GED Classes Merced, California

This article lists all HSE (high school equivalency) prep sites and testing centers in the Merced area.

The GED® is not the only option anymore in California, the state also introduced the HiSET and TASC for this purpose.

The HSE program gives adults who never completed high school the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

All three alternatives measure skills and knowledge at a level that compares to that of high school graduates.

The GED (General Education Development) test is a series of four independent subtests in literacy, math, science, and social studies.

HiSET and TASC contain five subtests. Here, the section Literacy comes with separate writing and reading tests.

You can take one GED, HiSET, or TASC subtest (module) at a time.

Merced HSE prep sites

GED CA Requirements

Merced Adult School HSE Classes
50 E 20th Street – Merced – CA 95340 – Ph: (209) 385.6524

Wolfe Education Center Empower Program
732 W 13th Street – Merced – CA 95341 – Ph: (209) 381.5923/5916
The Empower Program is for adults and out-of-school youth ages 18 to 24 and provides paid and unpaid work experience as well as financial support towards their HSE diploma. Qualifying applicants must first attend an orientation session.

Merced College HSE Program
3600 M Street – Merced – CA 95348 – Ph: (209) 384.6224/381.6540
Mercer College offers a 6-week HSE Program that starts in January, November, and December. The cost is $100.

Locations around Merced (cities by alphabet)

California Free GED Practice Test

Merced Adult School-Atwater
2120 Spacecraft Drive – Atwater – CA 95301 – Ph: (209) 385.6424

Chowchilla Adult Education 
445 Trinity Avenue – Chowchilla – CA 93610 – Ph: (559) 665.5683

Delhi Adult Education HSE Classes
9716 Hinton Avenue – Delhi – CA 95315 – Ph: (209) 656.2006

Delhi Adult School
16881 Schendel Road – Delhi – CA 95315 – Ph: (209) 381.6542

Dos Palos Adult Education
2041 Almond Street – Dos Palos – CA 93620 – Ph: (209) 392.6101

Firebaugh High School (Firebaugh-Las Deltas Adult Education)
1976 Morris Kyle Drive – Firebaugh – CA 93622 – Ph: (559) 659.3899

Gustine Adult Education
685 Wallis Avenue – Gustine – CA 95322 – Ph: (209) 854.2664/9575

Le Grand Union High School District
12961 E Le Grand Road – Le Grand – CA 95333 – Ph: (209) 389.9400 ext. 2010

Merced Adult Education-Livingston
848 Prusso Street – Livingston – CA 95334 – Ph: (209) 385.6524

Livingston Middle School (Spanish GED class)
101 F Street – Livingston – CA 95334 – Ph: (209 394.5450

Los Banos Adult Education (Salvation Army Community Ctr)
1231 4th Street – Los Banos – CA 93635 – Ph: (209) 827.4945

Los Banos Adult School
1966 S 11th Street – Los Banos – CA 93635 – Ph: (209) 826.3801

Mariposa Alternative Education
4802 Highway 140 – Mariposa – CA 95338 – Ph: (209) 742.0290

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Mariposa County Library
4978 10th Street – Mariposa – CA 95338 – Ph: (209) 966.2140

Modesto Junior College
435 College Avenue – Modesto – CA 95350 – Ph: (209) 575.6550
For all Modesto area classes check out Modesto area GED programs

Yosemite Adult Education
50200 Road 427 – Oakhurst – CA 93644 – Ph: (559) 683.8801

Central Valley Opportunity Center
6838 Bridget Court – Winton – CA 95388 – Ph: (209) 357.0062
For Merced call 209-357-0062, for Stanislaus 209-577-3210, and for Madera 559-662-0100

California Free Online GED Classes

Merced area testing centers

Merced Adult School HSE testing
50 E 20th Street – Merced – CA 95340 – Ph: (209) 385.6524

Merced Adult School Atwater
2120 Spacecraft Drive – Atwater – CA 95301 – Ph: (209) 385.6424

Mariposa Alternative Education
4802 Highway 140 – Mariposa – CA 95338 – Ph: (209) 742.0290

Turlock Adult School HSE testing
1574 E Canal Drive – Turlock – CA 95380 – Ph: (209) 667.0643

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Can I become a Pilot with a GED?


TASC and HiSET contain five tests (two Language tests, one on writing and one on reading), and are also available in a paper-based version. Testing centers are deciding which exam(s) they use, so learn about the options in a test center near you. Online HSE testing is NO option. You must come to a state-approved testing site and take the exam in person.

Adjusted GED Scoring

A few years back, the minimally required score for each individual GED subtests was adjusted by five points down to 145. You can read all about this important decision in this New Passing Score post.

For who is it?

The HSE program is for adults who left high school prematurely, and by passing one of the three tests, they have demonstrated that they can function independently in college and the workplace. Holding the HSE diploma will for sure result in better employment options and opens the doors of schools of higher education. To see if you qualify, visit HSE testing criteria in California.

Preparation is key

GED prep classes are available in daytime and evening lessons, and some are computer-based, others are instructed by teachers. Mostly, schoolwork and homework are assigned on an individualized basis, and this allows applicants to study at their own pace and level. The new GED test is aligned with the Common Core standards, accepted by most states.

The GED, HiSET, and TASC tests concentrate on skills and analytic and critical thinking rather than just memorizing facts. Candidates don’t need so much know specific dates, names, and places, but instead demonstrate the ability to read, analyze, and understand texts about history, science, and literature.

At HSE (high school equivalency) prep classes students will regularly have practice tests to learn their level and their progress and to familiarize them with computer-based testing. Online HSE prep courses offer also great options, so check out the GED-HiSET-TASC video lessons and practice tests that are available at no cost on this website.

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