing site to take the test in person.

Think about a career as a Paralegal?

If you obtain the GED diploma, every possible career will e open to you if you continue your education in college. To become a Paralegal, you must be able to effectively conduct research as well as evaluate and analyze law sources in order to apply theories and principles to issues and cases.

Many paralegals work full-time in private firms, government agencies or corporate legal offices. Those who work for larger firms or in larger cities tend to earn more than paralegals who work for small firms. The highest annual wages were found in the federal government, followed by finance and insurance, then local governments.

Paralegal Salary

  • Average Annual Salary: $51,500
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,140,000


A related associate’s degree or undergraduate degree is a prerequisite to pursuing a career as a paralegal. Completion of a paralegal course or work and internship experience in a legal setting prepares the aspiring paralegal for certification. Paralegal courses are offered in community colleges, higher education institutes, and accredited paralegal schools or training institutes. Topics like legal theory, introduction to the legal system, ethics and litigation are included in the curriculum.

The American Bar Association (ABA) has a list of approved paralegal schools and programs throughout the country. ABA-approved courses cover the essentials for paralegal certification and practice. After completion of core course requirements in a paralegal school, the student may pursue an internship to acquire practical experience.

Paralegals are employed by independent lawyers, corporate legal departments, government agencies, private law firms, and other legal organizations or entities to assist in different aspects of legal work. Although most of the tasks done by paralegals and lawyers are similar, paralegals and legal assistants are not allowed to practice as lawyers.

Paralegal – The Job

There are core tasks and responsibilities that are generally assigned to paralegals. These core tasks include legal research, investigation and analysis, and legal document preparation. In addition, they may be assigned to organize legal files and case documents and provide other types of administrative work.

Specific tasks may vary with the nature of the company or firm. Paralegals employed in a corporate setting may be assigned to work on business contracts, agreements, and other corporate legal documents. On the other hand, those who are working with private criminal law firms may be assigned to do legal case research and preparations for trials and hearings.

Paralegals working full-time for corporate legal departments, private law firms, and government organizations typically put in at least 40 hours during a week. However, their actual hours may vary with the amount of work needed at the time. Others are hired on a temporary or freelance basis to help ease the workload in the office.

Just like lawyers are paralegals often specialized in specific law types. They may be experts in corporate, criminal, family, or immigration law. Paralegals are also referred to as legal assistants, and their involvement in law cases is depending on the discretion of their employers.

Some paralegals work in situations where a high level of autonomy and responsibility is required, whereas others work in situations where their roles are limited and narrower. The highest respected paralegals mostly work in a team and are operating behind the scenes. Paralegals can be found in various positions. They mostly work at law firms or are employed by government bodies, or at corporations at their legal departments.

Paralegal – Career Outlook

The demand for paralegal professionals and legal assistants is projected to increase over the next decade. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) made this projection on the basis of the anticipated increase in demands for legal services as the population continues to grow. In addition, the legal profession has expanded its focus areas to include emerging specializations like intellectual property, environmental, healthcare, and other areas. These highly specialized areas require paralegals and legal assistants with sufficient training and experience.

The BLS indicates that the average income for paralegals was around $51,500 in 2016 on an annual basis. The profession’s best-compensated ten percent earned just under $80,000 while at the bottom, the annual earnings were still some $30,000.

Best Paralegal Training Schools

1. Keiser University Campus

2. South University – Campus

3. Berkeley College

4. The Salter School

5. ITT Technical Institute

6. National College

7. Fortis Institute

8. Robert Morris University

9. Brookline College

10. Charter College

Online Paralegal Programs

1. Kaplan University

2. Virginia College

3. Westwood College

4. Harrison College

5. Penn Foster Schools

6. Stratford Career Institute

7. Post University

8. Ashworth College

9. Keiser University

10. Everest University Online

The areas where we see the highest earnings are the metropolitan San Francisco region, New Bedford (Massachusetts), and the metropolitan DC area.

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