What Jobs Are In High Demand Right Now?

Last Updated on April 9, 2024.

Over the last decade, many new well-paying jobs have emerged that didn’t exist ten years ago. These jobs are in high demand right now.

The majority of these new jobs don’t depend on what education you have had.

Well, there’s no school that teaches you how to become a Google CPC expert or how to make a 6-figure income by playing some video game, right?

Most of the jobs listed on this page are relatively new, and there’s no formal education for them yet.

You can get any of these jobs if you are open-minded and willing to learn.

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You must become experienced by learning it by yourself. If you are eager enough to learn, you definitely will manage!

It’s a kind of hands-on learning and a self-starter approach. We first describe an industry and then some types of jobs that are available.

Generally, you’ll find YouTube videos that explain how to get started. The world has changed, wouldn’t you agree? Innovation has brought us so many new opportunities!

If you need a secondary education degree for a position, keep in mind that many websites also offer (often free) online GED courses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Job: HILT (Human in the Loop)

AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems are growing rapidly, and it is crucial for all data to be labeled in the correct way so that machines will understand. Usually, machine-learning companies are using humans in their automation processes to complete specific tasks to label the data.

Opportunity: Virtually anyone could be a HILT, a human-in-the-loop, and you could work whenever and from wherever you like. Usually, the tasks will be broken down into tiny pieces, and some can be done easily by phone while you’re working out or having your lunch, for example.


This is a new job. You can create your own new business while leveraging new platforms. Savvy and creative entrepreneurs can maximize the opportunities of “spot-based” or “contract” jobs provided by peer marketplace or gig economy companies.

I’ll give you a few examples. Turo, a car-sharing peer-to-peer company, gives private vehicle owners the opportunity to rent out their cars through a mobile, online interface.

You can build your business on this platform if you manage 10, 20, or even 200 cars on this platform. Even when you didn’t finish high school or have a GED, you may very well be successful in this job, wouldn’t you think?

HipCamp, an online travel services platform, is designed to help people discover and book camping experiences. Individuals can monetize their land through

HipCamp for things like fishing, camping, or bird-watching. One more example: Dumpling is a software platform providing everything a shopper will need to operate a grocery delivery service. Rather than shopping for Instacart, solopreneurs at Dumpling can pick out their clients to turn these into repeat customers.

Opportunities: Anyone can get started with a job on the side and, eventually, turn these opportunities into full-scale businesses. Some of these platforms will require you to come up with something tangible, like a plot of land or a car, because the specific nature of the business requires that.

Some, however, aren’t requiring anything besides your skill, time, and effort and allow you to run your own business while using the platform’s underlying technology. See also this James Madison High School review that also lists some interesting high-in-demand jobs.

Dumpling, for example, allows shoppers to have their personal page where they can advertise their activities or businesses. Usually, they’re tipped better as well since they know their clients, understand better what their clients are looking for, and provide far better services.


An influencer is a person who carved out a good reputation on social media as an expert in any chosen field. They’re holding sway in that specific court and often amass millions of loyal followers. Sure, there are several jobs out there that don’t require a GED diploma, but holding a secondary education degree will definitely benefit you all the way!

If you’ll manage to get just one like from these influencers, your social media efforts could expand dramatically. Influencers can create income through affiliate marketing, via a pay-to-click model, or through sponsorships, webinars, and e-books.

You may also want to check out this interesting post about new Career Certification Programs that were recently launched by Google on Coursera. Instead of spending a ton of money and four years on getting a university degree, you can qualify for well-paying employment at a fraction of the cost!


At this moment, the world’s best-paid vlogger, or YouTube star, is an 8-year-old boy named Ryan, so says Forbes. His YouTube channel (Ryan’s ToysReviews), has had more than 25 billion views, and the boy’s latest reported income was many millions.

Video blogs, or vlogs, can refer to anything, from opinions and reviews to tutorials or comedy. The point is that you need to be able to capture viewers, amass big hits, and get the sponsorships that may bring in your desired big bucks.

Due to YouTube and so many other rival video-sharing platforms, vlogging has become a career opportunity. The most successful vloggers on YouTube attract huge sums of money through social media management, sponsorship deals, or advertising.

Content Creator

Creating memes and videos has become an interesting job in its own right. You must have the ability to work with editing software, and you must be able to keep right on top of things and trends. This job can be reasonably rewarding, provided you have the required skills and experience.

Web Analyst

These days, many of us seem to be living and working mostly online; there’s a need for analysts for keeping the web in perfect shape and improve it continuously. Web analysts generally work within web development teams to design data management procedures, produce analyses, and enforce integrity and cybersecurity.

Generally, salaries will be mid-range, and holding a high school diploma or GED will minimally be required. Web analysts are leveraging their analytical and technical skills for the development of dashboards to report products or insights to solve business issues or problems. Companies like Amazon hire these kinds of professionals, and they actively support continuing education opportunities. So, read more about Amazon offering free college tuition in Michigan and all across America.

