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Last Updated on May 14, 2024.

When you have passed the four modular, separate GED sub-exams that make up the GED test, your state will send you a real GED certificate. You will receive it by email, and you can request one by regular mail.

Online GED Classes

A simple and easy way of getting your GED diploma.

Learn fast, stay motivated, and pass your GED  test quickly.

The GED® exam offers individuals who couldn’t finish their high school curriculum the opportunity to secure an education credential that’s the equivalent of a high school degree.

GED testing is a challenging experience, and students are strongly advised to get properly prepared before signing up for the exam.

The most effective way to start is by working with our free online GED classes and practice tests. They give you the opportunity to see if online learning is right for you.

If it is, just register with Onsego GED Online Prep to access a comprehensive, accredited course that GED Testing Service recognizes as completely aligned to the GED test.

The GED diploma is recognized in lieu of a high school diploma by practically all North American employers, state and federal agencies, and schools of higher education.

Online GED Classes – Fast and Easy

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People with a GED can move ahead in life. The GED diploma allows you to go to college and opens the door to more rewarding and better-paying careers.

Stay Away from Fake Diplomas and Tests

But unfortunately, there are still diploma manufacturers who take advantage of individuals looking to buy a GED certificate online. They sell fake tests and fake certificates. Well, it’s quite simple: a fake GED certificate has no value whatsoever; it’s not worth the paper it was printed on.

You should be aware that if you use a fake GED or high school diploma, you will be expelled from your school or lose your job. Employers can easily check if your GED is real. That’s not worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

Sometimes, these fake GED certificates are bought intentionally, but sometimes, they are bought by people as victims of a scam. So it is crucial to understand fake GED diplomas and how to prevent buying them. Best GED Classes and Onsego joined the fight against GED fraud already years ago.

The GED test is exclusively available from GED Testing Service, and to register for the exam, you must first set up your account on the website

How to Identify Fake GED Diplomas

  • Often, fake GEDs are based on “life experience.” Please note that the GED test is also offered online, but you’ll always have to create your account on
  • Scams promise you a GED diploma in weeks or days without even having to take an exam.
  • Scams offer you a test so-called “Based on” the real GED test. Well, the real GED test is never “based on” something. This already separates it from the real GED test.
  • Scams often attempt to sell you better transcripts or scores.
  • Scams are not members of the Better Business Bureau, though some are, but with a poor rating.
  • You simply CANNOT buy a real GED diploma online. You must earn your GED by passing four sub-exams online or at a state-recognized test center. The GED diploma is, again, awarded by states.
  • Websites that let you buy “GED Certificates” online simply lie. The real GED test is a state-specific test that measures real skills and knowledge.

A truly worthwhile GED

When you prepare properly for your GED test, it doesn’t need to be hard, and your real GED or high school diploma is worth so much more than a fake certificate!

If you find out that your GED diploma is a forgery, you should immediately get a real GED diploma. It’s like, for example, having a fake driver’s license. It’s simply not a real one, and it could definitely get you in a lot of trouble. The fact of the matter is that a GED doesn’t limit your options; it expands them! But stay away from serious trouble.

Earning a real GED certificate the proper way is very well possible. If you prepare well for the test with an accredited online prep course or under the guidance of an instructor in a GED prep facility, you can pass the four GED sub-exams and earn a valid, real GED certificate.

Once you have earned your GED diploma the right way, you’ll be on the right path toward a better future with a college education or a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

Your Account

So once again, GED Testing Service is the only legitimate GED organization, and the GED exam is only given to eligible applicants who have created an account with Your state awards you a GED diploma when they have received information from GED Testing Service that you have reached passing scores on all four GED sub-exams.

The GED exam is given online and in state-approved test centers. To qualify for taking the exam online, you must have reached “green” results on the official GED Ready® practice test. This practice test is the only test that predicts whether you are likely to pass the real thing or if you require more preparation.

For each GED sub-exam, there’s a GED Ready test that you can purchase on the official website at $6.99 (that’s $28 in total). If you sign up for Onsego’s GED prep course, four GED Ready vouchers will be included.