TASC Language Reading and Writing Practice Tests

The GED® and TASC™ exams have similar contents so you may well use our free video lessons and practice tests to get all set for the TASC exam as well.

The TASC exam is one of three available high school equivalency (HSE) exams used in the U.S. and these practice tests will help you get all set for the real thing efficiently!

The high school equivalency exam offers people who didn’t complete high school the opportunity to earn a credential that’s equivalent to a high school diploma.

The TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) is a diagnostic test developed by McGraw-Hill Education and owned by Data Recognition Corp (DRC).

TASC testing includes five individual subtests (modules) that can be taken both on paper and on a computer.

The five TASC subtests may be taken separately and cover the academic subject areas of Language Arts Writing, Language Arts Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math.

Testing can be done in English and Spanish. Currently, these states offer the TASC exam: West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Mississippi, Indiana, and Colorado.

The TASC exam is no longer offered in California, Illinois, Michigan, and Texas.

To help you with your preparation for the TASC exam, we have prepared a set of free tools so you can get ahead fast. Here are some great and free practice tests that are suited for both TASC and GED preparation.

Practice Tests with Explanations
Practice Tests with Explanations

The Language Arts Reading section includes 50 questions that you must complete in 75 minutes.

The Language Arts Writing section includes a part with 50 questions and you’ll also have to write an essay. In total, you are allowed 105 minutes for this section.

Our practice tests are a highly efficient way to identify your strong and weak points so you can center on those areas that require your attention most. So, practice away!

Getting well prepared is key! With our free online video lessons and practice tests, we support you with boosting your basic English grammar competencies, developing your reading comprehension skills, and mastering a decent level of English reading and writing.

What is on the TASC Language Arts test?

On the TASC Language Reading subtest, you have to demonstrate your proficiency in reading texts closely, writing in a clear and structured way, how to edit your text, and how well you comprehend texts in their contexts.

You must understand English grammar rules and know how to use these rules correctly and probably will have to enhance your reading comprehension skills as well.

For the TASC Reading subtest, you ‘ll be presented a text followed by questions relating to the key ideas, word usage, and the structure and craft of the passage.

As said above, you’ll have to answer 50 questions within a time frame of 75 minutes.

This section assesses your reading competencies and includes a grammar part where you must identify errors in the sentence structure, word usage, punctuation, or capitalization.

After reading the sentences, you need to answer the questions. Some questions may refer to sentences or words that are written or spelled incorrectly. Generally, the correct answer will produce a sentence that’s consistent with the rules of grammar (for example verb tense) and the viewpoint that’s found in the text.

On the TASC Language Writing subtest, there are two sections. You’ll have to answer 50  questions relating to and your writing skills and knowledge of grammar and language convention rules are assessed.

Keep in mind that extended response questions may be worth more if they come with more than 2 answers and if questions have two parts, you need to answer both parts correctly to get that question right.

The second part of the TASC Language Writing subtest includes the essay part. You will be given two passages that come with opposing views on some topic. After you’ve read the texts, you must indicate which of the viewpoints is supported better.

Your TASC essay will be graded in accordance to how well you analyze the given arguments and evidence, how you develop the ideas, how you structure your essay, how clear you express your ideas and arguments, and in how far you command Standard English.

The five independent TASC subtests are measured on a 300-800 scale and the passing score on each subtest is 500. So your overall score needs to be at least 2500 and your essay must result in at least a 2-score out of 8.

Who created these TASC practice tests?

The online video lessons and practice tests are created by Covcel GED Prep, a premium GED prep course that generously allowed us to use more than 115 of their online GED video lessons and practice tests. As the contents of the GED and TASC exams are quite similar, you may very well use these practice tests for your TASC preparation.

Last Updated on April 7, 2021.

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