GED Classes Del Rio, Texas

In this article, you can discover all GED® prep sites and testing centers in the Del Rio area.

In Texas, you need to pass the GED exam to earn your HSE (high school equivalency) degree.

The state also two alternative exams for that purpose, the TASC™ and the HiSET®.

Texas HSE testing is for adults who never finished high school and this way, they have the chance to acquire an equivalent degree.

The GED includes four subtests (modules) in Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Science.

You are given up to two years to complete the four GED modules.

The HiSET and TASC come with individual reading and writing tests, so five in total, that can be taken separately as well.

The GED is fully computerized while the HiSET and TASC are available on a computer or on paper.

GED prep sites in Del Rio

GED Requirements in Texas

Del Rio Adult Learning Center
213 Canal St – Del Rio – TX 78840 – Ph: (830) 774.0038

Texas A&M (HEP – High School Equivalency Program Del Rio)
902 S Main Street (Ste G) – Del Rio – Texas 78840 – Ph (830) 775-0800

SW Texas Junior College-Del Rio
207 Wildcat Dr – Del Rio – TX 78840 – Ph: (830) 775-1612

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Free Texas GED Practice Test

Prep sites around Del Rio (cities by alphabet)

Carrizo Springs HS 
102 North Fifth St – Carrizo Springs – Texas 78834 – Ph: (830) 876-3503

SW Texas Junior College-Crystal City
215 West Zavala Street – Crystal City – Texas 78839 – Ph: (830) 374-3378

SW Texas Junior College- Eagle Pass 
4003 US 277 – Eagle Pass – TX 78852 – Ph: (830) 758.0022

Eagle Pass Extension Center
1980 Antonio M Garcia St – Eagle Pass – TX 78852 – Ph: (830) 752.1761

Texas A&M University (HEP – Eagle Pass)
1610 Del Rio Blvd (Rear Entrance) – Eagle Pass – TX 78852 – Ph: (830) 757.6623

Kimble County Central Library Junction
208 North 10th St – Junction – TX 76849 – Ph: (325) 446-2342

Ozona High (Howard Coll. Adult Education)
800 Ave East – Ozona – Texas 76943 – Ph (325) 481-8324

SW Texas Junior College-Uvalde
2401 Garner Field Rd – Uvalde – TX 78801 – Ph: (830) 591.7235

Free Texas GED Online Classes

Del Rio area test centers

SW Texas Junior Coll. Del Rio
207 Wildcat Drive – Del Rio – Texas 78840 – Ph: (830) 775-1612

SW Texas Junior Coll. Uvalde
2401 Garner Field Road – Uvalde – Texas 78801 – Ph (830) 591-7346

How to prepare for the GED, TASC, HiSET fast

Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency

The current provider of HSE (high school equivalency) testing in Texas is GED Testing Service, a cooperation of the American Council on Literacy – ACE – and for-profit educational publisher Pearson VUE. Students that pass all four separate GED subtests will receive a State of Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency.

The GED test was entirely remodeled to stay a trustworthy high school equivalency exam and it contains four individual modules (or subtests) that may be taken independently. You need to complete the entire battery, though, within two years from your first test registration. the HiSET and TASC have separate reading and writing tests, so five in total, that are modular as well. Check also this page that has links to all GED programs and prep locations in America.

GED cost

The Texas GED exam costs $135 for all four subtests, so $33.75 per subject test. There’s no need to pay upfront for the entire exam. You only pay for the subtest(s) you register for. The GED diploma is your ticket to a college education and will make you successful on the work floor and in life. To see if you qualify, go to GED Texas testing requirements.


To register and pay for the GED exam (or one of the four tests when you are ready) you must go online to and create your account at the portal MyGED. This is also the place where you can get all sorts of information about the GED program, employment advice and insights, and further education in college or university. Here you can schedule your tests and check your results. You will need to have a current email address as well as a credit/debit card (but if that’s a problem, contact the school for a prepaid voucher).

Online GED testing?

There is NO possibility to take the GED, HiSET, or TASC over the internet. You are required to come to one of over 130 Texas test sites and sit for the tests by yourself and don’t forget to bring the right identification (a government-issued photo ID). Internet sites that tell something different are fraudulent and only try to steal your money, and their “diplomas” or “certificates” are worthless.

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