Calculating Squares Of Numbers With The GED Calculator (TI-30 XS)

In this lesson, part of our free online GED classes, we’ll look at how to calculate squares of numbers with the GED calculator TI-30 XS.

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A square number is a number multiplied by itself.

Let’s see how to use our calculator for this kind of task.

Look at the keyboard of your calculator and find the button that looks like this.

It says x to the power of 2.

It’s a primary key and we don’t need to use the second key.

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Now, let’s answer this question:

How much is 18 to the power of 2?

Option A: 324.

Option B: 136. Let’s calculate it.

Press 18, then press the key with sign x to the power of two. Click enter.

Our screen shows that 18 to the power of 2 equals 324,

Option A is correct.

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