MyGED and GED Test Registration Manual

If you want to register for the GED® Test you need to do it online at the website

After you have created your account with the portal “MyGED” you will be able to schedule your test(s), find GED test dates and locations near you.

Here is a friendly manual what to expect and how to set up your MyGED account.

To create a MyGED account and sign up for the GED exam, you need to go the website

This is the official website for registration if you want to take the GED tests.

Here you can schedule and pay for your tests, check your scores, and if needed, reschedule a GED test.

Your MyGED account will organize everything neatly for you, and you can find a lot of useful information here.

Register for the GED test step-by-step

To take the GED test you need to register online at and follow the instruction on the screen.

To register on this website, you will need to have an email address and if you don’t have one, you can do so at the portal MyGED or go to and set one up for free.

When you want to schedule a test, you will be asked a few questions. Answers are provided, so you need to make a choice.

  •         What is the highest grade you completed in school?
  •         What year did you complete your highest grade in school?
  •         Please indicate the reason you did not complete school.
  •         What is your current work status?
  •         What was your total personal income over the past twelve months?
  •         Did you study to take the GED test (e.g. on your own or in a classroom)?
  •         Where did you study most often for the GED test? Select up to 3 locations. You can choose here: Studied at home, elsewhere, or by myself.
  •         What resources were the most helpful when studying for the GED test?
  •         Did you use your own money to pay for your GED test preparation, which could include classes, books, practice tests, etc.?
  •         What is your main reason for taking the GED test?
  •         Who or what was the main factor that convinced you to take the GED test?

GED Test Takers Need Appropriate Photo ID

You will be asked to confirm your identity (you will need identification such as a passport or driver’s license) as you will be using in a GED testing center. Many states require you to be a resident of the state. You will be asked for your Social Security or Tax Identification Number, but it’s not required.

GED Test Language Versions

You choose a language for your tests, English or Spanish, but you aren’t allowed to combine language versions to complete the test.

Choose the GED subject test(s)

You can choose just one test, or more than one. In case you take more than one test, you will have a 10-minute break between the sub-tests.
So you can take one test when you feel comfortable to do so, but you need to complete all four tests within two years in most states.  Many students say that RLA (Literacy) is the easiest exam and 75% pass it the first time. After all that, you will be informed about locations of GED testing centers near you (according to the address you submitted when you signed up for your account on You can find GED test locations here.

GED Test Dates

When you choose a desired GED testing site location, a calendar with available testing dates will be displayed. After you have chosen a date and time, you are redirected to the payment page. I chose RLA (Reasoning through Language Arts) as my first exam, and it costs me $32. Not bad, right? After you log in, you will often see ongoing promotions. For example, when I created my account, I received a $10 discount on my first GED test subject, and I also got an email offering me 10% discount on everything else from the GED test marketplace.

GED Ready®

Here you can also sign up for the GED Ready® practice test. This is a test that can identify if you will be able to pass the real GED tests. The GED Ready test costs $6 per subject, and when you choose this option, you will be redirected to the marketplace where you can buy this practice test. There are four testing areas: Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA), Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.

GED Marketplace

The GED Marketplace is the online shop where you pay for your actual tests, and here you also can buy GED Ready tests and other learning materials. The price of the GED exam depends on the state you live. I live in Florida, so my price for 4 subjects is $128, but if you live in California, the price is $140. There are also states that subsidize the tests partially or fully. The passing score on each subtest is 145. See the scoring method here.

Discounts for retaking a GED test

Retakes for failed exams are discounted. In Florida, a retake costs $12 per subject and in California $15. What I like about the MyGED account on the website is that you have all your scores and scheduled tests in one place. You can also request a transcript of your exam there.

Summarizing, is a modern and very useful way of organizing your GED studying and getting your GED credential.

It is really a nice website. If you want to read news on the lowered GED testing score (in early 2016), please go to

Written by Anne C.


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