The challenges – Search engines such as Google and Bing are continually evolving. They will add new updates and algorithms on a regular basis that may potentially lead to website penalties. Web Analysts must stay on top of current trends and eventual changes within the digital world.

Ongoing research and training are needed for web analysts to stay ahead of any curves, and the skill to adapt is essential in a position like this.

What skills are required? – Web analysts must have a thorough understanding of analytics tools such as Google Analytics and understand Google Search Console. They need to have well-rounded communication skills to be able to provide detailed information about their analytics to clients.

Web analysts must be able to read and interpret data, and the relationship between data sets, as well as have the skills to explain improvement recommendations. One more great attribute will be their ability to visually present data in a meaningful way to understand their clients’ audiences.

You can learn more about web analytics by checking out free Google video courses and getting certified by passing an exam that’s based on that specific course.

Social Media Manager, Coordinator, Specialist

Social Media Coordinators, Managers, or Specialists are generally responsible for setting up online alerts to monitor and manage responses and what is said online about clients. They usually work with a company’s management to come up with the proper strategy for responding.

Social Media Managers are monitoring, moderating, and responding to online comments. They are often managing social media in partnerships with other brands while creating or posting shareable images and videos.

Opportunities: Generally, companies want to hire less-experienced folks to fill their social media positions and train them themselves to learn the best ways to deal with social media and use their knowledge. The responsibilities of social media managers vary and will depend on an employer’s or client’s wishes and needs.

Some will have to be focusing more on contests and quizzes for the promotion of products, while others will need to learn more about the competition’s activities and get the word out more actively to ensure their clients can compete more effectively. If you still prefer to work for a major corporation, check out this page about companies with tuition reimbursement programs that may get you a college degree for free.

CPC Manager-Digital Marketing

Paid media advertising is what it says: you pay for advertising your business. Common forms of paid media that you’re likely to see are Facebook ads, Google Ads, or Twitter Ads.

Large and small businesses are using these online platforms to manage eye-catching, keyword-focused, or in another way relevant online advertisements to get their business and name right in front of their targeted audiences, the ones that are most likely to purchase their products.

You may learn how to deal with this job via online courses. There is, for example, Google Academy, which offers free digital training courses provided by Google.

Drone Operator

Over the past decade, we’ve seen the market for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) exploding across the globe. This has created some interesting job opportunities for a new kind of specialist: drone operators.

The tasks of drone pilots include checking the UVA prior to flying to make sure they will be operating in a proper way and monitoring the drone when it’s up in the air. Drone Operators will be planning the drones’ flying routes and navigating the machines along these paths.

There are drone operators working for the military that usually will be responsible for collecting information about enemy troops’ movements or for mapping out some territory. Other drone operators could be involved in the production of aerial photography for some other purpose. An experienced drone operator can command a six-figure salary.

Robot Fixer

Robotic companies need field technicians to fix robots. As we see more and more autonomous robots, specialized technicians are increasingly needed to guide and maintain this fleet. FarmWise, for example, employs field technicians who are responsible for dealing with digital interfaces.

These specialists play a critical role in the company’s success as they understand how machines must be functioning in the field. They must have well-rounded problem-solving skills and come up with solutions when machines break down.

Opportunities: The compensation for robot fixers at FarmWise could well be 50 to 70 percent above common salaries in the agricultural field. Applicants don’t require a technical or computer science degree to start out in this field.

Generally, a one- or two-day training is all that it takes to take on this professional track that’s open to folks of any background. FarmWise offers anyone the opportunity to become a successful onsite robotic operator with oversight and human involvement.

Mobile Charger/Scavenger Hunter

Mobile chargers and scavenger hunters pick up and/or charge electric scooters overnight to release these machines at designated stations or locations. Electronic scooter companies are expanding rapidly, and so the need for mobile chargers/scooter scavengers is increasing quickly as well.

Opportunities: Anyone who’s interested may sign up to become a mobile charger. Workers may expect to get at least anywhere from $5 to $10 for each scooter that they will charge.

Podcast Producer

A Podcast Producer is in the business of recording, editing, and managing podcasts, be it as a freelancer or for a company. When visions are cast and/or an interview is scheduled and completed, a podcast must be managed and prepared for the online world to see and hear. A podcast producer must edit, mix, and master this recorded content into understandable, cohesive episodes.

The process will usually involve lots of facets such as narration, music transitions, including news clips, or other digital elements to get the story across. It is the role of podcast producers to work on this themselves or to work together with a production team to carry out the vision.

Opportunities: Podcasts enjoy increasing popularity, and many podcast authors are looking for reliable podcast producers to manage and guide their daily or weekly podcasts. The demand for professional podcast producers is high.