TASC Social Studies Practice Tests

These free TASC™ Social Studies practice tests will help you get optimally prepared for the TASC Social Studies test in a relatively short period of time.

The contents of the TASC exam and the GED® test are similar, so using these free sample questions for the GED Science subtest is also great for the TASC Science test.

TASC testing includes taking 5 individual subtests (modules) that cover Social Studies, Language Writing, Language Reading, Science, and Mathematics.

The five TASC tests measure knowledge at a level comparable to the knowledge level of students after four years of education in high school.

The TASC exam is for individuals who never completed their high school curriculum.

The certificate or diploma (depending on your state) that’s awarded after successful completion, will lead to better job options and qualifies you for college.

The five TASC modules don’t need to be taken in one session. You can take them one subtest at a time.

The tests are offered in English and Spanish, though not at all test centers, so get well-informed.

The tests are available in both computer-based and paper-and-pencil formats (except in New Jersey where only computer-based testing is available).

Check out these TASC Social Studies practice tests and more information about TASC testing can be found here.

Practice Tests With Explanations
Practice Tests With Explanations Part 2

Taking multiple practice tests will help you identify your weak and strong knowledge fields so you can dedicate your time to studying for those areas that you need to focus on most.

All five TASC modules are scored on a 300 – 800 scale and the minimally required score on each module is 500. Averaging across subject tests is not possible.

So your total score cannot be under 2500 and you’ll also have to produce a TASC essay that must produce at least a score of 2.

What’s on the TASC Social Studies test?

The TASC Social Studies part, the following topics are addressed: U.S. History, World History, Civics & Government, Geography, and Economics.

The TASC Social Studies module includes 47 questions that must be completed in 75 minutes. Most questions are multiple-choice but there also are draggable, multiple-answer, and some constructed-response questions.

All five TASC subtests are pretty challenging and if you want to earn your high school equivalency (HSE) diploma, just make sure to get properly prepared.

The main content fields of the TAS Social Studies module are:

U.S. History (25%) – This section covers topics such as the American Revolution through, the Civil War, Reconstruction, industrialization, immigration, World Wars I and II, the Great Depression, New Deal, the Cold War, equal rights movements, Modern History.

World History (15%) – This section addresses, among other topics, early human society developments, political & economic revolutions, and causes & consequences of wars throughout the modern era.

Geography (15%) – This section covers topics about the relationship between societies and resources and the environment.

Civics and Government (25%) – this section assesses your knowledge of how the U.S. system of Civics & Government functions. Also addressed are historic and modern governments, the electoral system, and the role of citizens.

Economics (20%) – This section deals with the systems and concepts of economics, government and economy, and consumer and labor issues in relation to the economy.

Many TASC and GED applicants haven’t seen a school environment for quite a few years and often they find getting back into a classroom setting pretty hard.

These individuals may very well benefit from these GED or TASC practice tests that are available here at no charge. Our resources are wonderful support tools to become perfectly prepared to sit for the TASC Social Studies subtest with confidence.

The TASC passing score is actually so high that more than 40 percent of graduating high school students would not be able to pass the tests on their first try. So make sure you’ll be optimally prepared.

Who developed these TASC Social Studies practice tests?

These TASC Social Studies practice tests are provided by Covcel GED Prep, a premium course that allowed us to use over 120 of their GED video lessons and GED practice tests. TASC and GED contents are pretty similar so you may very well benefit from these free practice tests.


Last Updated on January 15, 2021.

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