GED Classes Muncie, Indiana

This article lists all GED® (TASC in Indiana) prep facilities and testing sites in the Muncie area.

Indiana uses the TASC for high school equivalency (HSE) testing purposes.

The HSE program is for people who could not finish high school and this way. they have the chance to earn an equivalent degree.

The TASC, like the GED, measures proficiency at a level that may be expected of a graduating HS student.

The TASC comes with five testing fields in Language Writing, Language Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math.

There is no online TASC or GED testing option. You must appear in person at one of Indiana’s official HSE test centers.

Muncie TASC prep facilities

To check what you know take a free TASC Practice Test.

Indiana Free GED Practice Tests

Muncie Area Career Ctr
2500 N Elgin Street, Muncie, IN 47303, Ph: 765-747-5250

Muncie YWCA
310 East Charles St, Muncie, Indiana 47305, Ph 765.284.3345

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 TASC Requirements in Indiana

TASC prep sites around Muncie (cities by alphabet)

Church of the Nazarene-Alexandria (Hinds Career Ctr)
1401 S Harrison St – Alexandria – IN 46001, Ph: (765) 552-4122

Ebbert Career Center Adult Education
325 W 38th Street, Anderson, IN 46013, Ph: 765-641-2098

Goodwill Excel Center-Anderson
630 Nichol Avenue, Anderson, IN 46016, Ph: 317-524-3930

Anderson Community School Corporation
1600 Hillcrest Avenue, Anderson, Indiana 46011, Ph 765.641.2121

Elwood Adult Ed. 
1105 North 19th Street, Elwood, Indiana 46036, Ph 765.552.4122

WorkOne North
9002 N Purdue Road, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46268, Ph: 317-228-0682
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Goodwill Excel Center
101 W Superior St – Kokomo – IN 46901 – Ph: (317) 524-3642
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Tucker Career & Technology Ctr 
107 S Pennsylvania Street, Marion, IN 46952, Phone: 765-664-9091

Grant County Literacy Council
PO Box 1514, Marion, IN 46952, Phone: 765-662-1807

New Castle Community School Corp. Ad. Education
1407 Walnut Street, New Castle, Indiana 47362, Ph 765.521.7226

New Castle Ad. Education
3013 S 14th Street, New Castle, Indiana 47362, Ph 765.521.7226

John Jay Center
101 S Meridian Street, Portland, IN 47371, Phone: 260-729-5525

Solid Rock Methodist Church
485 Bennett Dr, Warren, Indiana 46792, Ph 888.349.0250 x 251

Indiana Free Online GED-TASC Classes

TASC testing centers in the Muncie area

Ivy Tech Community College
4301 S Cowan Rd, Muncie, IN 47302, Ph: 765-289-2291

Ivy Tech Community College
104 W 53rd Street, Anderson, Indiana 46013, Ph 765.643.7133

Indianapolis Publ. Schools
120 East Walnut Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204, Ph 317.226.4727
All TASC testing sites in Indianapolis are listed here

Ivy Tech Comm. Coll.
261 South Commerce Dr, Marion, Indiana 46953, Ph: 765.662.9843

Richmond Adult Ed. Ctr.
302 N 7th Street – Richmond. Indiana 47374, Ph 765.973.3486

GED/TASC Essay Writing


The state of Indiana made the switch to the alternative TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) program. The TASC is developed by CTB/McGraw-Hill, is more affordable than the GED, and is offered in both a paper-based and a computer-based version.

The minimally required score for each of the five TASC subtests is 500, and you need to attain at least a 2-score (out of six) for your essay. The HSE diploma that you receive after successfully taking the five TASC tests is equivalent to a regular high school diploma and accepted as such across the nation.

TASC-GED preparation

The Indiana Adult Education program provides math, reading, and writing instruction at no cost to help adults master the knowledge and skills required to earn their high school equivalency diploma so they can go to college, get a better job or go for a career change. You may even obtain your high school equivalency diploma and an occupational certificate simultaneously through the WorkINdiana program. So Indiana uses the TASC for HSE testing, a comprehensive exam that includes five tests and that is created by CTB/McGraw-Hill. If you wish, you may take the five TASC subtests separately.

6 ways to deal with being homesick at college

The Indiana HSE credential that you’ll receive after passing the TASC will qualify you for a college education. But mind you, not everything always goes smooth. See these tips that will help you when you get homesick. For some people, college clicks right away, and they never turn back. For others, the college life takes some getting used to, and they end up thinking longingly of going back home for the first several months.

When you first arrive at college, you have to step back and let yourself get used to it before the homesickness will go away.

If you know my story probably you remember that I finished high school by being schooled so when I went to college I had troubles with feeling homesick, here is what helped me.

That can take a while, though, so here are a few ways to help feel less homesick:

#1: Give your family & friends a call

Your family will be pleased to hear from you, and your friends will love to hear how you’re doing. You can talk about how things are back home, or how you’re doing.

You’ll probably feel a bit better if you talk more about yourself since talking about home might make you miss it more. Instead of talking about the past, think about the future — talk about what will happen the next time you come back.

Other ways to keep in touch will help as well — text messaging, Facebook, instant messaging, and so forth.

#2: Keep yourself occupied

You’ll feel less homesick the busier you are. Spend a bit more time out with people or on your schoolwork. Get involved with some sports or clubs. Not only will this keep your mind off of being homesick, but you’ll also begin to enjoy college more because of it.

#3: Bring reminders of home

Bring pictures of your family and friends, as well as posters and other items from your bedroom back home.

#4: Decorate your dorm room better

If you spend some time decorating your dorm room, you can make it feel a lot more like a home than if it’s bare. Buy some beautiful rugs, comfy blankets, and cool posters, so the room looks more like you want it.

#5: Invite people to visit you

Ask a few friends to stay a weekend with you, if they can. You can show them around your school and the town. It will help you feel more comfortable in your college, plus you’ll be able to share your experiences with your friends.

#6: Plan a trip home

If your homesickness is just too much to bear, talk to your parents and see when the next weekend you can go home is. You should always go back now and then, but be careful about going home too often — establishing yourself at college is much better for you than constantly going home.

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