GED Classes Reno, Nevada

This post contains a listing of all GED® prep classes and testing sites in the Reno area.

Nevada offers multiple options for HSE (High School Equivalency) testing, the GED, HiSET and TASC exams.

The HSE exam measures proficiency at a level that compares to that of graduating high school seniors.

The GED is fully computer-formatted whereas the HiSET and TASC are offered both on-computer and on-paper.

GED testing is done via four separate modules (subtests) in math science, literacy, and social studies.

You can take one (or more) of the four GED modules at a time but you need to finish the GED battery within two years.

Nevada GED Free Practice Test

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The HiSET and TASC exams have five subtests as the literacy section is split up into two exams 1n writing and reading. You may also take these subtests individually.

Online HSE testing is NOT possible. You must show up in person at one of Nevada’s official HSE testing sites.

Reno GED prep classes (by ZIP)

Truckee Meadows Community College *)
5270 Neil Rd | Room 220 | Reno | NV 89502 | Ph: (775) 829.9044

United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra
811 Ryland St | Reno | NV 89502 | Ph: (775) 333.8287

RISE Academy for Adult Achievement
1301 Cordone Ave | Reno | NV 89502 | Ph: (775) 337.9939

Washoe Inspire-Washoe Adult High School
1155 Corporate Blvd | Reno | NV 89502 | Ph: (775) 337.9939

Community Resource Center
4001 S Virginia St | Reno | NV 89502 | Ph: (775) 829.7323

Nevada Job Connect
4001 S Virginia St | Reno | NV 89502 | Ph: (775) 284.9600

Veterans Upward Bound (TMCC)
5270 Neil Rd | Meadowood Ctr, S303) | Reno | NV 89502 | Ph: (775) 829.9007

Innovations High SchoolWashoe Adult High School
777 W Second St | Reno | NV 89503 | Ph: (775) 337.9939

Washoe County School District Adult Education Program
777 W Second St | Reno | NV 89503 | Ph: (775) 333.5150

Affordable Colleges Online
140 Washington St | Reno | NV 89503 | Ph: (775) 432.5107

Sierra Nevada Job Corps Ctr
14175 Mt. Charleston St | Reno | NV 89506 | Ph: (775) 789.1000

Washoe County School District Adult Education Program
425 E Ninth St | Reno | NV 89512 | Ph: (775) 348.0200

Northern Nevada Literacy Council
1400 Wedekind Rd | Reno | NV 89512 | Ph: (775) 356.1007

Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission
2115 Timber Way | Reno | NV 89512 | Ph: (775) 323.0386

GED Requirements in Nevada

Locations around Reno (cities by alphabet)

Nevada Literacy Office
100 N Stewart St | Carson City | NV 89701 | Ph: (775) 684.3341

Carson City Adult Education
275 E Park St | Carson City | NV 89706 | Ph: (775) 283.1350

West Nevada College HSE Program
2201 West Coll. Pkwy | Carson City | NV 89703 | Ph: (775) 445.4451
To see all Carson City area GED classes go to Carson City area GED Prep Classes

Great Basin College Adult Education (HiSET & TASC)
1500 College Pkwy | Elko | NV 89801 | Ph: (775) 753.2271
Discover all Elko area options here: Elko area GED  Courses

Western Nevada College-Fallon
160 Campus Way | Fallon | NV 89406 | Ph: (775) 445.4451

Churchill County School District HSE Program
255 E Stillwater Ave | East Bldg | Fallon | NV 89406 | Ph: (775) 423.1191

FRIENDS Family Resource Center
255 E Stillwater Ave | Fallon | NV 89406 | Ph: (775) 423.6955

Lyon County School District Adult Education
1340 U.S. Hwy 95 A | Fernley | NV 89408 | Ph: (775) 575.3409

Kings Beach Elementary School (Tahoe-Truckee Joint USD)
8125 Steelhead Ave | Kings Beach | CA 96143 | Ph: (530) 906.9556

School District of Lovelock Pershing County
1170 Elmhurst Ave | Lovelock | NV 89419 | Ph: (775) 273.2625

Pershing County Adult High School
765 Western Ave | Lovelock | NV 89419 | Ph: (775) 273.4994

Sierra County Literacy Loyalton
511 Main St | Loyalton | CA 96118 | Ph: (530) 993.1105

Sierra County Office of Education (Feather River Adult Ed. Consortium)
109 Beckwith Rd | Room 11 | Loyalton | CA 96118 | Ph: (530) 993-1660/(916) 837-9303

Plumas County Literacy
445 Jackson St | Quincy | CA 95971 | Ph: (530) 283.6413
Click here for more Quincy options

Winterstein Adult Learning Center
900 Morse Ave | Sacramento | CA 95864 | Ph: (916) 971.7414
For all Sacramento locations check out Sacramento area GED Classes

Silver Springs Adult Education Center
3800 Spruce Ave | Silver Springs | NV 89429 | Ph: (775) 577.5121
Classes are at Silver Springs Elementary, Stage Coach Building, Room 302

