GED Classes Lancaster, California

This post contains an overview of all GED® prep classes and testing locations in the Lancaster region.

California offers multiple options for high school equivalency (HSE) testing, the TASC, GED, and HiSET.

HSE testing gives persons who didn’t graduate high school the opportunity to acquire an equivalent credential.

Testing occurs at a level that’s comparable to that of graduating HS students.

The GED includes four independent subtests in Social Studies, Math, Science, and Literacy that may be completed in as much as 24 months.

HiSET and TASC have separate reading and writing test (so five overall) that can also be taken individually.

All three HSE tests are not available online. You must come to an official HSE testing site and take the tests face to face.

Lancaster HSE prep locations

Free CA GED Practice Tests

Antelope Valley Adult School
45110 3rd Street East, Lancaster, CA 93535, Phone: 661-942-3042

Sersea Center for Adult Education
44815 N Fig Avenue, Suite 125, Lancaster, CA 93534, Phone: 661-524-8119

Charter College Lancaster
43141 Business Center Parkway, Suite 102, Lancaster, CA 93535, Phone: 661-341-3500

Job Corps Palmdale
1420 West Avenue I, Lancaster, CA 93534, Phone: 661-951-9972

Lancaster University Center (Spanish)
45356 Division Street, Lancaster, CA 93535, Phone: 661-723-6429

Antelope Valley TAY Program (Transition Age Youth)
506 W Jackman Street, Lancaster, CA 93534, Phone: 661-726-2850
The TAY program is set up to assist coming-of-age youth with mental illnesses (sometimes labeled “transition age youth”) get ready for life in the real world.

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GED CA Testing Requirements

Locations around Lancaster

Bakersfield Adult Education HSE Classes
501 S Mt. Vernon Avenue, Bakersfield, California 93307, Ph: 661.835.1855
All Bakersfield area locations can be found at Bakersfield GED Courses

Cerro Coso Community College (East Kern Center)
140 Methusa Rd, Bldg 2453, Edwards AFB, CA 93524, Phone: 661-258-8644

Douglas Adult School
3228 Douglas Avenue, Mojave, CA 93501, Phone: 661-824-4088

Palmdale City Library Literacy Program
700 E Palmdale Boulevard, Palmdale, CA 93550, Phone: 661-267-5682

Pueblo Learning Center (Spanish)
37212 47th St E, Palmdale, CA 93552, Phone: 661-456-3079

Antelope Valley YouthBuild 
38136 35th St East, Palmdale, CA 93550, Phone: 661-266-8900

Snowline HiSET Education
4075 Nielson Rd, Phelan, California 92371, Phone: 760.868.5817 x 10390

Innovation Education
42202 50th Street W, Quartz Hill, CA 93536, Ph: 661-718-3699

Indian Wells Valley Literacy Council 
P.O. Box 1557 – Ridgecrest – California 93556 – Ph: 760.446.5227

Cerro Coso Comm. College Adult Education
3000 College Heights Boulevard – Ridgecrest – California 93555 – Ph: 760.384.6380

Southern Kern Adult Education
3082 Glendower Street, Rosamond, California 93560, Phone: 661-256-5090

Coll. of the Canyons HSE Classes (Valencia Campus)
26455 Rockwell Canyon Rd, Hasley Hall-306, Santa Clarita, California 91355, Phone: 661.362.3304
Find all Santa Clarita area HSE courses at Santa Clarita GED Programs

Tehachapi Adult & Community Education
126 S Snyder Ave, Tehachapi, California 93561, Ph: 661.822.2112

Farmworker Institute HSE Program
410 W J St (Suite A), Tehachapi, California 93561, Ph: 661.822.4381

Tehachapi Mountain Adult School (California State Prison)
24900 CA 202, Tehachapi, California 93561, Ph: 661.822.4402
Not open to the public

Victor Valley Ad. Education HSE Classes
16350 Mojave Drive, Victorville, California 92392, Phone: 760.955.3201 x 10242
If you want to view all Victorville area GED prep locations go to Victorville GED Programs

Free Online CA GED prep classes

Lancaster area HSE testing centers

Antelope Valley Adult School
45110 3rd Street, East Lancaster, CA 93535, Phone: 661-942-3042

California State Prison-Los Angeles County
44750 60th Street W, Lancaster, CA 93536, Phone: 661-729-2000

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GED Essay 101

What’s the GED exam like?

Adults who quit high school prematurely now will need to dig much deeper to pass the new ‘digitalized’ GED exam, which was completely revamped (the first time since 2002). Instead of answering multiple-choice questions, applicants must solve interactive math issues, analyze social studies, and demonstrate their critical thinking competencies by essay-style responses on a computer.

The instructional method has changed to meet up with new realities on the work floor and colleges. When students earn their GED credential, it now again indicates that they have accomplished something that’s needed in the contemporary workplace and university. There are free GED video classes offered on this website.

GED – how it started

In California, almost six million people don’t have a high school credential (as reported by GED Testing Service), and the test provides them with a chance to demonstrate their level of education. The GED (General Educational Development) test dates back to the 1940s when the government developed an exam to support returning WW II troops to pursue better jobs or to go to college after their military service. Lessons covered in GED preparation classes cover the topics of the four GED tests: literacy, math, science, and social studies.

