GED Classes Columbus, Nebraska

Listed here are all GED prep class locations and testing facilities in the Columbus region. The GED exam offers adults who could not finish high school another option to acquire an equivalent credential.

GED testing is available online, from your home, and at state-approved Nebraska test centers.

The GED® diploma is all across North America recognized in the same way as a common HS credential.

The assessment measures an applicant’s knowledge at a level that is comparable to that of graduating high school seniors.

The GED exam is administered completely computer-formatted and contains four separate subtests (modules) in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Literacy.

You can take these modules separately. You are not required to sit for the GED battery all at once.

In the past, there was no GED exam testing option over the internet. Your personal appearance at one of Nebraska’s state-approved test centers was required.

Recently, though, we witnessed the launch of an online proctored GED testing option. Read more below.

Columbus GED Prep Locations

Central Community College (@Columbus Family Resource Center)
3020 18th Street | Suite 4 | Columbus | NE 68601 | Ph: (402) 562.1432 or (308) 398.7446

Platte Valley Literacy Association GED Instruction
3020 18th Street | Suite 3 | Columbus | NE 68601 | Ph: (402) 562-1432/1463
Platte Valley Literacy Association is located in the Columbus Family Resource Center.

GED Requirements in Nebraska

Centro Hispano Comunitario de Nebraska
3214 25th Street | Columbus | NE 68601 | Ph: (402) 564.2110

Multicultural Human Development Corporation-Columbus
3020 18th Street | Columbus | NE 68601 | Ph: (402) 563.3118
Basic English Reading, Writing, and Math lessons for adult students. Farmworkers can be eligible for stipends when attending. Students need to be at least 16 years of age.

Platte County Jail (CCC)
1125 E 17th Street | Columbus | NE 68601 | Ph: (402) 562.1432
Not available to the public

Prep Sites Around Columbus (Cities By Alphabet)

Metropolitan Community College-Fremont Area Center
835 N Broad Street | Fremont | NE 68025 | Ph: (402) 457.2312 or (531) 622.4060

Central Comm. Coll.-Grand Island GED Instruction
3180 W Highway 34 | Grand Island | NE 68802 | Ph: (308) 398.7432 or (308) 398.7446
More Grand Island GED prep sites <-are found on this page

Free Nebraska GED Online Classes

Southeast Comm. Coll. GED Classes
8800 O St – Lincoln – NE 68520 – Ph (402) 437-2840
Check here for all -> Lincoln area GED prep locations

Northeast Comm. Coll. GED Classes
801 E Benjamin Avenue | Norfolk | NE 68701 | Ph: (402) 844.7255/7256
For more Norfolk area GED prep sites, <- go to this post

Cargill Community Learning Center (Cargill Meat Corporation)
590 Road Nine | Schuyler | NE 68661 | Ph (402) 352-8221

Schuyler Middle School
200 W 10th Street | Schuyler | NE 68661 | Ph (402) 352-5514 or (308) 398-7446
GED instruction provided by Central Community College

Schuyler Public Library
1123 A Street | Schuyler | NE 68661 | Ph (402) 352-5514 or (308) 398-7446
GED instruction provided by Central Community College

Northeast Comm. College-West Point Education Ctr
202 Anna Stalp Avenue | West Point | NE 68788 | Ph: (402) 844.7255/7256

Kilgore Library GED Instruction (SCC)
520 North Nebraska Ave | York | NE 68467 | Ph: (402) 437.2840 or (800) 642.4075 ext. 2719

Columbus Area GED Testing Sites

Columbus Central Comm. Coll. GED testing
4500 63rd St – Columbus – Nebraska 68601 – Phone (402) 562-1206

Crete School District GED Testing
325 E. 9th St – Crete – Nebraska 68333 – Phone (402) 826-5228

Fremont Area Metropolitan Comm. College
835 N. Broad St – Fremont – Nebraska 68025 – Phone (402) 721-2507/(531) 622-3000

Grand Island Comm. Coll. GED testing
3134 W Highway 34 – Grand Island – Nebraska 68802 – Phone (308) 398-7481

Southeast Community Coll. GED testing (Testing Ctr-Rm L3)
8800 O Street | Lincoln | Nebraska 68520 | Ph (402) 437.2626
See all Lincoln testing sites <- here

Northeast Comm. College GED testing
801 E Benjamin Avenue | Norfolk | NE 68701 | Ph (402) 371-2020

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To see if you can enroll in the program, check out Nebraska GED testing requirements.

Free Nebraska Practice Test

Introducing An Online GED Test-Taking Option

In earlier days, taking the GED testing online from your home was not possible. If you wanted to earn your Nebraska GED diploma, you needed to come to an official Nebraska GED testing site in person to take and pass the four GED subtests.

Recently, however, a great new option was launched with the introduction of an online version of the GED test. So that has changed, but to be able to take the GED exam at home, you need to have a good internet connection. Check out this page: ‘Launching the online GED test’ if you want to learn more about this interesting development.

Who Qualifies?

If you want to take the GED exam, there are requirements. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, but exceptions are made for those who are 16 and 17. They must come up with proof of withdrawal from school and also have relevant application forms from Nebraska’s Department of Education.

You cannot already have a secondary education degree and not be registered for any other educational program. The passing score on each GED module (or subtest) is 145 on a 100-200 scale. Testing takes place at a level that compares to that of high school grads.

Using A Calculator

On the GED Math, Social Studies, and Science modules, you can use a scientific calculator, but it has to be the Texas Instruments Model TI-30XS. You have the option to bring your own hand-held version to the test room, but there’s also an embedded, on-screen version available to you.

At the beginning of the GED Math module, there’ll be a tutorial with instructions on how to use the calculator. The scientific calculator is a very powerful machine that can help you solve practically all math problems found in the 2nd part of the Math subtest.

The GED Math exam is split up into two sections, and using the calculator is only permitted in the second part. Please note that only the TI-30XS calculator can be used. Any other calculator cannot be used on the GED Math, Science, and Social Studies exams.