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On this page, we list all GED® preparatory sites and testing centers in the Columbus, Mississippi region. Mississippi uses two options for HSE (high school equivalency) testing, the GED and HiSET® exams.

Both the GED and HiSET exams are available online and at certified Mississippi test centers.

The HSE exam gives people who didn’t graduate high school one more shot at earning an equivalent diploma.

HSE testing happens at a level similar to what high school must command upon graduation.

The GED includes four individual subtests (modules) in Social Studies, Literacy, Science, and Math that may be taken separately.

HiSET testing is done via five subtests. Here, the Literacy part has separate writing and reading tests. These tests can also be taken separately.

The GED must be done exclusively on a computer while the HiSET is offered both on paper and on a computer.

Until recently, online high school equivalency testing was not possible but now, we’ve witnessed the introduction of an online GED option, and also the HiSET has introduced online testing. Learn more below.

Columbus GED prep facilities

Greater Columbus Learning Center
612 Military Road – Columbus – Mississippi 39701 – Phone: (662) 329.7691

East Mississippi Community College-Lion Hills Campus
2331 Military Road – Columbus – Mississippi 39705 – Phone: (662) 243.1985
The school offers the LaunchPad Adult Basic Education Program as well as the MI-BEST program which allows students to earn credentials or college credits while studying towards their GED diploma.  MI-BEST stands for “Mississippi Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training”, and the program is developed after the I-BEST program in Washington state.

GED Mississippi Requirements

Columbus WIN Job Ctr (Golden Triangle)
5000 North Frontage Road – Columbus – Mississippi 39701 – Ph: (662) 328-6876

Carl Loftin Vo-Tech Center (PRCC)
1140 Mississippi 13 – Columbia – Mississippi 39429 – Phone: (601) 403.1810

Recovery House HSE Program
770 Golding Road – Columbus – Mississippi 39702 – Phone: (662) 329.4333
Not open to the public

GED prep sites around Columbus (cities in alphabetic order)

Evans Memorial Library
105 North Long Street – Aberdeen – Mississippi 39730 – Phone: (662) 369.4601

Aberdeen Housing Authority (ICC)
910 Martin Luther King Street – Aberdeen – Mississippi 39730 – Phone: (662) 407.1510

Macon mobile unit (located behind Noxubee County Courthouse)
505 Jefferson Street – Macon – Mississippi 39341 – Phone: (662) 243-1985

Noxubee Public Library (EMCC)
103 E King Street – Macon – Mississippi 39341 – Phone: (662) 243-1985

East Mississippi Community College 
8731 S Frontage Road – Mayhew – Mississippi 39753 – Phone: (662) 243-1985
EMCC also offers the new statewide introduced MI-BEST program (Mississippi Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training). Students learning for their GED diploma may. at the same time, get technical & career training. To learn more, please call EMCC’s adult education program at 662-243-1985.

Starkville School District Adult Education (Overstreet School)
307 S Jackson Street – Starkville – Mississippi 39759 – Phone: (662) 324-4193
For all Starkville locations click here

Mississippi GED Practice Test

Sulligent High School (Bevill State)
661 Elm Street – Sulligent – Alabama 35586 – Phone: (205) 932-3221 (ext. 5677)

PLUS GED Program Tuscaloosa
3401 MLK Jr. Blvd – Tuscaloosa – Alabama 35401 – Phone: (205) 391.2671
For all Tuscaloosa-area GED programs see Tuscaloosa GED Classes

Lamar County Technology Center (Bevill State)
43880 Alabama 17 – Vernon – Alabama 35592 – Phone: (205) 695-8224

Winfield Middle School (Bevill State)
School Street – Winfield – AL 35594 – Ph: (205) 487-0037

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Mississippi Free GED Online Classes

Columbus area GED test centers

Greater Columbus Learning Center HiSET testing
612 Military Road | Columbus | Mississippi 39701 | Phone 662.329.7691

Amory WIN Center HiSET Testing
1617 Highway 25 | Amory | Mississippi 38821 | Phone 662.407.1512

EMCC-Mayhew HiSET and GED Testing
8731 S Frontage Road | Mayhew | Mississippi 39753 | Phone 662.243.1981

EMCC-West Point (HiSET)
3210 N TVA Road | West Point | Mississippi 39773 | Phone 662.243.1985

Online GED and HiSET testing options

It used to be that there was no online GED or HiSET testing option but recently, things have changed. Earlier, you were required to show up personally at one of Mississippi’s state-designated HSE test locations, but now, the HiSET exam has become available in an online version (learn more here: HiSET online testing option), and also the GED test has welcomed an online option (read more here: GED online testing option).

Challenging GED and HiSET

GED test questions are presented in various formats: multiple-choice, short answer, hot spot, fill in the blank, extended response, and more. It’s crucial to spend quite some time preparing for the Mississippi HSE exam because the tests have become pretty challenging. The GED needs to be done only on a computer and the HiSET can be done both on a computer and in a paper-based format.

Can I get join the army with a GED?

What is the GED exam?

The GED exam awards a high-school-graduation-equivalency diploma, and almost 800,000 adults are sitting for the exam every year, of whom in general some seventy percent succeed. There is no more handwriting on the GED exam, the assessment method is on a computer. You must register for the test online, and you must pay online. The questions are no longer strictly multiple-choice, like was the case in the past.

Last Updated on January 19, 2021.

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