GED Classes Durango, Colorado

On this page, we list all GED class locations and testing centers in the greater Durango area. Colorado is offering the computerized GED exam for its High School Equivalency testing program.

The state additionally embraced the HiSET exam for this purpose.

Test-takers can sit for the GED® and HiSET® exams online or at state-designated testing centers. Read more below about online testing.

The exams offer individuals who quit high school prematurely the opportunity to earn an equivalent degree.

The GED is a fully computerized exam, whereas the HiSET is offered both on paper and on a computer.

Both exams assess an applicant’s knowledge at a level that compares to what high school students must command at graduation.

The GED exam includes four independent subtests in Math, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies that can be dealt with separately.

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The HiSET exam has separate Reading and Writing tests, so five in total, that are also offered individually if you wish.

Durango GED Prep Facilities

Durango Adult Education Center
701 Camino del Rio | Suite 301 | Durango | CO 81301 | Phone: 970-385-4354
Durango Education Center is situated on the third floor of the Commons Building, across from the Durango Transit Center and next door to the Albertsons Grocery Store. GED prep classes are held Mondays through Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there are guided self-study GED prep opportunities from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Colorado GED Practice Tests

Durango Career Center (Referral Only)
331 S Camino del Rio | Durango | CO 81303 | Phone: 970-247-0308

La Plata County Jail GED Program
742 Turner Drive | Durango | CO 81303 | Phone: 970-247-1161
Not open to the public

Locations Around Durango (Cities By Alphabet)

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Colorado GED Requirements

USU Blanding GED Instruction
648 W 100 South | Blanding | UT 84511 | Phone: 435-678-8155

Cortez Adult Education Center
10 W Main Street | Cortez | CO 81321 | Phone: 970-564-7004 or 970-385-4354
Classes are offered in Suite 110 of the Wilson Building (above The Journal’s office). During evening classes, childcare is available.

Unlimited Learning Center GED Classes
640 E Second Street | Cortez | CO 81321 | Ph: 970-565-1601

Montezuma County Detention Center GED Program
730 E. Driscoll St | Cortez | CO 81321 | Phone: 970-565-4348
Not publicly available

Colorado Free Online GED Course

San Juan College Adult Education
4601 College Boulevard | Farmington | NM 87402 | Phone: 505.326.3270
See all Farmington region GED prep locations at Farmington GED Classes

Mesa Co. Workforce Ctr. GED Classes
512 29 1/2 Rd | Grand Junction | CO 81504 | Phone 970.257.2216
All Grand Junction area locations can be found here: Grand Junction GED programs

Southern-Ute Indian Tribe Education Ctr. GED Classes
330 Burns Ave | Ignacio | Colorado 81137 | Phone 970.563.2784

Pueblo Community College Southwest
33057 Highway 160 | Mancos | CO 81328 | Phone: 719.549.3143

Byron Syring DELTA Ctr GED Prep Program
345 E Prospect Ave | Monte Vista | Colorado 81144 | Phone 719.852.2212

USU-Learning Center-Montezuma Creek
200 South 500 East | Montezuma Creek | Utah 84534 | Phone: 435-651-3106

USU-Monticello Campus
248 South 100 East | Monticello | Utah 84535 | Phone: 435-587-3316

Monticello Jail GED Program
297 South Main | Monticello | Utah 84535 | Phone: 435-587-2237
No public availability

USU-Monument Valley GED Classes
4 Rock Door Canyon Drive | Monument Valley | Utah 84536 | Phone: 435-727-3294

Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library (Pagosa Adult Learning Services-PALS)
811 San Juan Street | Pagosa Springs | CO 81147 | Phone: 970-264-2209
Pagosa Adult Learning Services at the Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library offers an accelerated GED prep course. The course is free, and scholarships are also available to take the GED test.

San Miguel Juvenile Diversion Program
305 W Colorado Avenue | Telluride | CO 81435 | Phone: 970-728-4463
The San Miguel Juvenile Diversion Program offers 1st and 2nd-time youth offenders a community alternative to a formal court filing or possible criminal record. Juvenile Diversion is also committed to preventing youth criminal behavior at large. The program helps more than 300 students every year. Not publicly available.

Ute Mountain Learning Center
420-B Sunset Boulevard | Towaoc | CO 81334 | Phone: 970-564-5471

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Online HiSET And GED Testing

Candidates for the Colorado HSE (High School Equivalency) diploma can take the GED and HiSET exams online as well. To take the GED or HiSET exam, it used to be that personal appearance at a test center was required. Well, that’s something of the past.

Today, both the GED and HiSET exams are also offered online with the help of an online proctor. Read more about this interesting development in these posts: online GED testing and for HiSET: online HiSET testing.

Durango Area GED Testing Centers

From Durango, Cities by Alphabet

Durango Adult Education Center (GED and HiSET)
701 Camino del Rio | Suite 301 | Durango | CO 81301 | Phone: 970-385-4354

Fort Lewis Test Center (HiSET)
1000 Rim Dr (Noble Hall 287, Inside Disability Service office) | Durango | CO 81301 | Phone: 970-382-6938

Durango Adult Education Center-Cortez (HiSET)
– 10 W Main St | Suite 110 |  Cortez | CO 81321 | Phone: 970-564-7004

San Juan College (GED or HiSET)
4601 College Boulevard | Farmington | NM 87402 | Phone: 505-566-3139

Southern-Ute Indian Tribe Higher Education Center (GED)
330 Burns Avenue | Ignacio | CO 81137 | Phone: 970-563-0237

Byron Syring DELTA Center (GED)
345 East Prospect Avenue | Monte Vista | CO 81144 | Phone: 719-852-2212