GED Classes Manassas, Virginia

This article is showing you all GED® prep sites and testing centers in the Manassas area.

In Virginia, you’ll need to pass the four subtests of the GED exam to earn your high school equivalency (HSE) degree.

The HSE program is for adults who left high school without graduating and gives them one more chance to earn an equivalent credential.

The GED exam is made up of four individual subtests (modules) in Math, Social Studies, Literacy, and Science.

You have the option to take one (or more) of the subtests at a time, as long as you complete the entire battery within two years.

Manassas GED prep class sites

GED Requirements in Virginia

Joseph B Johnson Learning Center
9051 Tudor Ln | Manassas | Virginia 20110 | Phone (571) 377.7250

Osbourn High School (PWCPS)
9005 Tudor Ln | Manassas | Virginia 20110 | Phone (703) 791.7357

New Directions School
8886 Rixlew Ln | Manassas | Virginia 20109 | Phone (703) 393.7261

Manassas Adult Learning Ctr (Prince William Co. Adult Ed)
14800 Joplin Rd | Manassas | Virginia 20112 | Phone (703) 791.7357

Stonewall Middle School (PWCPS)
10100 Lomond Dr | Manassas | Virginia 20109 | Phone (703) 791.7357

Sudley North Government Center (PWCPS)
7987 Ashton Ave | Manassas | Virginia 20109 | Phone (703) 791.7357

Manassas Park High School (PWCPS)
8200 Euclid Ave | Manassas | Virginia 20111 | Phone (703) 791.7357

Ellis Elementary School (PWCPS)
10400 Kim Graham Ln | Manassas | Virginia 20109 | Phone (703) 791.7357

Manassas Huntington Education Center
8663 Sudley Rd | Manassas | Virginia 20110 | Phone (703) 369.9511
Located in Canterbury Village Shopping Center

Pat White Center (PWCPS)
10501 Copeland Dr | Manassas | Virginia 20109 | Phone (703) 791.7357

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Free Practice Test for your GED exam in Virginia

Locations around Manassas (cities by alphabet)

BEACON For Adult Literacy GED Classes (Discontinued)
9535 Linton Hall Rd | Bristow | Virginia 20136 | Phone (703) 368.7491

Fairfax County Adult Education GED Classes
3877 Fairfax Ridge Rd | Fairfax | Virginia 22030 | Phone (571) 423.4650
More Fairfax prep sites can be found here

Lord Fairfax Community College-Fauquier Campus
6480 College St | Warrenton | Virginia 20187 | Phone (540) 869.0748

Warrenton Adult Education Ctr
775 Waterloo Rd | Warrenton | Virginia 20186 | Phone (540) 347.4372

Fauquier County Literacy Volunteers
70 Main St | Warrenton | Virginia 20186 | Phone (540) 349.8142

Woodbridge Senior High (for 16/17-year-olds)
3001 Old Bridge Rd | Woodbridge | Virginia 22192 | Phone (703) 906.7053
For all Woodbridge options go to this page

Free Online GED Classes in Virginia

Manassas area testing centers

Prince William County Public Schools GED testing
14800 Joplin Rd | Manassas | Virginia 20112 | Phone: (703) 791.7357

Germanna Community College Fredericksburg
10000 Germanna Point Drive | Fredericksburg | Virginia 22408 | Phone (540) 834.1035

Warrenton Adult Education Ctr GED testing
775 Waterloo Rd | Warrenton | Virginia 22186 | Phone (540) 347.4372

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Can you join the army with a GED?

Online registration

Registration has to be done online. You must go to the GED organization’s website and establish your own account at MyGED. This actually is a great portal where you can find all sorts of great information about the GED program, school profiles, employment developments & trends, and a lot more very useful information. You must have a current email address, and if you don’t, you can make one right there. You need to have a credit/debit card for online payment, but if you want, you may also get a pre-paid voucher, available at most GED testing centers, please contact a site near you. For enrollment criteria, check out this post: GED testing in Virginia.

In Virginia, the entire GED battery will cost you $120, but as said before, you pay only for what you register for ($30 per subject test). Be aware that online GED testing is impossible. You’ll have to come to one of Virginia’s official testing centers and take the tests face to face. You may also want to see this page that contains links to all GED test facilities and prep programs across the U.S.

One test at a time

The new GED program allows you to take one of the four tests (modules) when you feel sufficiently prepared. no longer do you need to take it all at once, and your scores stand for two years from your first registration. This is a great improvement compared to the former GED exam version, and also to the two alternative assessment programs available in the U.S. (TASC and HiSET). Not only can you just sit for one of the four tests, you also need to pay for just that part.


More than ever before is proper preparation the key to success. Join one of the classes listed above, or get study books from your local library or bookstore. Most of the GED courses listed above are offered free of charge. Online preparation can be a good solution for individuals in remote regions or those who cannot attend regular classes, but a high level of discipline is required to be successful this way. You can also take advantage of the free GED practice tests and video lessons that are offered on this website.

Want a job in the medical field?

Holding the GED degree qualifies you to attend credit-bearing college courses. Many students aspire a career in the medical field. How about becoming an X-Ray Tech? X-ray Technicians (or radiologic technologists) and MRI technologists are usually required to hold at least an associate’s degree. The majority of MRI technologists begin as radiologic technologists to specialize in MRI scans later on.

Most states require radiologic technologists to be licensed or certified, but only a few states are issuing licenses for MRI technologists, though most employers prefer or require all prospective technologists (also MRI) to hold certification even when the state does not. There are also quite a few part-time options.

Quite a few universities and colleges offer also bachelor’s degree-granting programs that generally include not only classroom instruction, but also clinical work. These degree programs include courses in radiation physics & protection, anatomy, pathology, image evaluation, and patient care, and in a lot of states, completion of an accredited academic program is a requirement to become licensed. High school students wishing to get a position in this field, should take courses in anatomy, chemistry, biology, physics, and physiology.

X-Ray Tech Salary

  • Average Annual Salary: $58,500
  • Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,510,500

In 2014, the median annual salary of radiologic technologists was around $58,500, and the average earnings per hour were around $28.90. The short and long-term demand for highly trained radiologic technologists will continue to grow, and their positions in clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices will definitely be secure. The demand for radiography specialists will be higher than the average job growth in the foreseeable future.

X-Ray Technician – The Job

X-ray technicians (radiologic technologists) are employed in different medical and allied healthcare service facilities that require operation of X-ray, radiology and medical imaging equipment. X-ray technicians, radiology technologists, and other radiology professionals work in hospitals, dental offices, medical diagnostic laboratories, and other healthcare centers and facilities.

X-ray technicians, or radiology technologists, are assigned to operate x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, computed tomography, digital mammography, fluoroscopy, and other radiological and digital imaging equipment. Some of these procedures are highly specialized and require additional professional training. X-ray technicians assist the patient by explaining the preparatory steps before undergoing the imaging procedure, regulating equipment settings, and helping to properly position the patient to capture the desired result.

As part of a team, X-ray technicians conduct the radiology and imaging procedure according to the physician’s recommendations but are not authorized to do diagnoses. They also help with scheduling the patient appointments based on laboratory facility and equipment availability. X-ray technicians work at least 40 hours a week. They may be assigned to do weekend and evening sessions depending on the hours set by the employer or healthcare facility.

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