I took the GED test years ago and only had one section to pass. Why do I have to start all over?

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The employment market changes; educational standards, methods, and requirements change; The world around us changes. And so the GED exam changes accordingly to meet industry expectations and educational requirements.

The latest edition of the GED exam dates back to 2014, when some major changes were included. Your writing skills are assessed all through the exam, so that section disappeared. There is now one Language Arts subject test.

The latest GED edition has four subtests (modules) instead of the earlier five. The modules cover

  • Science
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Reasoning through Language Arts
  • Social Studies

The current GED test must be taken exclusively on a computer, which is understandable because, in the contemporary job market, there aren’t many positions (also not at the entry level) that do not involve some sort of keyboarding or computer skills.

So, GED testing results from before January 2014 do not count anymore toward your GED diploma. Old scores are void, and all test results for all subject tests must be achieved in 2014 or later. No exceptions!

So if you took the GED test many years ago (before 2014) and passed most subject tests but not all, your scores do not count. You will have to start all over again, but the advantage is that you can take the four subject tests one at a time. No need to do it all in one take as in earlier days.