Career College of Northern Nevada-Sparks
1421 Pullman Dr | Sparks | NV 89434 | Ph: (775) 856.2266

Larry Johnson Center-Washoe Adult High School
1200 12th St | Sparks | NV 89431 | Ph: (775) 337.9939

Lassen County HSE Program 
1000 Main St | Susanville | CA 96130 | Ph: (530) 257.4653

Sierra High School HSE Program
11661 Donner Pass Rd | Truckee | CA 96161 | Ph: (530) 906.9556

Yerington Adult Education Center
120 N California St | Yerington | NV 89447 | Ph: (775) 463.3006

Yerington High HSE Classes
 114 Pearl St | Yerington | NV 89447 | Ph: (775) 463.6824

Free online GED course in Nevada

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Reno area HSE testing centers

School District of Washoe County HSE testing
777 West 2nd St | Reno | NV 89503 | Ph: (775) 333.5020

Truckee Meadows Community College Meadowood Center
5270 Neil Rd | Reno | NV 89502 | Ph: (775) 824.3838

Great Basin College (HiSET & TASC)
1500 College Pkwy | Elko | NV 89801 | Ph: (775) 753.2271

Western Nevada College
2201 W College Pkwy | Carson City | NV 89703 | Ph: 775) 445.4451

Western Nevada College
160 Campus Way | Fallon | NV 89406 | Ph: (775) 423.7565

Lovelock Pershing County School District
1170 Elmhurst | Lovelock | NV 89419 | Ph: (775) 273.2625

Quincy GED Testing Center
501 Main St | Quincy | CA 95971 | Ph: (530) 283.6500 x 5218

Career Coll. of N. Nevada HSE testing
1421 Pullman Dr | Sparks | NV 89434 | Ph: (775) 856.2266

Sierra High School Testing Center
11661 Donner Pass Rd | Truckee | CA 96161 | Ph: (530) 906.9556

GED Vs. HiSET and TASC exams

Adjusted GED passing score

To pass the GED test you needed to score no less than 150 on each sub-test, but this requirement was lowered to 145. For all the details, you can go to our GED News posts. HiSET and TASC have different scoring methods. Online testing is not possible. Internet sites that want you to believe something else are false! Check also this article that includes links to all GED programs in America.

Who can take the GED exam?

The High School Equivalency program is created for individuals who, for whatever reason, never finished high school. The certificate that you will obtain after completing the exam is acknowledged as equivalent to a high school diploma by the vast majority of employers, and universities and colleges across the U.S. To see if you qualify, check out HSE Testing in Nevada.

GED alternatives TASC and HiSET

The state of Nevada has decided to offer two more alternatives for high school equivalency testing. No longer is Nevada only presenting the GED for this program, it now also offers the HiSET and TASC. For successful applicants, all three tests will result in a document that indicating that the student was educated at a level that compares to that of a high school upon graduation. The GED exam has been around for over 70 years, and during all these years adults without a high school diploma needed to pass the GED test to get the Nevada Certificate of High School Equivalency.

The GED exam

The GED diploma allows for college education and will certainly lead to far better job options including the military services. The GED is now entirely computerized and corresponds better with the Common Core State Standards, a set of standards accepted by most states that details what students must command on what subject upon ending a grade level.

The new GED has done away with many multiple-choice questions and is focused more on critical thinking and problem-solving. The GED test is now more rigorous and will prepare students better to be successful in college and the modern-day workplace.

Nevada options

Nevada residents now have the following options:
– The GED exam published by GED Testing Service. Totally computer-based, and the most widely used examination for HSE (high school equivalency) testing. The GED exam (four separate tests) costs $120.
– The HiSET by Educational Testing Service. Available in paper and computer formats. The HiSET is much cheaper to implement than the GED exam. The HiSET (a series of 5 tests) costs $65.
– The TASC edited by CTB/McGraw-Hill, a textbook publisher. The TASC is available in both paper and computer-formatted versions, and also cheaper than the GED exam. The test is $65.

One GED test at a timeAge Requirements By State

The GED exam contains four individual sub-tests in the academic fields of Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Literacy. There’s no need to take all four tests in one take. You have the freedom to register and pay for one test every time you’re ready to do so with a 2-year period of time. The five HiSET and TASC modules may also be taken individually if you wish.

*) Truckee Meadows Community College

Truckee Meadows Community College’s Adult Education Department offers a great HSE (High School Equivalency) program that educates adults who quit high school too early. The school’s HSE program can accommodate applicants at many skill levels.

All applicants will be assessed to measure their level of proficiency and for proper placement. This testing and placement service costs $30. The state-issued HSE credential is your gateway toward a brighter future, to better employment, to higher education, and in general to a better life. Truckee Meadows Community College provides High School Equivalency prep classes at the school’s Meadowood Center.

These classes are developed with the student in mind, they are fast-paced and lively, and include lots of class participation. The fee for these preparation classes is just $30, so that should not be a barrier to acquiring the so important GED/HiSET diploma. Preparation is really important, and the school helps you to become optimally prepared to sit for the GED (four tests) or HiSET (five tests) successfully.

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