GED Classes San Luis Obispo, California

Listed here are all GED® preparatory classes and test centers in the San Luis Obispo, California, region.

California uses the computer-based GED exam for the state’s HSE (High School Equivalency) Program, and also introduced two alternative options, the HiSET and TASC exams.

The HSE exams measure knowledge in basic subject areas at a level of graduating HS students. Go to GED in California to find out if you qualify.

The GED contains four independent tests (modules) in the academic subject areas of literacy, social studies, math, and science.

The GED is modular meaning you can take one subtest (module) at a time and scores count for two years from your first registration.

The alternatives HiSET and TASC are slightly cheaper than the GED and they are not modular. You may benefit also from these free practice tests towards your GED exam.

The GED exam is scored on a 100-200 scale and the passing score for each subtest is 145. HiSET and TASC have their own scoring methods.

San Luis Obispo GED prep facilities

GED Requirements in California

San Luis Obispo Literacy Council
1264 Higuera Street, Suite 102, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, Ph: 805-541-4219

Central California School of Continuing Education
3195 Mcmillan Avenue, Suite F, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, Ph: 805-543-9123

San Luis Coastal Adult School
1500 Lizzie Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, Ph: 805-549-1222

SLO Career Center
880 Industrial Way, Goodwill Facility, San Luis Obispo, CA  93401, Ph: 805-903-1419

Cuesta College Estrella Career Center
Highway 1, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403, Ph: 805-591-6273
The school offers GED instruction in Cambria as well. Please call for details

California National Guard (Grizzly Youth Academy) *)
721 Mendocino Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405, Ph: 1-800-926-0643

CMC California Men’s Colony
Prison Highway 1, San Luis Obispo, CA 93409, Ph: 805-547-7900
This program is not available to the general public

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GED Requirements in California

Locations around San Luis Obispo

Lucia Mar Adult Education
1055 Mesa View Drive, Arroyo Grande, CA, 93420, Ph: 805-474-3756

Reef Sunset Adult Ed GED Classes
205 North Park St, Avenal, California 93204, Ph: 559.386.9083

CDCR – Avenal State Prison GED Program
1 Kings Way, Avenal, California 93204, Ph: 559-386-0587
Not open to the public

Cambria Adult School
2820 Santa Rosa Creek Rd, Cambria, CA 93428, Ph: 805-927-7148

Coalinga-Huron Unified Adult School (Cambridge H.S.)
516 Baker St, Coalinga, CA 93210, Ph: 559-935-7578

King City Ad. Education GED Program
760 Broadway – King City – California 93930, Ph: 831.385.4661
To see all locations in the Monterey region go to Monterey GED Programs

Lompoc Public Library
501 E North Avenue, Lompoc, CA 93436, Ph: 805-735-7323

Lucia Mar Ad. Education (Nipomo Elementary)
190 East Price Street, Nipomo, CA 93444, Ph: 805-474-3756

Lucia Mar Ad. Education (Oceano Elementary)
1425 19th Street, Oceano, CA 93445, Ph: 805-474-3756
The Adult Education office is now located in the Oceano Community Ctr at 1425 19th Street, Oceano (corner of Wilmar & 19th Street).

Paso Robles Adult Education
810 Niblick Road, Paso Robles, CA 93447, Ph: 805-237-3430

Cuesta College North County Campus
2800 Buena Vista Drive, Paso Robles, CA 93446, Ph: 805-591-6273

Allan Hancock College
800 S College Drive, Santa Maria, CA 93454, Ph: 805-922-6966

One-Stop Career Ctr Santa Maria
1410 S Broadway, Suite A, Santa Maria, CA  93454, Ph: 805-614-1550
For all Santa Maria area GED classes go to Santa Maria GED Courses

Templeton Adult School
964 Old County Road, Templeton, CA 93465, Ph: 805-434-5833
Templeton Adult School provides a High School Diploma Class, NOT a GED program. This is an open enrollment program and the curriculum is competency-based, meaning students may progress at their own pace to earn their diploma.

GED Requirements in California

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San Luis Obispo area  GED testing centers

San Luis Coastal Adult School
1500 Lizzie Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, Ph: 805-549-1222

Allan Hancock College
800 S. College Dr, Santa Maria, CA 93454, Ph: 805-922-6966

Atascadero State Hospital Aztec Ad. Education
10333 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93423, Ph: 805-468-2425

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GED Requirements in California

The lowered GED passing score

Testing sites are free to choose which method(s) they provide, so you better check with a facility in your region. The GED pass requirements were changed in early 2016. The minimally required score on each of the four tests was reduced to 145, down five points from the earlier 150-point mark. You can learn all about this important adjustment in our news-based posts,

The GED exam – what’s new

About the GED program: effective January 2014, the GED group of four tests is only administered on a computer. No longer will there be a paper test available (only for special occasions). Applicants can get all relevant GED information at You will learn that the new GED program contains a whole lot more than just a set of tests. About the new GED tests: you will have around 7 1/2 hours to complete all four tests, but you can register for, pay for, and take one individual test (module) every time you feel you are sufficiently prepared. Your scores will stand for two years.

