How To Use The TI-30 XS Calculator

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You are allowed to bring your own scientific calculator. It has to be the Texas Instruments TI-30 XS.

If you don’t bring your own, there will be an online version on the computer screen.

The online version works exactly the same way as the handheld version works.

To start the calculator, press the “on” button.

The four buttons for basic operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, are located on the right side of the calculator.

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Did you notice that there is no equals button?

Instead, you need to press “enter” to calculate the result.

Keep in mind, when you make different calculations, they will show on one screen, just in different rows.

The calculator screen displays a maximum of four lines.

If you don’t like it, You can clean the screen at any time by pressing “clear.”

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So, now let’s solve a few quizzes and see how it works! Are you ready?

There is another important button you should know about. It’s the “delete” button.

If you make a mistake and you want to remove a number or a sign, press the “delete” button.

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