GED Classes Shelbyville, Indiana

This post shows all GED® (in Indiana: TASC) prep locations and testing sites in the Shelbyville region.

Indiana is using the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) for its high school equivalency (HSE) testing program.

The TASC offers adult who never finished high school the opportunity to acquire an equivalent degree.

The TASC exam contains five subtests in Social Studies, Math, Language Reading, Language Writing, and Science.

You have the option to deal with these five modules individually.

The TASC exam is available in both a paper-based and a computerized model and is cheaper than the GED.

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Shelbyville GED (TASC) prep facilities

TASC Requirements in Indiana

The Shelbyville Excel Center 
117 N Harrison Street | Shelbyville | Indiana 46176 | Ph: (317) 524.4330
Excel is a tuition-free public charter school launched by Goodwill Education Initiatives. The school offers students who did not graduate high school the possibility to earn a Core 40 diploma which is considered even more advanced than a GED or TASC diploma.

Blue River Career Center
801 St. Joseph Street | Shelbyville | Indiana 46176 | Ph: (317) 392.4191 (ext. 1115/1101)

Prep locations around Shelbyville (cities by alphabet)

Batesville Memorial Library
131 N Walnut Street | Batesville | Indiana 47006 | Ph: (855) 591.7849

McDowell Education Center 
2700 McKinley Ave – Columbus – Indiana 47201 – Ph: (812) 376-4451
All Columbus area options are found on this page

McDowell Education Center
422 East Central Ave | Greensburg | Indiana 47240 | Ph: (812) 593.9070

Indiana Free TASC Practice Test

Hancock County LINK HSE Education
312 E Main St | Suite A | Greenfield | Indiana 46140 | Ph: (317) 477-0745
Click here for all Greenfield area options

Goodwill Excel Center 
3919 Madison Ave | Indianapolis | Indiana 46227 | Ph: (317) 524.4420
For all Indianapolis options go to this post

Rushville Career Center
103 North Morgan St | Rushville | Indiana 46173 | Ph: (765) 932.5921

Rushville High TASC Classes
1201 Lions Path | Rushville | Indiana 46173 | Ph: (765) 932.3901

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Indiana Free Online TASC Classes

Shelbyville area testing sites

Blue River Career Ctr TASC testing
801 St Joseph Street | Shelbyville | Indiana 46176 | Ph: (317) 392.4191

McDowell Education Ctr TASC testing
2700 McKinley Avenue | Columbus | Indiana 47201 | Ph: (812) 376.4451

Central Nine Career Ctr TASC testing
1999 US. 31 South | Greenwood | Indiana 46142 | Ph: (317) 882.2088

Walker Career Ctr TASC testing
9651 East 21st Street | Indianapolis | Indiana 46229 | Ph: (317) 532.6150
You can find all Indianapolis TASC testing centers here

GED Essay Topic with Sample

Can I take the TASC or GED exam online?

No, the TASC and GED tests are not available online, you need to appear in person at an official Indiana testing center and the examination is available in English, Spanish, and French (at selected sites). Online studying for your high school equivalency diploma is a perfect way of learning, but to earn your diploma you must come to a state-approved test center. Please pay attention to the fact that there are many fraudulent websites that claim something else, but their documents are not worth a penny. Don’t waste your time and money! To see if you qualify, check out GED (TASC) in Indiana.

The TASC, just as the GED exam, is NOT offered over the internet. Testing must be done face-to-face at an official Indiana TASC testing site. Holding the HSE diploma will surely result in far better job opportunities and GED holders make up to $9000 more annually than people without the degree. The diploma also opens the doors of colleges and universities. You should also take a look at this website’s free practice tests for your TASC exam.

The five TASC tests

The TASC exam assesses a candidate’s knowledge and skills in the subject fields of math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. The TASC exam takes about 7.5 hours to complete but you can take the tests separately. The TASC exam better indicates an applicant’s readiness for college or career, and over the next few years, the TASC exam will be brought in line with the Common Core standards.

As you see, there are new things going on in the world of high school equivalency testing. This is actually the first time that states have more than one option for their high school equivalency testing. For decades, the GED has been synonymous with high school equivalency testing, but many states, including Indiana, have decided to introduce a new exam.

Getting a job as a Car Sales Agent

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You’ll usually work a 40 to 45 hours a week, on a rota between 8 am and 8 pm, including most weekends and bank holidays. As part of their selling tactics, salespersons may instill a sense of urgency in people to make purchases through persuasive selling.

Car Sales Agent Salary

  • Average Annual Salary: $42,800
  • Projected Lifetime Earnings: $1,761,000

Car Sales Agent – Education

Car sales agents are generally required to hold at least a high school or equivalent diploma, though having completed an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business or communications may be very beneficial as well, especially if you want to advance to management or senior positions. Having some understanding of all sorts of technical automobile aspects (like having followed a training program in automobile repair) can be very useful as well.

Students interested in becoming successful as car salespersons may also take specialized courses in business, sales, math, automotive technology, computers, and communication. Most of the education in this field, though, comes through on-the-job training via a company’s training process. New trainees are usually paired with experienced salespersons, which may a few days or several months.

Car Sales Agent – The Job

The car salesman (also referred to as salesperson or sales representative), is an important person. He is the one that sells the cars for dealerships and manufacturers. The position of car salesman usually is a good point of entry into the world of automobiles, and it often presents quite a good opportunity for individuals who lost their business or job to start out in another professional field. However, as goes for all professions, applicants are required to understand the products they sell, and to become effective car sellers, they must know a lot about the cars they want to sell.

To be successful, car sales agents depend on the dealership, the merchandises, and their skills. When a potential customer arrives at a dealership, it is usually the car salesperson that greets him and makes himself available. Customers expressing the wish to be shown a few models are in general accompanied by a car sales agent.

Customers that are merely browsing may also require the sales agent to remain prepared if they want any questions on a specific vehicle to be answered. Customers may also be asking to make a test drive in a car. Usually, the sales agent will accompany them to make sure the test drive runs smoothly. If a customer is really interested in a specific car, it is the sales agent who will be involved in the negotiations. The car sales agent must come up with a deal that is both satisfactory for the client and profitable for his company.

Job Outlook and Salary

Now the U.S. economy is back on track, the job outlook for car sales agents looks promising again, unlike earlier days when sales were pretty much down. Car sales are pretty stable now, and this situation is not expected to change anytime soon. Every year, some 15 to 17 million new cars are being sold again, and the number of used cars that are sold annually is more than 40 million as well, so being responsible for selling cars at a dealership isn’t a bad thing at all at this point in time. Jobs for car sales representatives are expected to grow by some ten percent over the next decade, which is similar to other occupations, and the average salary of car sales agents at automobile dealerships is around $42,800.


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