How Long Is A GED Course?

Last Updated on April 9, 2024.

How will I get my GED diploma? How long do I need to get my GED degree? How long is a GED course? Can I go to college with a GED?

These are just a few of the questions that often are running around the minds of so many adults who didn’t complete their regular high school education. So let’s see if we can give you the answers.

If you get your GED, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your professional options, and the credential also allows for a college education.

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Now, with regard to the questions “How long is a GED course?” and “How long will it take to get your GED diploma?” the following.

Well, everything depends on your academic level, your earlier education, and your skill level. In general, though, we can say that the average time that students need to get all set is around three months.

However, well-educated and motivated GED applicants will not require that time. You can take the GED exam at a GED test facility or online.

It all depends on how motivated you are to study hard and how prepared you are for taking the GED exam. You are also welcome to use our free video lessons and practice tests to get ready efficiently.

Keep in mind that you have the option to take the four GED modules one at a time. GED prep classes generally take one trimester to get you all set, but please bear in mind that some students need longer.

There are states that require GED applicants to take an official prep course and/or take a practice test prior to GED testing, but most states do not.

Regardless of whether taking a prep course is required or not, attending a prep class at a physical site or through a good online program and taking multiple GED practice tests is highly recommended!

When do GED Classes Start?

GED prep courses and Career Readiness programs are offered by many academic institutions across America. Sometimes, these courses start in January and September, but mostly, they work with an open enrollment system that you can start anytime you like.

Please check with a prep site near you to learn all about the options and to learn more about in which states you first need to attend a prep course or take a practice test. To learn more, check out our post, where you can learn if attending a GED prep course is required in your state.

Many GED prep classes are offered in the morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend settings to accommodate applicants with busy schedules. More and more schools are offering GED prep courses and GED practice tests online as well.

How Much are GED Classes?

Every state has its own regulations, and GED classes may come with different costs and/or administration fees. In many states, though, high school equivalency classes are offered at no cost at all. You can also find private educational institutions that require you to pay for their offerings.

When taking GED prep classes in Florida, educational institutions are required to charge a $30 fee per term of six months, although you can also find organizations in the state that charge you nothing for their courses, and free online options are readily available as well. To learn about the cost of GED testing in your state, check out this page.

How to Sign Up for GED Classes?HiSET schools

When you’ve learned all about your state’s requirements, check with a prep site near you or a community college for on-campus possibilities, or sign up for a good online course. It is key to understand what you can do after you earn your GED! There will be so many options open to you.

Many community colleges offer adult learning programs that are sometimes called ABE (Adult Basic Education) courses or go by some other name. In Ohio, for example, the ABE program is called the ASPIRE program, and in Kentucky, the KY Skills U program.

Contact your local school or another prep facility if you want to attend a physical class where you learn under the guidance of a teacher. If you have a well-developed sense of self-discipline, an online prep course might be right for you. Teachers can also advise you on the best online GED prep program. This, in combination with teacher guidance, will get you all set quickly.

Check also your state directories on this website of schools that offer adult education. These schools will help you realize your dreams. You’ll be amazed by all the things you can do with a GED.

If you get in touch with a school that matches your educational needs, ask them about their GED High School Equivalency (HSE) prep course. They will definitely help you and take it from there to help you earn your GED and achieve your educational and career goals.

Where can I get GED Classes?

There are numerous options for getting free or low-cost GED instructional classes, but more and more students prefer to prepare for the GED exam without going to a physical classroom. A full list of physical GED prep facilities across America is available in this overview.

There are so many reasons why increasingly more students prefer to get all set through online GED prep courses. Family and work often play a role, and many GED prep classes are held in the evening when it may be difficult to go to class. Many students are living long distances from these prep sites so studying at home is a much-preferred option.

Additionally, the quality of online study programs has improved a lot over the past years thanks to the development and application of new technologies and interactive learning. Online learning has come a long way!

What are GED Classes Like?

If you sign up for a GED prep class at a physical school, teachers will explain everything that’s on the four GED subtests. Usually, you’ll be tested for proper GED class placement, and they can come up with a personalized study plan that fits your educational level quite well.

The most widely used test for properly placing GED students in study groups or at the right moment in an online program is the TABE or Test of Basic Adult Education. This exam will provide a pretty good idea of a student’s knowledge and skill level.

Most prep sites use computer-based programs and practice tests to get you all set, and the teachers are there to answer all of your questions and monitor your progress. Many students learn better if they are given assignments under the supervision of actual instructors who will help them tackle the subject matter that causes them trouble.

How to Take GED Classes Online?

Getting all set for the GED exam at home has become very popular and is relatively easy, thanks to new technologies and online study guides. Probably the best way to get ready is to take many practice tests. You will learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll get accustomed to the computer-based GED test format.