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This page lists all GED® prep locations and testing facilities in the Moab area. The GED test is for adults who did not complete high school and gives them a chance to get hold of an equivalent credential.

GED testing can be done online and at official Utah GED testing facilities.

The GED (General Education Development) test is fully computerized and contains four independent subtests or modules.

The four testing fields are Science, Math, Literacy, and Social Studies. You have the option to take one or more GED subtests at a time.

The GED exam assesses skills and knowledge at a level that compares to that of high school seniors upon graduation.

In the past, to get hold of your GED credential, you needed to show up at an official GED testing center in person as online testing was not an option.

Well, this has now changed with the introduction of an online proctored GED testing option. Learn more at the bottom of this post.

Moab GED prep sites 

Arches Education Center
125 West 200 South, Moab, Utah 84532, Ph: 435-260-8764

Education Programs for Native Spanish Speakers
156 North 100 West, Moab, Utah 84532, Ph: 435-259-5444

Grand County High School
608 South 400 East, Moab, Utah 84532, Ph: 435-259-8931

Grand County Jail GED Program
25 South 100 East, Moab, Utah 84532, Ph: 435-259-8115
Not open to the general public

GED Requirements in Utah

Locations around Moab (cities by alphabet)

Family Learning CTR Blanding
648 West 100 South, Blanding, Utah 84511, Ph: 435-678-8155

San Juan High School
311 North 100 East, Blanding, Utah 84511, Ph: 435-678-1301

IntelliTec Coll. Grand Junction GED Classes
772 Horizon Dr, Grand Junction, Colorado 81506, Ph: 970.639.0093
Click here for all Grand Junction area prep sites

Free GED Practice Tests in Utah

Green River High School
400 North 455 West, Green River, Utah 84525, Ph: 435-564-3461

Epicenter Adult Education
180 South Broadway, Green River, Utah 84525, Ph: 435-564-3330

Green River Ed. Project (Arches Ad. Education)
Main Street, Green River, Utah 84525, Ph: 435-260-8764

Monticello Family Learning Center
248 South 100 East, Monticello, Utah 84535, Ph: 435-587-3316


Monticello High School
164 South 200 West, Monticello, Utah 84535, Ph: 435-678-1130

San Juan County Jail (Blue Mountain Academy)
297 South Main Street, Monticello, Utah 84535, Ph: 435-587-2237
Not open to the public

Carbon SD Adult Education GED  
251 West 400 North, Price, Utah 84501, Ph: 435-613-3136
Check out all Price area locations here

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Free Utah Online GED Course

Moab area GED testing sites

Utah State University-Moab
125 West 200 South, Moab, Utah 84532, Ph: 435-259-7432

Colorado Mesa University (Houston Hall, Room 123)
12th St & North Avenue, Grand Junction, Colorado 81501, Ph: 970-255-1260

IntelliTec College GED Testing
772 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction, Colorado 81506, Ph: 970-245-8101

Utah State -Eastern (Reeves Building, Room 114)
451 East 400 North, Price, Utah 84501, Ph: 435-613-5325

GED Requirements in Utah

Your future

The GED (General Education Development) exam is aligned with educational standards and industry requirements and comes with four separate tests on the educational fields of Literacy, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. The GED test is in line with the essential requirements to attend classes at universities and colleges successfully.

The GED exam is offered entirely computer-based. Applicants can take one subtest (module) at a time. Most multiple-choice questions were replaced by questions that call for essay-style answering. The tests are fully computer-formatted and registration must be done online.

The passing score on each GED subtest is 145. The scores are measured on a 100-200 scale. Averaging is no option so your minimally required overall score is 580.

You are eligible to sit for the GED exam if you are not engaged in any school program, you don’t have a secondary degree, and if you are at least 16 years old. For 16 and 17-year-olds, special regulations apply and they should seek advice from a major GED prep facility or a GED testing center.

Introducing the online proctored GED test

In earlier days, you could not take the GED test over the internet. If you were looking to acquire your GED diploma, your personal appearance at one of Utah’s official, state-approved GED testing centers was required.

However, that has changed now as we have seen the arrival of an online proctored option to sit for the GED test. For more detailed information about this interesting development, check out this post: Welcoming an online GED testing option.

Last Updated on January 20, 2021.

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