GED Classes Stillwater, Oklahoma

Featured here all GED® prep facilities and GED testing centers in the Stillwater region.

Oklahoma uses several options for HSE (high school equivalency) testing, the GED, HiSET, and TASC.

The HSE program offers people who quit high school prematurely another shot at earning an equivalent degree.

HSE testing occurs at a level that compares to what HS seniors are expected to master when they graduate.

The GED exam includes four individual subtests that, if wished, can be taken separately within a 2-year window.

The GED tests are in these academic fields: Math, Literacy, Social studies, and Science.

The TASC and HiSET exams come with five tests (literacy is split up in a reading and a writing test) that can also be taken separately.

The TASC and HiSET are available both on paper and on a computer. The GED tests must be done completely on a computer.

Stillwater HSE prep facilities

GED Requirements in Oklahoma

Meridian Technology Center (Adult Basic Education & Literacy Program) *)
1312 S Sangre Rd | Stillwater | OK 74074 | Phone: (405) 377.3333 (ext. 327)

Stillwater Adult Education
314 S Lewis St | Stillwater | OK 74074 | Phone: (405) 743.6300

Stillwater Public Library (Stillwater Literacy Council)
1107 S Duck St | Stillwater | OK 74076 | Phone: (405) 372.2144

Stillwater Ad. Learning Center
1224 N Husband St | Stillwater | OK 74075 | Phone: (405) 533.6399

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Oklahoma Online Free GED Classes

Locations around Stillwater (cities by alphabet)

Chandler Workforce Center
711 Manvel Ave | Chandler | OK 74834 | Phone: (405) 258.2870

1st Christian Church (Drumright Adult Ed)
614 Manvel Ave | Chandler | OK 74834 | Phone: (405) 258.0483

Harmony Elementary (Cushing Public Schools HSE Classes)
1601 S Harmony Rd | Cushing | OK 74023 | Phone: (918) 352-2895

Davenport Church of Christ (Drumright Adult Education)
2 East 6th St | Davenport | OK 74026 | Phone: (918) 377.2736 or 260.3750

Drumright Adult Education
301 S Pennsylvania Ave | Drumright | Oklahoma 74030 | Ph: (918) 352-2492

Central Tech (Drumright Adult Education)
3 CT Cir | Drumright | Oklahoma 74030 | Ph: (918) 807-0523

Carver Educational Center
815 S 5th St | Enid | OK 73701 | Phone: (580) 237.1400 / 237.3479

CDSA YouthBuild 
114 S Independence Ave | Enid | OK 73701 | Phone: (580) 242.6131

Lincoln Academy  
600 W Elm Ave | Enid | OK 73701 | Phone: (580) 366.7200

Enid Community Learning Center
2615 E Randolph Ave | Enid | OK 73701 | Phone: (580) 242.6600 (ext. 123)

Enid Literacy Council
120 W Maine Street | Enid | OK 73701 | Phone: (580) 233.6325

Oklahoma City Literacy Coalition HSE Classes
1444 NW 28th Street | Oklahoma City | Oklahoma 73106 | Phone: (405) 830-2790
See all Oklahoma City GED prep sites here

Pawnee Nation College
891 Little Dee Dr | Pawnee | Oklahoma 74058 | Phone: (918) 269-5567

Iowa Tribe Adult Education
335588 E 750 Rd | Perkins | OK 74059 | Phone: (405) 377.0659 / 612.2760

Perry High School (Meridian Technology Center)
900 Fir St | Perry | OK 73077 | Phone: (405) 334.3535

Pioneer Technical College
2101 N Ash St | Ponca City | OK 74601 | Phone: (580) 762-8336
You can find more Ponca City options here

Ripley Adult Education
403 E Cook St | Ripley | OK 74062 | Phone: (918) 372.4570

Oklahoma GED Practice Tests

Stillwater area GED testing sites

Stillwater Adult Education
1224 N Husband Street | Stillwater | Oklahoma 74075 Phone: (405) 533-6399

Drumright Adult Education
301 S Pennsylvania Ave | Drumright | OK 74030 | Phone: (918) 352.4010

Enid-Carver Educational Ctr
815 S 5th St | Enid | OK 73701 | Phone: (580) 237.1400

Oklahoma City Education Ctr
1320 Classen Drive | Oklahoma City | Oklahoma 73103 | Phone: (405) 231-2053

Pioneer Tech
2101 N Ash Street | Ponca City | Oklahoma 74601 | Phone: (580) 762-8336

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GED vs. HiSET and TASC

No online testing

Online GED, HiSET, or TASC testing is NOT possible. You must appear in person at one of Oklahoma’s designated testing sites and don’t forget to bring proper identification. Websites that have a different message are fraudulent.

Online-acquired documents are worthless and are sure to be rejected by educational institutions or employers. Check also this page that links to all U.S. GED prep locations. To find out if you qualify for the HSE program go to GED testing in Oklahoma.

Preparation is key

There are several ways to prepare yourself for the GED exam. You can take GED classes in a local community college or at one of the facilities listed in this post. You can also study from home or GED Classessign up for an online course.  These web-based programs are standardized courses that will prepare you adequately for the GED tests.

If you enjoy participating in classes or feel that you could perhaps benefit from a rigid program routine then enrolling for classes in a local community college or at another organization should be a good idea.

If you so wish, you can study for the GED test all by yourself. In that case, you’ll have to get GED test preparation material from your local library or bookstore.

To pass the GED exam, start your preparations early. There are different topics to be read and hurrying over them may result in confusion.

Many people who work full-time opt for online courses as making time for classes is often nearly impossible.

A few year back, the minimally required score to pass each separate GED subtest was lowered five points to 145. Read more about this crucial step in this news-related post. TASC and HiSET have their own scoring method.

*) Meridian Technology Center

Meridian Technology Center started providing Adult Basic Education classes to give adults the chance to earn a GED diploma via Meridian Tech instead of via the Stillwater Public School system, as was the only option available in Stillwater (Oklahoma Department of Education).

This new program falls under the authority of Oklahoma’s Department of Career Technology. The HSE classes at Meridian Tech make the HSE credential more accessible for adults living in nearby towns, and if they need to, they can ride the bus to the school.

One advantage is that students may be more motivated for the HSE program as there is no need for them to return to their old high school.

Another great benefit is that students now have the chance to attend HSE classes while taking career tech courses at the same time. Call the school for more information.

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