The timing for each module as follows: Reasoning through Language Arts (time allowed 2 hrs. and 30 minutes – including a 10-min. break); Mathematical Reasoning (time allowed 1 hr. and 55 minutes; Science (time allowed 1 hr. and 30 minutes); and Social Studies (time allowed 1 hr. and 10 minutes). The new GED exam is scored by computer.  The passing standard has been set at a score of 145 points (on a scale of 100 to 200) for each of the 4 content tests/modules. The California GED examination costs $140 for the full battery of four tests ($35 per individual test).

GED alternatives

The HiSET and TASC programs allow still for paper-based testing and include five subject fields (the literacy part is separated in a reading and a writing section). But let’s take a look at the new GED program. All three assessment methods are for adults who did not finish high school and offer them another opportunity to earn a diploma that compares to a common high school diploma.

The diploma or certification that you will receive when you pass the California GED /HiSET/TASC exam is recognized as being the equivalency to a high school diploma by practically all American employers, universities, and official institutions.

Can I take the GED Exam online?

Please be aware that the GED test cannot be taken online. You must appear in person at one of California’s official GED testing sites. Websites that claim otherwise are false. Online preparation is okay, but the HSE tests are just not available via the internet.

GED Jobs

Career Tips – Seeking higher education and achieving a better job are among the factors which can motivate you to study for a GED, TASC, or HiSET diploma. Most employers and schools recognize GED diploma as a high school equivalent, therefore you don’t have to feel inferior to your classmates who hold high school diplomas.

You can have full confidence that you have the academic ability to pursue higher studies and achieve success just like others. It’s important for you to know that there are scholarships and other financial aid programs which help GED students achieve their goals. These scholarships exist, but they are a little hard to find.

Preparation for the GED, HiSET, or TASC examinations is of paramount importance and there are several preparatory classes listed above that can help you master the complicated topics and be at ease with the examinations. Here are important tips which can help you prepare for the High School Equivalency (HSE) examination.

GED Job Options

After you have earned your HSE diploma, you can have endless possibilities ahead of you. These careers are very lucrative and require skilled and dedicated employees who can handle the jobs perfectly well. These career fields include:

– Home Health-Aide – This career entails offering services to people with disabilities and the elderly. Also, it entails serving the terminally ill and helping them live a comfortable life at home.

– Medical Assistant – Medical assistants offer administrative services in the offices of physicians. In some instances, they perform clinical tasks to the limits that are allowed by state laws.

– Dental Assistant – Among the duties which dental assistants perform include laboratory work, patient care, and office work, just to name a few.

– Personal and Home-Care Aide – The aid offers routine housekeeping and personal care services to the elderly, mentally challenged persons and the ill, therefore helping them remain in their homes.

– Physical-Therapist Aide – They help to prepare patient’s sessions, assist patients to move to and out of treatment areas and ensure cleanliness of the treatment rooms.

– Hazardous-Materials Removal Worker – They help with the identification, removal, and packaging of hazardous materials.

– Social & Human Service Assistant – This encompasses many professionals such as case management aides, community support workers, mental health aides and life skill counselors and many more.

– Residential Advisor – Residential advisers help in coordinating activities for those who live in college and school dormitories and fraternity houses among others.

– Pharmacy Technician – These professionals offer support services to pharmacists such as labeling bottles, counting tablets and performing a number of other routine tasks.

– Ambulance-Driver and Attendant – They attend to sick and injured persons and assist in lifting patients. However, this occupation shouldn’t be confused with that of an emergency-medical technician.

*) Grizzly Youth Academy

Grizzly Youth Academy is a voluntary residential charter high school program of five months administrated by the National Guard together with the county’s Office of Education for at-risk youth aged 16 – 18 at Camp San Luis Obispo.

Many of the applicants are severely behind in their education when they come to the program with a high school diploma far out of reach. Through this program, they make a commitment to further their education. Here they are encouraged to get their GED diplomas and take their lives to the next level, in college or on the work floor.

Grizzly Youth Academy is 1 of 2 National Guard Youth Challenge programs in California, and across America, there are just over thirty of these programs. California gives a lot of effort to thwart young adults progress in education, and quite a few students have come at a phase in life that if they won’t get their GED diplomas now, they may never get it.


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