GED-HiSET-TASC passing scores

The passing score on each test is 145, on a scale of 100 to 200. Below passing 100 – 144; high school equivalency passing 144-164; college-ready passing 165-174; college-ready + college credit passing 175-200. Just two years after the new GED exam was implemented, the passing standards of the GED test were adjusted. The minimally needed score was reduced by 5 points to 145.

On the TASC you need to score at least 500 out of 800 points for each sub-test (so minimally 2500 overall), and a 2-score or up for your essay. The required minimum HiSET score on each subject test is 8 (out of a possible 20), your essay result must be in the 2-6 points range, and your overall score must be between 45 and 100 points.

The HiSET and TASC exams

Test centers in California now also may use the alternative testing programs TASC and HiSET for high school equivalency measuring. These two alternative methods offer the high school equivalency (HSE) exam in both paper and computer formats and are considerably cheaper than the entirely computer-based GED examination.

It is up to testing sites which one (or all three) of the systems they will be using, so you better check with a testing site near you when you want to take the exam. The TASC and the HiSET both include five tests (the literacy part is divided into a reading and writing test).

Online GED registration

With the GED you can take (and pay for) one test (a module) at a time at the time you think you are ready. Go to to learn all details, and sign up at MyGED to be instructed through all processes and to discover schools- and program- profiles, and learn about trends and developments in the job market.

The new GED assessment method is actually far more than only a battery of four individual tests that you will need to pass. The GED program is interactive and if you register for MyGED, you can have all the benefits of an online portal that allows you to discover all kinds of support and help to see how you can prepare for the new GED exam in the best way.

Here you have the option to register for and schedule your GED tests. Visit for details. The GED examining system was completely re-invented to ensure it remained a credible method for testing an applicant’s level of knowledge and skills in comparison to a graduating HS student.

The four GED tests

The GED exam has implemented what employers and colleges are expecting of applicants. You will be given these time frames for the content fields of the totally new GED test: Mathematics: 1 hour and 55 minutes; Language Arts: 2 hours and 35 minutes; Science: 1 hour and 30 minutes; and Social Studies: 1 hour and 10 minutes.

A secondary education diploma (high school or GED) is nowadays really the degree needed for any kind of work and you need it to enter schools of post-secondary education. Without a high school or GED diploma, you won’t get hired. So go and get hold of your GED diploma as soon as you can.

Continued learning options

Check out this overview of Lancaster and Palmdale institutions of higher education if you think about continuing your academic education after completing the GED exam:

The University of Antelope Valley Sierra Campus (44055 North Sierra Hwy, Lancaster, CA 93534, 661-726-1911)
The University of Antelope Valley Parkview Campus (808 W Avenue J, Lancaster, CA 93534, 661-726-1911)
University of Phoenix (1220 W Ave J, Lancaster, CA 93534, 800-888-1968)
Antelope Valley College (3041 W Avenue K, Lancaster, CA 93536, 661-722-6300)
West Coast Baptist College (4010 E Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA 93535, 888-694-9222)
Antelope Valley Medical College (44055 Sierra Hwy, Lancaster, CA 93534, 661-726-1911)
Lancaster Beauty School (44646 N 10th St W, Lancaster, CA 93534, 661-948-1672)
San Joaquin Valley College (42135 10th St W, Lancaster, CA 93534, 661-974-8282)
Career Care Institute (43770 15th St West (Ste 115), Lancaster CA, 93534, 661-942-6204)
CA State University Bakersfield-Antelope Valley (43909 30th St W, Lancaster, CA 93536, 661-722-6630)
High Desert Medical College (701 W Ave K, Lancaster, CA 93534, 661-940-9300)
Charter College (43141 Business Center Pkwy, Ste 102, Lancaster, CA 93535, 888-837-4172)
Lancaster Latter-Day Saints Institute (3134 W Avenue K, Lancaster, CA 93536, 661-943-5301)
DeVry University Palmdale (39115 Trade Center Dr, Ste 100, Palmdale, CA 93551, 866-986-9388)
Brandman University (39115 Trade Center Dr, Ste 203, Palmdale, CA 93550, 661-267-2001)
Marinello Schools of Beauty (641 W Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale, CA 93551, 661-274-8796)
Keller Graduate School of Management (39115 Trade Center Dr, Palmdale, CA 93551, 866-986-9388)

About Lancaster

The city of Lancaster (population 160,000) is situated in Southern California’s Los Angeles County, in the western Mojave Desert portion of the Antelope Valley. Lancaster now is the thriving center of the Antelope Valley and the city is known for the beautiful clear blue skies of the California High Desert. Lancaster visitors should pay a visit to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve that harbors the most beautiful of California’s state flower (15101 Lancaster Rd, Lancaster, CA 93536, 661-724-1180).

The city is also known for the Musical Road (187 W Ave G, Lancaster, CA 93536), and the city’s Aerospace Walk of Honor (4933 Fern Avenue, Lancaster, CA 93534). Lancaster has turned into a thriving community that offers visitors an impressive variety of outdoor experiences together with great shopping, fine restaurants, and good entertainment.

All year round, the Antelope Valley offers great events such as the LA County Air Show, the California Poppy Festival, the Antelope Valley Fair, or the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix.

In Lancaster’s proximity, you can find Edwards Air Force Base, related industries such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman, and the Mojave Air and Space Port.

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